Britain’s top music station Radio 1 confirmed this week that they’re teaming up with Serbia’s Exit Festival, broadcasting live from the Novi Sad event this July.

Exit’s International Director Paxton Talbot told Skrufff he’s delighted about the link-up, declaring ‘we feel very privileged to be working with Radio 1 and are looking forward to having them out as our very special guests.�

Celebrate the year of the Rooster with East Side Stories’ 8th chapter – Once upon a time in Peking – Friday 28 January 2005

East Side Stories are back! After chapter 7, “Once upon a time in Paris”, we’ll now welcome the year of the Rooster and the start of the year of France in China. With our French duo, we’ll give you a double bang for your ears and send you dancing on the Great wall of China.

After a wild start on New Year’s night, with the Pink Flamingo session, the Concoction Project is back and joins THC on the decks for an all Gaelic challenge of totally new sounds, totally amazing genres and totally outrageous tracks that will melt your ears, yet one more time. Be touched by the real French touch, in the house of Hong Kong’s sexiest and only New York style bar. When East side meets East sounds, it’s all hands in the air and jaw dropping asses on the floor.

So if you missed the Pink Flamingo session, come down and believe. THC + Concoction Project: real good music still exist, more than ever!
East Side Stories is sponsored by up-and-coming elite brand MYKITA, who will be delighting the audience with special prizes for the most stylish of you. As usual, entry is free and strictly on a first-come-first-served basis, BUT dress code is enforced: smart casual sexy (SCS) only. Table bookings are essential (tables can be reserved only before 11pm) and can be made by calling the lovely Callas on 2520 2515 or
via email to 1/


About Concoction Project:
As a DJ, his sets have spanned everything from deep house to vocals, disco tracks and tribal excursions, all impeccably mixed. His trademark sound bears a soulful sophisticated house lightened with a joie-de-vivre and get-down-on-it essence that mirrors Concoction Project’s unique spirit.
“Anything with Concoction Project's name attached to it is a guaranteed go for it session.”  
"Considering the current decline of club life in the city (of New York), Concoction Project is pumping needed life's breath into our endangered scene. He's taking the risks we need to take." Time Out New York.


We are currently working on a number of new site features and updates for HKClubbing, HKEntertainment & HKDElivery which will be ready by the end of Saturday.

Bebek Bengil 3, Elite Concepts’ Balinese restaurant, will now be known primarily under its English name, Dirty Duck Diner. Food lovers who have had a bit of trouble pronouncing the name will find the new title as easy on the tongue as are the restaurant’s famous dishes.

The name comes from an incident during the construction of the restaurant’s first namesake in Ubud, Bali. One day a flock of ducks traipsed into the restaurant from a local paddy field, leaving muddy footprints everywhere. The restaurant became Bebek Bengil, which is Bahasa Indonesia for “Dirty Duck.” The Hong Kong restaurant is the third restaurant to bear the name, hence Bebek Bengil 3.

Diners are reassured that while the name has been translated, the dishes are still the same authentic Balinese cuisine as they have always been. After all, a Bebek Bengil by any other name will taste as sweet.

The Dirty Duck Dinner is located in the Broadway, 5/F, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

For reservations please call Bong at 2217 8000

(Information provided by the venue)

(Human/ UWE)

Largely unknown in the UK, DJ Chloe is a bona fide star in her hometown of Paris, where since 1995 she’s been spinning at Pulp (the club where Ivan ‘Black Strobe’ Smaghhe first made his name).

Like Smagghe, Chloe operates in the eclectic-electro-house field and her curiously titled mix CD naturally sits in the same field, though somewhat disappointingly it fails to include any of her key influences (her press release names her first loves as The Velvet Underground, Bowie and Eno). Instead she makes do with a slightly hit and miss selection of tracks from today’s electro-house scenesters, including B Pitch superstar Kiki and Poker Flat Recordings Steve Bug.

Meandering rather than marching, Chloe’s selection seems deliberately chosen for listening rather than dancing, presumably in keeping with its title. Many tracks are also from 2002 and 2003, suggesting she’s deliberately avoided a cutting edge.

Standout track on the CD is Voight & Voight’s sublime Vision 04, which is further enhanced by coming straight after its weakest choice, Canadian producer Tiga’s already tired and jaded 2004 club hit Pleasure From The Bass
I Hate Dancing is out on February 1.


1. Superpitcher - “People”
2. Kiki – “Age Of Cancer”
3. Sweet’ N Candy – “Rebel Minds”
4. Tekel – ‘Sac D’os”
5. Munk – “ Androgyn’
6. Tiga – “Pleasure From The Bass”
7. Voigt & Voigt – “Vision 4”
8. Steve Bug & DJ T – “Monsterblaze”
9. Chloe – “Take Care”
10.  Robag Wruhme + Wighnomy Brothers – “Killerteppich”
11.  International Pony – “Super You” (Jackmate Remix)
12.  Squint – “What Can I Do?”
13.  Antidis  - “Star You, Star Me” (Freestyle Thirsty Monk Mix)
14.  In Flagranti / Ed Laliq – “Just Gazing” (Ed Laliq remix)
 Lawrence – “Homeless”

Rating: 6/10

review by: Jonty Skrufff (

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(Lizard King Records)

Previously shuffling in the shadows of fellow Belgium duo Soulwax (aka Two Many DJs), the Glimmer Twins start 2005 with their best ever production, transforming Las Vegas indie rock gods The Killers’ recent single Somebody Told Me into a seriously rocking dance floor anthem.

