The King of all Shock Rockers – Marilyn Manson, finally releases a ‘Greatest Hits’. When musicians like Marilyn Manson put out a Best Of, fans would think… a) He’s too lazy to write new songs; or b) He’s retiring. Let’s hope he’s not tired of the game, yet. Through ‘Lest We Forget – The Best Of’, we can see how Marilyn Manson transform himself “complaining about life, encouraging drugs and sex” to an icon. For the die-hearted fans, don’t be disappointed if your favorite tracks are not in this (‘1996’, ‘Cake and Sodomy’, ‘Irresponsible Hate Anthem’). For new fans, get to be obsessed with pieces like ‘Lunchbox’, ‘The Beautiful People’, and probably one of the best cover of ‘Sweet Dreams’. He declares, “God is in the T.V.”, “Live fast and die fast too” and “Hate every motherf**ker that's in your way”. He did things that no one else would even think about doing; he is outrageous, unique, controversial and incomparable. Just a glance through his lyrics, the words already shout louder than the music itself. From this ‘Best Of’, you can sense the ever changing creativity of Marilyn Manson and his band. There’s been time when the typical MM style was going to the beat-oriented direction, letting down quite some old fans, but attracting lots of new grunge teens to his tribe. Therefore this Greatest Hits becomes the Greatest chance for fans from the beginning to reminisce the good old times when he’s not commercial.

This is just a tip of the ice burg of Marilyn Manson’s career, with music done from 1994 – 2004. This collection is a great way to introduce his darkness to those who are not fond of, or hasn’t even heard of him, a taste of the ‘mOBSCENE’. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that you can put so much imagination and effort and power onto just one tiny little CD. All that instruments, all that heaviness, all that evilness, all that influence… you can feel the religion, from this… little compact disc. Great musicians do have that ability to roar, from the studio to your brain. So be careful when you put ‘Lest We Forget’ on, you might either get hooked, or you might crave for more. For the full package of experience, I highly recommend you to get the bonus DVD. You ain’t seen nothing of Marilyn Manson if you haven’t seen the images (video/performance).

Rating : 4/5

Review By: Alyson Hau

So afterall, lead singer Deryck is not engaged to Avril Lavigne, but his own band, as ‘Chuck’ certainly sounds ever so committed by the whole band of Sum41. The album is named after the man who saved their lives while filming a documentary in he Democratic Republic of the Congo with War child Canada. This experience, to Biz, Cone, Stevo and Dave, was a chance to see what it’s like to be caught up in the battle zone, and apparently, this album proves that Sum41 is now fully grown, both mentally and musically.

Compared to ‘All Killers, No Fillers’ and ‘Does This Look Infected’, Sum41 is now less kiddish punk, less goofy around, but more challenging, and more edgy. The band revealed earlier that they just made this little demo and showed it to their manager and a few more people at their record label, and everyone who heard that song was like, “That’s the best song on the record.”, and eventually, ending being one of the hottest singles, it was ‘We’re All To Blame’. If you’re still confused between Linkin Park and Good Charlottle and Sum41, your problem will be fixed as soon as you get onto the second track on this album. The beginning of ‘No Reason’, frankly, was very similar to Linkin Park, with Sum41’s “How can we fake this anymore” to LP’s “I cannot take this anymore”. However as we proceed, there’s a certain rawness in Sum41 which makes them more unique than any of the other bands. It’s the realness of the band which makes them more sincere and less careful. And it’s that, which gets into the fans’ hearts.

More on other tracks, ‘Pieces’ has been a highly anticipated single from ‘Chuck’, and the good thing is, it IS a single now. It is nothing like ‘Fat Lip’ or ‘In Too Deep’, this is pure and truthful, nothing over-the-top. It’s sensitive, but not sentimental. As Steve mentioned before, they just want it to be smart and clever, that’s why they’re having a lot of trouble with the song. Reason? Steve humbly said, “Coz we’re not smart and clever.” Seems to work for the people though, coz ‘Pieces’ was the most added song on Alternative Radio stations, and it has been selected as one of the fans fav. For those who didn’t think Sum41 could make it this far, it’s time to think again.

Rating : 4/5

Review By: Alyson Hau


Making a name for himself with the infectious rap single “Right Thurr” Chingy is getting the industry push and has now released a follow up album to his multi-platinum debut.  “Powerballin’” is young and fresh and has a much less “pop” feel than “Jackpot”.  However, as can be seen from the album cover with only an addition of three sexy girls, expensive jewellery and a flashy car, not much has changed message wise.  Hailing from St. Louis Chingy’s reputation of being a laid-back rapper with a slurred styled delivery falls not far from the truth again with this second album.  With his simple beats and entertaining style the selling point is that it is easy to dance to and keeps you interested long enough to get through the disc. 


Having established himself as one of the most extreme and original lyricists in the Hip-Hop industry Ol’ Dirty Bastard of the Wu-Tang Clan has brought along everything you could possible expect from this outrageous guy on “Osirus”.  The disc is witty, raw, wicked, sinful, and definitely wild. was in HK magazine today through an interview with the magazine about what the site believes are the trends in Hong Kong's clubbing community and how the scene will develop in 2005.

Check out the article we hope to have a copy online soon!

This Valentine’s Day, Love and Beauty Go Hand in Hand at Elite Concepts

A card just won’t do on Valentine’s Day anymore. These days lovers, wives and husbands expect a little more. Candy and flowers are a start, but a little imagination really makes an impression. That’s why, for this February 14th, Elite Concepts is offering something beyond the expected (superb food, courteous service, and splendid Valentine’s Day menus). In conjunction with Eternal Perfumery & the W Wellness, Elite is offering a variety of fragrances and spa treatments

Dirty Duck Diner aka Bebek Bengil 3– A Balinese Valentine’s Day Menu to Share

Your tropical love song begins with A soft-shell crab Salad) and continues with the famous Bebek Bengil Fried Chicken, Grilled King Prawns, & a Striploin Steak $750 plus 10%.  The menu includes two glasses of champagne and a rose for the ladies. Gentlemen receive sexy bottles of Ferrari Racing -sniff, sniff!

