Ken Ishii is seen as the most successful Japanese DJ who has toured the World over and played at almost every large festival or event over the years of his career. Now after his last successful visit to Hong Kong, the man returns to bring us a set 'full of funkness and real techno'.

HKClubbing: After doing recordings for such things as TV commercials and a Play Station2 game, is their anywhere else where you would like to have your music featured?
Ken Ishii: I’m open with where my music is used in. I contributed an exclusive track for an established makeup artist Rumiko and her cosmetic brand RMK early in this year as well. Films are always my interest, especially experimental or cult ones. Recently I’m interested in doing some music for art installations and exhibitions.

HKClubbing: Can you comment on what we should expect from your new album planned for release this summer?
Ken Ishii: From the last few years’ tour experience I found out what I wanted to see / hear more from techno scene all over because it was a bit too same everywhere. So, what I wanted to do with this new album is to go back to my roots in techno, which is early Detroit stuff, and put its original good elements to the current techno dancefloors. This means it will be a dance album with more melodies, harmonies and funkiness. I’m currently starting a video production for the album with a CG artist Kazuma Morino, who did VJing on my last HK gig.

HKClubbing: Japan’s dance music scene is very individual and independent from the rest of Asia, why do you think this is?
Ken Ishii: Maybe because there are more music listeners who buy records, not like just party goers. Those music people have their own individual tastes and they want to hear their type of music each in clubs. We also have a better situation to buy records and CDs too.

HKClubbing: What are your thoughts about music on the World Wide Web?
Ken Ishii: As one music listener I think it’s interesting to have a possibility of finding what you want on internet as I’m basically a technology friendly person. As a recording artist internet can be fatal, of course. But nobody can stop the progression of technology, right?

HKClubbing: As the UK Festivals and Ibiza is just about to start what plans to do have around that time?
Ken Ishii: I don’t have plans to do those at the moment. Instead, I will do lots of big European events in the summer, like Holland, Belgium, Love Parade, Finland and France etc. I will also play in Thailand, Malaysia, Viet Nam, Philippines and Brazil later.

HKClubbing: Can we expect much of the same style of music like the last time you were in Hong Kong?
Ken Ishii: Although I don’t really remember what I played last time, it will be full of funkness and real techno!

HKClubbing: On your stop over to Hong Kong is there anything you look forward to seeing or doing in “Asia’s World City”.
Ken Ishii: HK is my favorite city. I know where to go. This time I heard there would be big fireworks in the harbour, which sounds nice to me…

Ken Ishii is releasing a new single this Summer and then the new album in Autumn. All these releases are on his new record label called “70 Drums",

This Asian American Pop/ R&B group, who have only recently hit the music scene within the last few years appearing on 3 released music videos which has attracted a large fanbase in the Vietnamese community worldwide. Read on and get to know the guys just that bit better, you can also hear samples of their music on their site.

1. How was your group formed? Or how did you get into the business?
Cardin auditioned at Asia Entertainment, one of the 2 large Vietnamese Music production companies in Southern California. Asia wanted him to start a group and after a few months of searching, another singer introduced Spencer and Evan to Cardin and the initial group was formed. After a few trials and auditions, James, the last member joined the group.

2. What are your ultimate goals and/or dreams?
Our goal is to express ourselves musically whether in the Vietnamse market or the Asian American market in general. We want all Asians to know and respect who we are as Asia4. But our ultimate goal would be to go International and appear on Asia’s MTV and radio stations.

3. What advice do you have for other upcoming artists?
Be humble and always try your best to be everything you can be. Luck comes to those prepared so always practice your craft.

4. Who are your biggest influences? (Musical and/or non-musical)
We would say our family is our biggest influences. Without their love and support for our dreams we wouldn’t have followed our dreams. Musically speaking, it would have to be Michael Jackson, Babyface, Max Martin, etc…

5. What inspires you?
Just being on stage performing and hearing the fans admirations for you.

6. What are some of the biggest challenges that you have faced?
Our biggest challenges are probably overcoming this skeptical
mentality from people thinking that we are trying to be like the other boy
bands out there. Which is not true, we write and produce our own
materials from scratch to finish.

7. What do you enjoy doing outside of work? Hobbies and leisure activities?
We like to hang out with friends and socialized like everybody
else, have fun, and also playing basketball, golf, football, etc...

8. Do you have a significant other?
Some of us do, some do not, but we consider that as private
info, hehehe.

9. What are your favorite movies/TV shows
Hmm...there are too many to choose and with the 4 of us, there are different
choices. But among those things, we have to say for movies:
Brave Heart, The Last Mohican, American Pie, etc...for tv shows:
Married with children, the Simpson, Spin City, Friends, etc...

10. What are your favorite foods?
That’s the great thing about being Asian, we have a great variety to
choose from…like Pho (Vietnamese beef noodle soup), Chicken noodles, pasta, any type of seafood….they are all great.
To find out more about Asia4 you can visit their web site at

Tim Lyall has been with Slinky since the beginning, now the club night has become a Globally successful name, giving him the chance to return to Asia, to show Hong Kong his skills on the decks and lets us know what's on his shopping list!

