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DJs From Mars Interview

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Tell us a little bit about how you got started as a DJ / Producer? Who was your biggest inspiration?

Well we started with music long time ago, playing guitar in punk rock bands, djing at techno parties, producing hip hop beats, we always loved music and every different genre...we focused on djing in the last 6/7 years since we started this Djs From Mars project, but we didn't have an inspiration or someone to follow: it was just natural starting producing mashups since we were resident djs in Turin and we were tired of playing the same top40 tracks every we started doing our own edits....and that turned into a real project very soon :)

Will this be your first time in Macao?  Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing or seeing in particular?

Actually it's our second time in Cubic, and it was just amazing when we were there we expect it to be as awesome as it already was!!


VOLAR presents Ministry of Sound with Tim Cullen

Articles - Nightlife

Ministry of Sound returns to Hong Kong, with exciting, jet-setting DJ Tim Cullen performing live at VOLAR on Friday 3rd October!

Described as being one of the scene’s most versatile Dj’s and as being an incredible crowd reader, it is no surprise that Tim Cullen has been hand-picked to become one of Ministry of Sound’s resident DJ’s.

With numerous top spots on download charts, and producing several dance-floor smashes such as 'Skank Marvin’ and ‘Discobomb’, Tim Cullen is undoubtedly one of the most talented producers and Dj’s out there today.

Don’t miss out on an unforgettable night with Ministry of Sound and Tim Cullen only at VOLAR on Friday 3rd October. No.5

Articles - Entertainment is back this November for the 5th instalment of On the 19th November, join industry leaders from the entertainment, events and hospitality industry for an evening of wine courtesy of Cellarmaster Wines, delicious food supplied by Ladies with Taste, hilariously accurate caricatures by Kris and a lucky draw provided by Philips.

Here at, we look to bring local and expat professionals from the vibrant event and entertainment industry together to help expand your network.


Zuma Presents Hed Kandi Halloween Party - 31st October 2014

Articles - Nightlife

The annual Halloween party is back again on Friday 31st October,2014 at zuma, this time even bigger, better and wilder than before! Being the no.1 place to be on Halloween every year, it’s a party you don’t want to miss.
Located in the prestigious Landmark in the heart of Hong Kong’s party district, zuma brings you a thrilling night without the queue into Lan Kwai Fong.

Hed Kandi the glamorous lifestyle brand will be coming all the way from the  UK to Hong Kong for one night only!

International DJ Stuart Ojelay and live sax player Benjammin will be performing throughout the night on the 6th floor.

Don’t forget to head up to the 6th floor for your special Halloween goodies and giveaways, and definitely make sure you don’t miss the celebrities in costumes passing your shoulder.

So get your early bird tickets now for ONLY HK$400, including 2 standard drinks! Doors open at 10pm.



Articles - Nightlife

Hong Kong-based curator Sigma Production is staging Hong Kong’s first-ever EDM festival this summer – DJ Revolution Festival 2014 will be held at AsiaWorld-Expo on 30 September, featuring DJ live performance by world renowned talents Alesso, MOTi, Dubvision and Hot Mouth.

With the growing popularity of electronic dance music (EDM) in the west, Sigma Production is on a mission to promote the EDM culture in this part of the world, and to inspire moments of happiness and unity that connect people to each other. Having organised various mind blowing DJ Revolution club nights in Hong Kong since 2013, Sigma is taking it to the next level this summer with the city’s first-ever DJ Revolution Festival 2014 which will bring an unprecedented experience that music lovers in Hong Kong deserve.


Magnum Entertainment Group Latest Smartphone Membership Promotion

Articles - Nightlife

Magnum Entertainment Group Latest Smartphone Membership Promotion

Magnum - Join Membership (HK$24,800) to get the chance to enjoy the smartphone no.6 with HK$3,988 and smartphone no.6 plus with HK$6,488

DIZZI - Join Membership (HK$18,800) to get the chance to enjoy the smartphone no.6 with HK$2,988 and smartphone no.6 plus with HK$5,488

Beijing - Join Membership (HK$17,800) to get the chance to enjoy the smartphone no.6 with HK$3,688 and smartphone no.6 plus with HK$6,188


City of Dreams TABOO - A Playful Cabaret Experience

Articles - Entertainment

Experience the all-new TABOO, a playful cabaret, featuring spectacular new performers and provocative acts.

Brought to you by City of Dreams and the creator of The House of Dancing Water, Franco Dragone, TABOO challenges your senses through a diverse array of interactive and innovative performances by a cast of beautiful and talented artists from around the world.


Club 7 – Evolution

Articles - Nightlife

After a very successful entry into the Hong Kong clubbing scene last summer, 7Heaven has set itself apart from the other nightclubs in Central. As we approach our one year anniversary, we wanted to celebrate by taking it to the next level!  For one, most party-goers call us 7 (and not 7Heaven), so we thought we would make it easier for everybody to simply call ourselves “Club 7”.  In addition to the name change, we are making additional enhancements to the venue by making our sofa seating more comfortable, adding more speakers and new lighting…just improving the overall experience.  Coupled this with our exciting line up of top local and international DJs, we are looking forward to another fantastic party in the coming year!


Jashan Introduces Limited Citrus Celebration Summer Menu to Cool, Refresh and Invigorate Hong Kong

Articles - Food and Drink

Hong Kong’s best Indian restaurant, Jashan, will cool off diners with a limited concept menu. Harnessing the lemon’s zesty and crispy flavors in imaginative and innovative ways, a summer dining experience at Jashan promises to captivate your taste buds with its playful menu, while providing the perfect dining atmosphere to complement the summer weather.


Drop is quite simply, an institution!

Articles - Nightlife

The brainchild of actress/producer Colette Koo and internationally renowned DJ Joel Lai, drop has been at the forefront of the Hong Kong club scene since it opened its doors in the year 2000. It has remained a permanent fixture on the top spots of both local and international 'best clubs' lists, including ''.

Joel Lai is widely regarded as Hong Kong's premier house music pioneer, and his collaboration with Colette Koo, succeeded in providing a first class venue, the ultimate party with the very best of the best.

Drops reputation for quality music, inventive cocktails and outstanding customer service, has guaranteed music lovers and clubbers the best night out that Hong Kong has to offer! Drop is recognized as having an eclectic, fun loving crowd, a warm atmosphere, and people who truly know how to party!



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