Keep the song’s infectiously catchy original vocal elements, they darken its tune and  twist and tighten the beat, adding energy and a rhythmic pace that’s as perfect for clubbers to dance to, as it’s easy for DJs to mix.
Over on the flip side, ridiculously overhyped ‘man of the moment’ Milo (the press release’ cruel description) flounders in comparison, leaving the Glimmers the clear winners.

Somebody Told Me is out on January 10

Rating: 10/10 (for the Glimmers): 5/10 for Mylo

Review By:Jonty Skrufff (

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PCB: Call Me Mr Telephone
(Mantra Vibes)

PCB stands for Pin Cushion Boy and is ‘Andrea Doria’s alter ego’ as the press release puts it, which is somewhat ironic as Andrea Doria is itself an alter ego for Dino Lenny, one of Italy’s (and London’s) most prolific and talented dance music producers.

And Call Me Mr Telephone is typically top notch, with its long progressively layered intro and outro, catchy hi-energy vocals and 32 bar euphoric breakdown in the middle, making it a perfect DJ tool for packing dance floors. Lenny apparently sourced the vocal directly from Answering Machine’s early 80s Italo-disco classic of the same name, adding his trademark pumping basslines and rolling drums beneath to update it. Also tossing in a cowbell style synth sound that counts out the beat throughout, he’s created yet another simple but effective club smash that stands up sweetly alongside his (Andrea Doria) club smashes of 2004 Bucci Bag and More Limonade.

Call Me Mr Telephone is out now on Mantra Vibes

Genre: Electro-house-disco

Rating: 9/10

Review BY: Jonty Skrufff (

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We have 30 of the 100 Rockit Music Festival 2004 T-Shirts remaining.

Great things to keep in memory of the event last year.

All T-Shirts are now going for HK$80 each.

Please email to make your order including your number so that we can call you to arrange pickup and payment.


Ragbull Records, formed in 2002 by Jools Butterfield (Nuphonic), Tom Findlay and Andy Cato (both of Groove Armada) present their second release in the acclaimed “Doin’ It After Dark” compliation series.  The album introduces percussionist Patrick Dawes and vocalist Madd MC doing their stuff over the mixing done by UK’s duo Groove Armada.
“Doin’ It After Dark 2” features tracks from Morgan Geist, Chicken Lips and Full intention with some live vocals and percussion (as sited above), this rounds out this second album to be something quite similar to the first chapter in the series, so those of you that liked vol. 1 go and check this one out.  
I however found the tracks to be a tad mundane and thought they tended to meld together; for instance there were points when I questioned whether or not the track had actually changed since it seemed to be just a slight variation of the previous.  In general it is a rather mainstream disco house album that is expressive of what Groove Armada is doing these days, and although the album is entertaining and groovy to listen to it is definitely not going to set any fires.

Track Listing:
01. Duji – Rena
02. Digs and Whoosh – Rump Funk (Raw Substance Mix)
03. !!! - Pardon my Freedom (Maurice Fulton Instrumental Mix)
04. Lip Trick – Lip Trick
05. Le Dust Sucker – Mandate my Ass
06. Pasta Boys – Free your mind (Booty Bounce Vocal Mix)
07. Inland Knights – Hands up
08. Ignition – Love is War (Chicken Lips Remix)
09. Full Intention – Musique
10. Markus Enochson – Sweet Love
11. Morgan Gueist – 24k
12. Sam Paganni – Gonna Make U Sweat
13. Motorfunk – Champagne
14. Maskio – Analogue Pressure
15. Stefan Goldman – Pain
16. Jackin Phreak – Raw Jackin

Genre: Electronica


November 23rd Gwen Stefani hit the music stands everywhere with the first album in her solo career.  For three long years she has been grooming her passions for 80’s fashion and electro synth and with this album she has delivered to the masses an enthusiastic salutation to both.  For those of you expecting something similar to the ska-pop sound of No Doubt you will be in for a surprise with the bubbly and colourful 80’s sound.  
With many on the team signed up to help; Andre 3000, Dr. Dre, and the Neptunes, it was easy for Gwen to realize her dream of creating the new age sound of retro electro funk.   The opening track from the album “What You Waiting For?”, also the first single, is very catchy and will have you tapping away to the beat from the first time you hear the radio play and you may even catch yourself singing the lyrics upon your next encounter.  “Rich Girl” is just as contagious with Eve’s cool raps interlaced with Gwen’s vocals. “Harajuku Girls” is a cheesy tune to serenade the Japanese fasionites (which should be all too familiar for those here in Hong Kong).  Overall the album is great to dance to, and should be thrown on the stereo if the mood calls for a party.

Track Listing:
01.  What You Waiting For?
02.  Rich Girl – Eve
03.  Hollaback Girl
04.  Cool
05.  Bubble Pop Electric
06.  Luxurious
07.  Harajuku Girls
08.  Crash
09.  Real Thing
10.  Serious
11.  Danger Zone
12.  Long Way to Go – Andre 3000

Buy the CD HERE

Genre: Rock

Review By: Melissa B.

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