HKClubbing: So what have you been up to since your last Asia Tour?
Tim: just been DJing all over went to Brazil, which was cool and just loads in the UK I have also been doing my own radio show!
HKClubbing:  How would you describe the set you plan to play in Hong Kong on Saturday 11th May?
Tim: Well I play allsorts really as long as its good and I think the clubbers will dance, I will play it, but at the moment I am playing tech-house, progressive and tuff tribal stuff.
HKClubbing: From what you have seen, what do you think of the Asian scene compared to that of the US or UK scene?
Tim: Really good if not better than England I think clubbers are more into the music in the Asian scene.
HKClubbing: Anything you plan to do or buy in Hong Kong on your stop over?
Tim: Everything, no I am after some trainers and also a new phone if I can find one.

HKClubbing: Now Ministry of Sound has set up a club over in Bangkok, Thailand, can you ever see Slinky setting up any clubs in Asia?
Tim: Well all I can say there, is look out its not far off at all!
HKClubbing: Slinky has been running now for 5 years, can we expect another 5?
Tim: Yes, no probably, maybe 10!

HKClubbing: Any planned releases or special events where you plan to appear this year (e.g. Slinky in Ibiza)?
Tim: Well doing Ibiza ever 3 weeks though out the summer also Tenerife ever 3 weeks also Homelands and V2002 and loads more going to be a really mad summer!

Kristine Sa's debut album 'I Never Knew' posesses a mixture of sounds and emotions that captivates her listeners. HKClubbing catches up with her to see what she has been getting up to and how the internet has allowed her music to be felt by everyone.

HKClubbing: How would you best describe your latest album?
Kristine: This is such a hard first question! lol. I think I would describe my first album to be a little sad, and very honest. It is also a little experimental and very fun. There is a lot of truth and risk in this album.

HKClubbing: Which, if any artist do you believe has been the major influence towards your music?
Kristine: I’ve been heavily influenced by artists such as Jewel, Celine Dion, Sarah McGlachlan... basically, all the women artists that write and perform from their souls. It is very empowering and inspirational to me.

HKClubbing: You songs cover a variety of different styles, which one do you believe is the one that describes your music the best?
Kristine: I think I would have to lean towards the ballads. I love singing slow songs. I just feel like it gives me time to really sink into the emotions. However, I still love all of the other styles. I love being able to bounce around and move while singing. It’s a great feeling when the music moves you. And I also love to just speak what I’ve written. This is the least stressful style of all. No vocals to worry about. =)

HKClubbing: Any plan to visit Asia to promote you album, for example an Asia Tour or just press visits?
Kristine: Between those two choices, I think I would have to do just the visits. I would get too homesick!  If given the chance though, I would love to visit A LOT.

HKClubbing: I see that you can listen to a number of your songs on your site as well as live movies, how do you think the internet has helped to promote your music Worldwide and how much has it had on your exposure?
Kristine: I consider myself an internet baby. I mean my exposure began online so I have strong faith in the power of the internet. I mean, I am such an internet-junky myself. I love to go online and find out tons of info about my favourite artists, so it feels nice to know that I can be a part of that.

HKClubbing: What do you do besides your busy schedule of promoting your album, poetry, singing and writing?
Kristine: Just everyday stuff: go for bubble tea with friends, hang out with my family, etc. Lately I’ve been addicted to buying shoes. I finally fell into the “shoe” trap! It’s so hard to stop buying shoes once you start. You can never get enough! LOL.

HKClubbing: What should we expect in the future form Kristine Sa?
Kristine: I believe you can expect the same honesty from me, and I guess (thinking...) expect what you won’t be expecting. =)


Zouked Out…Outrageous, Outstanding, And Out of This World…
ZoukOut Nokia Remix 25 & 26th July 2003
Review by Hellokitty

As I stumble off the three and a half hour flight to Singapore the first thing I hear transmitting out of the speakers in their DutyFree shop is the track Miro – The One I Run To; a track off the new Deep Dish Global Underground Toronto CD…definitely a high-quality start to this spectacular weekend

Zouked Out has chosen Marina Bay Waterfront as their two-day venue, which over looks the city skyline with full stunning views of their superb buildings and their finest hotel; The Fullerton. This area is well laid out with a shuttle bus going from various points in the city to the venue and back, an information booth right at the entrance, 7 bars, 2 VIP bars, 9 food stalls, 2 massage areas, 2 First Aid/Security Booths, a number of portable loo’s, a carnival area and a Mandala Art area; even if the music is not your cup of tea you still have many other forms of entertainment to keep you entertained throughout the night.

The first night’s line-up consist of all LIVE ACTS… the night starts at 8:00pm

8:00pm – 9:30pm Dj Andrew Chow
9:30pm – 11:00pm Gus Gus (Iceland)
11:00pm – 11:30pm Dj Andrew Chow
11:30pm – 12:30am Dirty Vegas (UK)
12:30am – 1:30am Dj Has
1:30am – 2:30am Stereo MCS (UK)
2:30am – 3:00am Dj Has

First to perform is GUS GUS probably the most successful band to surface from Reykjavik, Iceland. They originally started with a team of 12 members from a variety of different backgrounds including filmmakers, computer programmer, a photographer, a Dj, an actor and even a political campaigner!! But know they’re down to 4 members who are now signed to Darren Emerson’s Underwater Label. They had a hit earlier this year with their track called “David”, it was released twice with a range of different mixes from King Britt, Medicine 8 and my personal favorite mix Darren Emerson Underwater mix.

