A debut album entitled “The Documentary”, tailed by mountain’s of hype, from the west coast Blood’s member “The Game”. 

Fresh off the street and with a brand new start The Game has come up with an album that is surprisingly good, with sound lyrical quality and reasonable beats to match. 


Functional breaks’ outstanding Beats & Bobz mix series Volume 3 has recently hit the music stands, this time bringing the best from one of the nu-skool breakbeat masters Tayo.  Tayo’s mix follows closely behind Will White’s contribution to Volume 2 of the Beats & Bobs series in time, but in style is dramatically different. 

I was there about 20 minutes before DJ Ulysses started spinning. The regular DJ wasn't too shabby at all, at least better than almost anything else LKF has to offer.  Once Ulysses came on stage he started with a couple of big tunes to get the crowd going, which seemed to work very well. 

R.E.M. on Tour Live in HK 

Price Type A Reserve B Reserve C Reserve D Reserve
Adult $888 $688 $488 $388
Venue Hall 3, HKCEC
Date & Time (Sun) 20 Mar 2005 8:30pm 
Wheelchair Access Pls call 2922 8285
Remarks: Reserved Seating
For aged 6 and above

Ticket Price does not include Customer Service Fee

R.E.M. on Tour Live in HK


Lushington Limited is proud to announce the arrival of R.E.M. in Hong Kong on 20th March for their one and only show in South-East Asia as part of their world tour in 2005. Tickets are priced at HK$388, HK$488, HK$688 and HK$888 and will go on sale on the 16th December 2004 at all HK Ticketing and Tom Lee outlets.

R.E.M. - Michael Stipe, Peter Buck and Mike Mills - will perform hits spanning their twenty five year career consisting of anthemic ballads and rock tracks, alongside songs from their new album Around The Sun.

Formed in 1980 in Athens, Georgia, R.E.M. emerged with a unique combination of rock, underground garage rock and folk, and intelligent, post punk coupled with Michael Stipe's poetic, sometimes oblique lyrics. Their full length debut album Murmur was voted Rolling Stone's best album of 1983, beating Michael Jackson Thriller. Landmark albums followed like Out of Time which launched hits such as Losing My Religion and Shiny Happy People and the album Automatic For the People which produced the anthemic ballads Man On The Moon, and Everybody Hurts.

Their disparate influences combined to create music that has inspired countless alt-rock bands from Radiohead to Nirvana, from The White Stripes to Travis, and earned the band accolades as the Greatest Band in the World and the Most Important Rock Band on the Planet. Music critics hold them responsible for shaping the entire American alternative rock scene as we know it.

With over 52 millions albums sales worldwide, R.E.M. continues to push the boundaries on their thirteenth career album Around The Sun, presenting music with an immediacy and intensity that stands with the band's most solid and assured work. With their lush guitars, poetic lyrics and Stipe's remarkable voice, the album has sold in excess of 1.7million copies worldwide and attained gold status in Hong Kong.

This follows the success of their greatest hits album In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003 released last year, which achieved platinum status in Hong Kong, and sold over 4 million albums worldwide.

Don't miss the musical mastery of R.E.M. in this one night only extravaganza at Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention centre on the 20th March 2005.

Durattion : Approximately 100 mins (no interval)
Public Enquiry : 2838 8384




WITH  EVERY  ALL DAY BREAKFAST   only   $75  plus 10% service

great  relaxed  venue  to  meet  before  or  after  the  Sevens



* HAPPY HOUR 4pm to 9om daily

* available private or corporate functions call stephen 2524 7722 

Après opens everyday including Sunday Monday Sat 8am Sun 8:30am Bar open till late.

Après facing pedestrian Pottinger Street corner 79 Wyndham St Central Hong Kong 

Tel 2524 7722   

(information provided by venue)

HKClubbing caught up with Dexter before he came to Hong Kong and performed at Club Ing on the 19th March 2005.


The notorious area of the stadium where the Rugby Sevens takes place has seen some crazy and drunked activities over the years. One of the best outdoor parties during the day and the early evening, we just have to be there each year.

We go over some of the things that we have seen there and some personal tips of our own so that you have a great time at the stadium, don't get lost or end up in some new area of Hong Kong that you have never seen before at 5am!


Although it has been three year’s since their self-titled release on Domino Records, Woodbine is back in full flash with their second full-length album “Best Before End”.  With their low-key melodies mingling a soft piano with acoustic picking, quiet drumming and soft airy vocals from both Susan Dillane and Graeme Swindon this trio sounds great. 

However if you dig a little deeper than the surface sound you will discover that even three years in hibernation does not make you a good song-writer. 


Over the past decade the computer games industry has grown so astronomically quickly that major releases now have the budget to employ big name artists to aid in the creation of a “soundtrack”.  Ubisoft has done just this for the third installment of the uber-popular “Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory”; they have enlisted Amon Tobin, from Ninja Tunes, to supply a soundtrack that is designed to interact with the player’s movements and actions! 

The sound is very characteristic Amon Tobin but for this release has been designed with four levels of intensity to coincide with Splinter Cell’s activity levels (from Stealth to Major Alert).  The game itself focuses on the current political situation in North Korea and pits a lone US agent, fighting for the free world, against a whole army of North Koreans.

Inaya Day got the party people in CClub on a Friday wild, with a run down of not so known vocal house tunes, plus the ones that made her a well know International singer songs such as Horny 98 as well as Kep Pushin'.

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