Tapas with a Twist – The Big Blue

Continuing our popular ‘Tapas with a Twist’ series, Boca is proud to present the latest feature menu, ‘The Big Blue’. Showcasing seven mouthwatering seafood dishes throughout October and November, The Big Blue is definitely the catch of the day!

Bordered by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the warmer Mediterranean to the south, Spain has a wealth of delicious seafood on its doorstep. Our Head Chef has collected a wonderful array of seafood dishes that feature the varied coastal flavours of Spain.

Simple and traditional dishes, prendederos fritos de la caballa - $58 (pan-seared mackerel fillets seasoned with sea salt) and mejillones en salsa verde - $68  (mussels in green sauce) are found in restaurants all over Spain. For more complex combinations of flavours try the brochettes de los peces espadaa - $98 (swordfish, green pepper and bacon brochettes) or gambas al Jerez - $94 (shrimp in sherry sauce). The bacalao monacal - $96 (monastery' style salt cod) is historically a full flavoured dish eaten during Lent when meat was forbidden, and the chanquetes fritos - $62 (crispy fried whitebait) has always been a popular bar snack throughout Spain. And if you want to try something a little out of the ordinary with an amazing taste of the sea, ragout del erizos de mar - $88 (warm sea urchin ragout served in the shell) is a favourite in Asturia and Northern regions.

BOCA features an extensive selection of more than 80 wines including BOCA’s own unique ‘White Sangria’ - made from a secret recipe including white wine and  assorted white fruit juices, all infused with fresh pineapple and apple.

BOCA is located at 65 Peel Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong. 

Tel:  2548 1717; Fax:  2548 1727


During the 10th month of 2003, the first annual Rockit Festival debuted, marking the first time anything of its kind has taken place in Hong Kong. What is Rockit? Rockit is, for two days, the center of Hong Kong’s alternative entertainment, food, and of course, as the name might suggest, hard hitting Rock ‘n’ Roll.


The sexiest ladies from Ukraine were in town! Changing their name from ‘V.I.A.Gra’ to ‘Nu Virgos’, doesn’t make the three of them any less controversial. For those hungry male who have been dying to get closer to the girls, here’s your chance. Not only we let you know more about these three hot moms (YES! They’re all mothers, and they’re at the average age of 22!), we also tell you what they did before becoming sex-icons, what makes them go wild, and even, what ‘V.I.A.Gra’ means to them, right here, on !

Joey & Norman Jay MBE present: Good Times 4/ Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia (Resist/ Harmless)

³We at Good Times are suitably thrilled with this latest selection and feel ALL the tracks listed below FULLY warrant their inclusion here on Good Times 4. We also strongly feel this quality collection STILL maintains the rich musical pedigree, diversity and above all, quality of our previous Good Times albums and totally reflects our eclectic musical ethos whilst at the same time intimating to the casual listener just where 'we are at' musically in 2004.² (Norman Jay,

Writing on his website blog just days before the start 2004¹s Notting Hill Carnival, UK DJ pioneer and legend Norman Jay was clearly buzzing with excitement about the release of his annual Carnival CD, not least because the CD consists entirely of tracks intended for maximum carnival play. From radio friendly new hits like Estelle¹s 1980 and Shapeshifter¹s Lola¹s Theme to classic soul from the likes of James Brown, Billy Paul and LTD, the double CD covers all Good Times¹ bases, in keeping with Jay¹s unchallengable DJ background.

>From hanging out at New York¹s Paradise Garage in the 70s to giving


Jules his first big break in London¹s pre-acid house warehouse party scene of the 80s, Jay¹s always been a central figure in club culture, creating, promoting and living the dance life. And Good Times, his gigantic West London annual block party within the Carnival, marks the spot where he¹s rightly revered as one of Britain¹s (and the world¹s genuinely most influential DJs.)

Norman Jay Presents Philadelphia also includes more than a few cuts of Good Times carnival ilk, though is a carefully selected set of 20 tunes culled from Philadelphia¹s golden era of 1973-81. Less accessible than Good Times, it¹ll nevertheless delight soul fans and like Good Times, is deliberately unmixed.