Dirty Duck Diner: 5/F, 54-62 Lockhart Road, Wanchai

For reservations call: 2217 8000

Cinecittà – Menu di San Valentino

Cinecittà offers a tasty tribute to St. Valentine (who was, after all, a Roman). The prix fixe menu includes I Tortelloni con Mascarpone Menta e Carciofi su Fonduta allo Zafferano (home made tortelloni with mascarpone, artichokes mint on saffron fondue), Grilled Mediterranean Langoustines, and Roasted Milk-fed Lamb. 
At Cinecittà couples will receive a photograph to remind them of their special evening and roses for all the ladies….

Couples receive samples of Nina Ricci Cherry Fantasy & Nina Ricci Memoire de Homme.

Cinecitta is located on 9 Star Street, Wanchai

For reservations call: 2529 0199

La Cité- La Saint Valentin a Paris

The French ought to know something about romance. In fact, this year’s Valentine’s menu is chock full of delicacies to stimulate amorous thoughts. Begin with Warm Yabbies Gateau & Yellow Bell Pepper Coulis.. Cream of Oyster with Salmon Roe. Main courses include Roast Cod, on sweet corn & crabmeat brandade and Roast Beef Tenderloin with Lyonnaise Potato.  Dessert is a Sweet Sampler for two– say no more. $598 plus 10% for two!

Valentine’s Day guests will also receive samples Salvador Dali Dalistyle & Aigner Black.

La Cite is located in L/G Pacific Place, Admiralty

For reservations call: 2522 8830

Kokage – Is sashimi an aphrodisiac?

Is sashimi an aphrodisiac? Find out at Kokage this Valentine’s Day. The special 2-person menu features Assorted Sashimi, Teppanyaki scampi, the exquisitely provocative Grilled fillet of Wagyu Beef Tenderloin Cube with Wasabi & Sea Urchin Cream, and even Green tea chocolate cake with warm berries and green tea ice cream for dessert.

Dinner for two is $668 & 10%.

The first 10 couples who book tables at Kokage will get a complimentary aromatheraphy facial worth ($695), compliments of the W Wellness located in Central & Causeway Bay.

Kokage is located on 9 Star Street, Wanchai

For reservations call: 2529 6138

yè Shanghai – Love in the Paris of the East

Enjoy a seven course meal and spend quality time with your lover as you indulge in cuisine from the Paris of the East!  Menu includes, “pan fried king prawn with XO chili sauce, steamed pork dumplings with fresh water crab and more!

ye shanghai hong kong – 3/F Pacific Place, Admiralty tel:2918 9833

cost of menu - $398 plus 10% service charge per person

ye shanghai kowloon – 6/F Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel, TST tel: 2376 3322

cost of menu - $380 plus 10% service charge  per person

1/5[onelfifth] – Party for the Singles!

Single’s Nite, a mix n match party for passionate heart – 9pm onwards

Happy Hour price from 9pm-12am, free vodka mix for ladies

Music by Guest International DJ J.Mason (No-Shanti – UK)  After 10 years of DJ-ing with some of the finest DJ's, The Beats, The Lights, The Nites are still going on and For One Nite only exclusively at 1/5. A mix bag of House/Funk for all lovers...

1/5 [onelfifth] is located on 9 Star Street, Wanchai

For reservations call: 2520 2515

(Information provided by Elite Concepts)

Being the Leading Nightlife & Clubbing site for Hong Kong, HKClubbing has now launched its VIP area of the site where registered users can download DJ mixes, check out competitions and find out the latest information.

We are looking to expand this DJ mix section and are looking for quality mixes to upload and make available.

Artists from around the world have pledged their support of MTV’s Asia Aid benefit, featuring Alicia Keys (US), with LIVE performances from Asha Bhosle (India), Bird Thongchai McIntyre (Thailand), Good Charlotte (US), Hoobastank (US), Jay Chou (Taiwan), Kelly Clarkson (US), Namie Amuro (Japan), Simple Plan (Canada), Siti Nurhaliza (Malaysia), Slank (Indonesia), and Tata Young (Thailand). International superstar Jennifer Lopez will contribute a pre-recorded performance to the show, and specially taped shows of support from international artists 50 Cent, Moby, Nelly, Ronan Keating, Ricky Martin, Sting, Zhang Ziyi, will be integrated into the event, taking place in Bangkok, Thailand on 3 February 2005 at the IMPACT Arena.  CNN International will also support the event with specially created vignettes, highlighting the need for continued support of the relief efforts. In addition to airing on all MTV channels around the world, MTV Asia Aid is also being made available rights free and cost free to all broadcasters globally to maximize distribution and help generate as many donations as possible for primary recipient UNICEF, as well as additional charities in local markets.


“Dance culture’s like it’s always been: the most interesting parts are when DJs or musicians can take different things from different places and splice them together; people like Erol Alkan and Queens of Noise.  I’ve never been particularly interested in a night of linear house music, although I do occasionally dip in and out of that.”

Sitting in his West London local, chomping a sausage sandwich, Ed Chemical admits he’s enthused by the mix and mash style of music that’s currently rewiring London’s clubland.

Image caught up with DJ Krush before his set in Hong Kong.

We talk about his new album with fellow Japanese artists and what we can expect from him during the party.

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