Kris Lopez from the label Defected will be in Hong Kong this April at 1/5.

Check out some quality house music flying in from the UK. Make no mistake Kris Lopez will be one of the few up and coming DJ/Producers who will be in the front line of maintaining and rebuilding the house scene for the future.

Having done so much for a 21 year old the only way forward is the skies. With a huge and hyperactive personality it's no wonder clubbers/promoters and so many people buy into the madness while jamming to Kris' music.


From the country that brought tango, - model/DJ, will get your 2 steps into sweet, sexy house a la latino! His mix will hit your right spot…

March Events/Happenings at Les Visages and Skitz Sports Bar and Restaurant

Les Visages 6pm ‘til Close

1/F, Jubilee Centre 18 Fenwick St Wanchai Ph 2866 3277.



Here is the latest promotion at Les Visages. Also see attached file and info below


Wednesday Nights


At last something here for the guys as well.


It’s new and exciting and maybe even a first for Hong Kong.


Every Wednesday is HIS & HER Night. (see poster attached)

Finally we have something for the Guys on Ladies Night


Ladies Night with a Difference

This is how it works;

l     From 10pm – 1am     

l     Free Drinks for the Ladies

l     $120 Open Bar for the Men


And that’s not all. As with every night here Tuesday to Sunday

·      Live Music 11pm ‘til the wee small hours

·      Mystery 5 – the hottest band in Hong Kong

·      Dancing as long as you can stand

·      Food ‘til late


Thursdays is $20 Night



  It’s for everyone, all night and everything just $20

   House Spirits………….Wine………….Bottled Beers



Skitz Sports Bar and Restaurant

Now open 24 Hours. Live Sport on 4 big screens, free pools and dart board, Skitz Rugby Shirts and lots more

1/F, Jubilee Centre 18 Fenwick St Wanchai Ph 2866 3277.


Rugby World Cup Sevens Specials


Draught beer over the 7's weekend

$180 all JUGS


Bloody Mary Breakfast $130 including Skitz cap


Test Tubes Special

rack of 20 - $500

rack of 12 - $$280

rack of 6 - $130

one - $20



Just to let everyone know that Chingy live in Hong Kong has been cancelled until further notice.

Watch out for more big hip hop parties in the pipeline in April and May.


We are giving away 10 guestlist places (5 pairs) to Volar on the 11th March to see DJ Ulysses from New York and 4 guestlist (2 pairs) to see Westbam from Germany on the 18th March, well known for organising the Berlin Love Parade.

Just click red more to find out how to enter.

Organised by the SoHo Alliance, anyone visiting any of the hot SoHo Alliance 28 outlets between now and the 15th March can enter to win World Cup Sevens tickets!


Recorded for the Hong Kong based production, by French movie expert Luc Besson, “Danny the Dog” has commissioned Massive Attack to put together the accompanying musical score, with a sound that is both atypical and typical of the group.  After spending eleven weeks in the studio, which resulted in twenty-one separate yet fluid tracks, Massive Attack managed to identify with and deliver a sound that matched perfectly with the dark urban martial arts action thriller. 


With two separate albums being simultaneously released at the end of January 2005, “I’m Wide Awake It’s Morning” and “Digital Ash in a Digital Urn”, Bright Eyes gives one of their best performances to date.  At the age of twenty four Conor Oberst, who makes up Bright Eyes, has already become a legend in his own time by establishing himself as one of the top songwriters of this generation.  It was at the end of 2004, when he was invited to join REM and Bruce Springsteen on the stage, that during his performance his creative talent was demonstrated to the world when he was able to command the attention of thousands of long-time rock fans. 

“I’m not trying to undermine myself.  For fuck's sake, I’ve worked on nothing but music my entire life--does it make sense that I’d undermine myself? People mix things up. Just because I’m aware of and up front about the ridiculousness of my situation doesn't mean that I’m not doing my best.”

“Singles to me are a wildly different enterprise. You try to get something so specific out of one song and a B-side; sometimes just one song and a dub.  I love singles.  With albums, you need to take some of the pressure off of each individual song to make sure it works as a whole.”

With LCD Soundsystem’s single catalogue including such fantastic tracks as Losing My Edge and Yeah pressure was always going to be a factor when it came to James Murphy’s debut album and inevitably it doesn’t quite match expectations. But only because Losing My Edge is already a serious contender for best dance record of the decade, with rock-trance (French Kiss tinged) groover Yeah similarly scene setting (a point they presumably accept, since the album includes a second disc of all the singles, including 2 mixes of Yeah).

In terms of the new music though, several tracks stand out immediately, notably Daft Punk Is Playing in My House, already a massive dance floor hit crossing as many genres boundaries as international borders (notably Soulwax’s monstrous edit). Similar in essence to LCD’s breakthrough anthem Losing My Edge it’s packed with energy, crescendos and a massive borderline psychotic breakdown perfect for dance floors- a perfect single in other words.

Similarly dance-floor friendly (though less immediate) is Tribulations, a vocal, hi-energy guitar based song with a structure that echoes New Order while on Never As Tired As When I’m Waking Up, Murphy goes all Beatles-esque, crooning a While My Guitar Gently Weeps style ballad that’s engaging, immediate and fantastic. Unsurprisingly, it would also make a superb single (though not for clubs but for FM radio stations) reflecting the album’s status as a collection of (mostly great) singles as opposed to a cohesive whole.

 LCD Soundsystem is out now on EMI and is recommended.

Rating: 9/10


1     Daft Punk Is Playing at My House
2     Too Much Love
3     Tribulations
4     Movement
5     Never As Tired As When I'm Waking Up
6     On Repeat
7     Thrills
8     Disco Infiltrator
9     Great Release

Disc 2:
10     Losing My Edge
11     Beat Connection
12     Give It Up
13     Tired
14     Yeah [Crass Version] [Version]
15     Yeah [Pretentious Version] [Version]
16     Yr City's a Sucker

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