Ministry Of Sound Radio are to start broadcasting the Skrufff radio show every two weeks, following the successful launch of the show last year.

The show will run for 2 hours every other Monday evening from 18.00GMT, featuring live guests, DJ mixes and music from the alternative electro-disco-rock style Skrufff already champion through their press agency.

Its been a long time since Armin has been in the studio.  He was actually approached by the creators of the series ‘24’ to produce a track for them and rumor has it that this is it.  Not sure if this’ll ever get a full release, it is official and not a bootleg so lets hope so.  The vocal mix is my fave with the long euphoric intro and it makes a wicked opener to a set.

Review By: Matt Darey

Part of his Parade of Athletes Sampler Tiesto the king of Trance strikes again with a very cool and original tune.  The track pounds its way along with an orgy of techno drums and latin percussion, a floor shaking bassline and a Peruvian nasal flute thrown in for some ethnic flavor. It rocks!!

Review By: Matt Darey

Chunky Beats and progressive trance sounds drive this track on with some almost indie male vocals.  The best bit is when that techy noise comes pounding into what is  otherwise quite an understated tune.  Solid  tune with a bit of a mad twist.  It certainly pays off for me and I’ve been caining it at every given opportunity.

Review by: Matt Darey

Andy Moor has blown me away this year with the number of quality productions he has been involved with like Tilts “What the World Doesn’t know” and Ridgewalkers “Find”.  Adam White and Andy Moor are back once again with the follow-up to this years massive track “The White Room”.    The awesome vocal  is performed by  Amy Cooper and the track is the debut release on their own new record label.

Review by: Matt Darey

After all the madness of NYE and all those endless after parties and with the post Xmas credit card bills hitting your doorstep, like me you might be feeling a little too burned out & Skint to face clubland for a while. For this reason I did a little research into the trance radio this month so you can rave safely in the comfort of your own arm chair.  Just get a friend to flick the light switch on and off , get in a few bevvy’s and lets Av it couch potato style!!!
Last year, Darkness was nominated for 4 awards.  This year, we have Muse!  They are nominated for:
British Group / MasterCard British Album / British Rock Act / British Live Act Award

The Streets is also nominated for 3 awards: British Male Solo Artist / MasterCard British Album / British Urban Act


“You Can Be Special Too” is the eagerly awaited debut album from the Evil Nine duo, Tom Beufoy and Pat Pardy on Adam Freeland’s Marine Parade label.  Teaming up way back in 1998 Evil Nine have produced a number of singles used in many of Freeland’s DJ Projects, and for this reason many of the tracks on this debut may be recognizable by those fluent in unconventional break beat. 


Success in Hip Hop is often defined at how successful one is at redefining themselves.  And here with release number seven for his solo career, eleven years after his name first appeared on the billboards, Snoop Dogg has done it again.  His first release on the Neptunes’ Star Trak label R&G – The Masterpiece presents twenty fluid yet transforming tracks, I suppose one could truly define it as a “masterpiece”


“The South American Music Conference will unite international prestigious producers, artists, musicians and other professionals. It is a unique opportunity to be part of one of the most important events in the worldwide electronic scene in a city that truly never sleeps.”

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