This is Jin, newest artist of the Ruff Ryders. I was born in Florida, I live in New York… My first album, The Rest Is History, is out, and I’m here in Hong Kong.


Chat'n'chill with Kai

Christopher Ruskis and Wen-kai Ying are Chris & Kai, the two young producer-DJ hotshots from New York who famously handed a demo to Deep Dish and were immediately signed to their Yoshitoshi house label. Today, the likes of Sasha, John Digweed and Sander Kleinenberg drop their tracks, which blend house, techno, beats, guts and charm. Here’s what Kai has to say before he hits HK for a gig this Friday, December 17.


Wanted to know what DJs are coming to Hong Kong this December?

Look no further here you will find a breakdown list of all the DJs in Hong Kong for this great month. Hip Hop, Trance, Breaks and sexy house are all here.


Novelle Vague is a French electronica project initiated by producers and instrumentalists Marc Collins and Olivier Libaux.  Collins, who was originally known for francophone trip-hop, moved into club music with UK’s Paper Recordings in the mid-nineties and teamed up with Libaux shortly thereafter.  Working together since 1998 Collins and Libaux know a few things about making good music, and being in the industry so long ensures they know a thing or two more about bringing a new vibe to legendary tunes. 


“I’m sorry to say I was very selfish; I never let anything come between me and my career. I’m not saying it proudly, but I’ve lived a very selfish life, particularly when it’s comes to me and my kids. �

17 years after New York house legend David Morales first became a father he admits he’s started mellowing after carving himself a niche as one of the world’s most popular DJs.

        The Funkraiser, a fund raiser for the Nepalese Child Welfare Scheme which sponsors disadvantaged youth in Nepal with job training, kicks off Friday, Dec. 3, at 1/5 in Wanchai. Coupled with Lamma Fun Day, the Funkraiser raised more than $50,000 towards helping get Nepalese youths off the streets and into viable careers.

        The Funkraiser will be at 1/5 in Wanchai this year, with local afro-beat and funk band NUDE unleashing a fresh set of originals and obscure covers in their first performance since their high-voltage performance at the Rock-It Festival. Supported by deejays Simon Pang and DJ Drayfus.

Event Name: Funkraiser
Date: Friday, Dec. 3
Location: 1/5, 9 Star St., Wanchai
Time: Doors open at 8pm
Cost: $120 at the door.  All proceeds go towards the Child Welfare Scheme
Happy Hour prices until 12am
Special guest band – NUDE
Special guest DJ’s – Simon Pan and DJ Drayfus


Think fun girls can’t sing? Think again! They planned their shopping schedule before they even arrived, they even bought extra suitcases to take home some special “trophies” from Hong Kong. While they’re getting ready to hit the market, they showed off their invincible vocal harmony and musical talent. Putting out their latest album ‘Spin The Wheel’ and traveling around the planet, they are certainly a lot more than just some band which toured with Westlife. Wanna know these 3 Irish beauties more? Bang the door! It’s a girls talk, with Bellefire!

Eclipse Management Gift Certificates

Whether for clients of the firm or for well-deserving company staff, satisfy a variety of tastes with Restaurant Gift Certificates from the Eclipse group of restaurants! The recipients will be able to enjoy Mexican, Thai, Japanese, Spanish and French flavours and an unlimited array of beverages in both Hong Kong and Shanghai.

Finally a gift idea that everyone can enjoy!

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T:  2548 1717

40 – 42 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong

T:  2851 4803

26 – 30 Elgin Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong

T:  2530 9963

114-120 Lockhart Road, Wanchai (MTR Exit C), Hong Kong

T:  2861 2221

20-26 Peel Street, Central, Hong Kong

T:  2815 7868


No. 16, Gao Lan Lu, Lu Wan District, Shanghai

T: (021) 5306 6119

No. 16, Gao Lan Lu, Lu Wan District, Shanghai

T: (021) 5306 6119

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“It hasn’t been a great vintage for electro or techno. However, compared to other genres like trance and commercial house, they still kick ass.”  Dave Clarke: Dj Magazine)

Long renowned as Britain’s prickliest DJ, Dave Clarke was typically blunt speaking to DJ magazine for their latest annual top 100 Poll (he came 31st) though as Britain’s genuinely best techno star, he’s eminently qualified to criticise.


The original (and best) version of Watching Cars Go By first appeared as the soundtrack to a Motorola TV ad in which Felix Da house cat appeared earlier this year, then next popped up on Armand Van Helden’s comeback mix compilation, in which the New Yorker claimed to go rock. British prog god Sasha also created his own highly twisted rock/ house version of the track and stuck it on his own Expander compilation some months back, and now three versions are released individually (though confusingly not altogether).

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