Genre: Soul/ funk/ eclectic

Rating: 8/10 Good Times: 7/ 10 Philadelphia


Philadelphia CD

 Love Is The Message - MFSB

  2  East - Paul, Billy

  3  Trusting Heart (Tom Moulton mix) - Trammps

  4  This Air I Breathe - O'Jays

  5  Whole Town's Talking - Paul, Billy

      6  Where Will You Go When The Party's Over - Bell, Archie & The Drells

  7  Let Me Be Good To You - Rawls, Lou

  8  See You When I Git There - Rawls, Lou

  9  Big Gangster - O'Jays

10  It's Hard Not To Like You - Bell, Archie & The Drells

Disc 2

  Track Listings     

  1  We Got Some Catchin' Up To Do - Carn, Jean

  2  Ain't No Time Fa Nothing - Futures

  3  False Faces - Paul, Billy

  4  Where Would I Be Without You - White, Anthony

  5  Bump De Bump - Montgomery, Monk

      6  In Good Faith - Harris, Norman

  7  Let's Party Down - MFSB

  8  Set Me Free - Pendergrass, Teddy

  9  Darlin' Darlin' Baby (Sweet Tender Love) - O'Jays

10  This Feeling's Killing Me - Jones Girls



Joey & Norman Jay MBE present: Good Times 4

tracklisting: CD1

1. Ten City - Superficial People (Hurley Mix)

2. L.T.D. - It's Time To Be Real

3. Jaimeson feat: Terri Walker - Common Ground

4. Oi Va Voi - Refugee (Matthew Herbert Mix)

5. The Impressions - We're A Winner

6. Mica Paris - I Should've Known Better

7. Bomb The Bass feat: Justin Warfield - Bug Powder Dust (La Funk Mob Mix) 8. First Class - Strictly Rollin' 9. Est'elle - 1980 10. Willis Jackson - Nuther'n Like Thuther'n 11. Zap Pow - This Is Reggae Music 12. Aswad - Warrior Charge 13. The Five Corners Quintet - Three Corners 14. Mel Torme - I'm Comin' Home Baby


1. The System - I Can't Take Losing You

2. Jakki - You Are The Star (A Tom Moulton Mix)

3. Shapeshifters - Lola's Theme (Norman Jay's Good Times  Mix) 4. Mekkah feat: Stephen Granville - Dimensions (I'm Happy) 5. Jeff Lorber - Best Part Of The Night 6. Lee Dorsey - Night People 

7. Eddie Harris - It's Alright Now

8. James Brown - Don't Tell It

9. Nextmen - The Next Trend (instrumental)

10. Damaris - What About My Love

11. Brenda Russell - Way Back When

12. Billy Paul - Windy

13. James Mason - Sweet Power Your Embrace

Review By: Jonty Skrufff (

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The Prodigy: Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned

(XL Records)


Speaking to the Guardian recently Prodigy producer Liam Howlett tore into ‘unimaginative, music-by- numbers’ modern dance music, days before the Big Issue reached much the same conclusion about Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned (‘a mumbling, rumbling, grumbling, stumbling wreck’).


And listening to much mainstream house music as well as all 12 tracks on Always Outnumbered’, both parties are right, Howlett clearly treading water as much as the household house producers he affects to despise. That’s not to say the album is bad (compared to most new electronic albums it’s unquestionably good) but stood alongside the excellence of The Prodigy’s first three albums, it’s indifferent, indeed disappointing. 


Speaking to Q magazine recently in a track by track feature, Howlett happily described on track You'll Be Under My Wheels as ‘just an album filler’ and the term could be applied to the whole album, certainly when held up to the standard of Outer Space, Smack My Bitch Up or No Good. Guest vocals from the likes of Princess Superstar, Oasis and Hollywood actress Juliette Lewis also fail to distinguish or illuminate his work, suggesting he’s still struggling to overcome what appears to remain a serious creative block.


Like mainstream house music, The Prodigy formed in a whirlwind of creativity, both discarding the past and rewriting their own rule books for computer generated electronic music. 17 years after house blew up, it’s finally being reinvigorated by new faces and/ or old hands going back to (and beyond) their roots whereas12 years after the Prodigy’s first album, Howlett (who in reality, is and always was The Prodigy) appears locked in a loop.


Hardcore Prodigy fans will still probably love it, but Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned is an underwhelming experience from a band who’ve clearly stopped firing on all cylinders.



Rating: 6/10


Genre: electronica/ breaks





Review By: Jonty Skrufff (

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After 25 years, after selling 70 million records, after different band members coming and going, Simon LeBon, Roger Taylor, John Taylor, Andy Taylor and Nick Rhodes decided to get back together, with the original line-up, to create the whole new album ‘Astronaut’. Throughout the whole of South East Asia, Duran Duran chose Hong Kong to be the city to host the one and only press conference. More than a hundred media representatives from China, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore etc. were joint together to meet the band. So why did it take so long? How did they manage to call each other up in 24 hours to reunite? What’s the new sound like? We bring you the in-depth conversation, right here on !

The Magical All-Female Quartet
Bond Asian Tour Live in Hong Kong

Breaking the rules of classical music, Bond adds a new dimension to classic tunes.  Wild and sexy, the all-female string quartet’s signature edgy performance style has captivated young fans all over the world.  Whenever Bond performs live, the sheer energy of their cutting-edge music touches all those who are present.  In May this year, the group’s concerts in Japan were such an incredible success.  Come October, fans in Hong Kong will be treated to the electrifying sounds from the Classical Spice Girls’ music.

Their new release Classified has received rave reviews from music lovers and the media alike.  The lead track “Explosive”, a sequel to “Victory”, with guest performance by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, merges classical, elegant melody with vibrant beats and instantly conveys an ecstatic feeling.  You just cannot resist indulging in Bond’s sea of beautiful notes.  Now a classic, their debut album Born went Platinum and Gold in more than 20 countries whereas the second album Shine stayed number 1 in the US Classical Crossover chart for 5 weeks straight.  The long-awaited new album Classified, produced by maestros Tonci Huljic and DJ Young, is sure to give fans a fresh impression.

Bond has brought about a phenomenal classical string music sensation in Asia.  With a plethora of female string groups appearing after Bond’s unparalleled success, it is evident that Bond is the leader in classical crossover music. 

To gear up for the Hong Kong leg of Bond’s Asian Tour, Commercial Radio will organise a competition to recruit talented violinists and cellists.  The winners will have a chance to perform in radio shows.

Bond’s music has been featured in numerous TV programmes, major events and in this year’s Athens Olympic Games.   The Spanish tune “Fuego” and the classic Bond track “Viva”, for instance, are some of the popular pieces used in the swimming events.

Bond, the magical all-female quartet will perform live on 10 October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Hurry up and book your tickets now.

Date & Time: 8:00pm, Sunday, 10 October, 2004
Venue: Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Ticketing:  HK Ticketing,
Enquiry hotline: 31 288 288


September 1, 2004 – Jack Daniel’s would be 154 this September, but nobody seems to know the exact date.  Surely, one would think that the Jack Daniel’s company would have his birthday written down, but apparently not (some story about a town fire destroying records…).  Since no one knows the exact date, Staunton’s Wine Bar and Café and Chapter 3 plan on celebrating the Old Man’s birthday for the entire month of September (3/8 – 30/8) from 9:00 PM - Closing.  Bring in TWO Vintage Standard Chartered $10 bills (printed before 1994) and receive your choice of three Jack Daniel’s cocktails.   If one doesn’t have any vintage bills, one need not  worry because all JD cocktails will be specially priced at $45 from 9:00 PM - Closing. 

Staunton’s is located at 10-12 Staunton Street, SoHo, Central.  Chapter 3 is located at 23 Hollywood Road (below Pacific Coffee).  For inquiries, call 2973 6615 or visit our website at

Image caught up with the talented DJ Mason before he visited Hong Kong to DJ and play his violin at the same time with Godskitchen. He talks about DJing in a plane to partying at the Liquid rooms in Singapore.

After confirming the dates as 23 & 24 October 2004 - Victoria Park Causeway Bay, the Rockit Festival organisers have already released some of the exciting lineup that we should expect at the 2 day event.

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