After their performance there’s an hour break so that the stage crew can change the stage set up for the next band. During the hour Dj Andrew Chow plays some Disco Funky House tunes for us to funk to. During this hour we took advantage of the Carnival Ride, the Bouncy Tigers Mouth for a lil bouncing fun… If that doesn’t tickle your fancy, they have plenty of food outlets where you can get some snacks. The most popular must have been the Turkish Vendor who were selling these fabulous sandwich buns with roasted chicken or beef…I must have had at least 2 a night!!! YUMMY….

Next up is Dirty Vegas; Paul Harris, Steve Smith and Ben Harris (no relation o the former) hail from Kent and South London with each having very different musical backgrounds. That is by way no problem for the trio who topped the charts last years with their Grammy award-winning track “Days Go By” (Best Dance Recording 2003) and nominated for “Best Music Video, Short Form”, this track was later used for a Mitsubishi commercial in the United States.

Dirty Vegas starts on time…they come out playing some of their new more chilled out tracks. The lead vocalist Steve Harris is great; he can sing, play the guitar and handle percussions with such ease.

GHOST, their second single of their self-titled album’s started by taking it slow and at the half way part they go electronic on us and pick up the pace. The crowd is with them dancing and with their hands in the air. Next up is a rendition of their HUGE hit days go by…at which they say, “This is Days Go By” and it’s pandemonium!! They go large for and we’re with them every second as they carry out this fabulous tune even with the extended intervals of bongos and percussions!!! They end it on the highest of highs or as high as you can get in Singapore… DIRTY VEGAS ROCKS = )

An Hour and a half of Dj Has of Singapore brings us to the Stereo MC’s; they’re inspired by electro, hip hop, funk and dub. Established way back in 1986, now with 3 albums under their belts and producing hits such as “Connected” and “Deep Down And Dirty” they are truly an act you don’t want to miss.

By 3am the first day’s events are now coming to a close…

Day 2

The line up is unbelievable, 4 areas with different sounds and concepts, this is sure to be a treat. They have the Regional area where Rough, Hong Kong’s Dj Tommy, Grant Smillie, Sonny, J6, Juri, Manolet, Gabriel, Gerald and Riri. Over to the Velvet Underground room where Jeremy Boon, Brendon P, Blaze, Kenny * (Masters At Work) and Bugz In the Attic will bringing you HOUSE. Superstar Area, better known as the GLOBAL UNDERGROUND area will hear the likes of Singapore’s favorite local Dj Tony Tay, Aldrin, Australia’s Phil K, James Lavelle and the main event is none other than Sasha!!! James Zabiela was not able to come so they have Ashley Casselle playing after Sasha to wrap up the night. Over to 4th area, which is called Mambo Jambo, this area is all about CHEESE, 80’s tunes, top 40 and Hip Hop…just for all of you who might not be into the fast paced electronic music being played in all the other rooms.

Arriving at around midnight, just in time to catch the end of Phil K’s high-energy break beat set. Did you know that Phil K has also been listed among the “25 most important people in Australian dance music??” Next up is James Lavelle, the founder of MoWax, and also conceived the Unkle project. His set is made up of break beats, which contain a lot of tracks his trademark band sounds.

The main event Sasha is making his way up to the stage….

Sasha takes the stage and the crowd goes mad. Whether you’re in the front row or at the farthest point of the 10,000 followers you’re still feeling his presence nonetheless. He comes out strong and keeps the crowd in the palm of his hands for the duration of his 2 hours set. He played a wicked set, the best I’ve ever heard him play!!! He closes his set with a track called “Cowpander” a mash-up mix record (his classic Xpander mashed with Underworld’s classic Cowgirl) and Adam Freeland’s “Smells Like Freeland” which is a remix of Nirvana’s chart topping hit “Smells Like Teen spirit” The crowd kept the energy up for his final 15 minutes by showing nuthin’ but love for the legendary Sasha.

And the final Dj of the event was Ashley Casselle, within minutes after he started his set he dropped the newly remixed classic track “I Feel Love” by the soulstress Donna Summer, the new remix is courtesy of Danny Howells. By this time it is around 4:30am and I’m pretty beat but I stay to benefit from Ashley’s solid grooving set.

The Mambo Jambo area closed at 5am with most of the party people from that area moving the Global Underground area keeping it nicely busy till the early morn.

All in all, this was an excellent event. I’ll definitely make my way over to Singapore next year for their next big ZoukOut shindig!!!

If only Hong Kong could find sponsors such as Nokia, Citibank, MTV, or Tourism Board to host such an event that is so in tuned with today’s youth and music!!! …. I only wish. I’m not going to hold my breath…. I’m just gonna keep dreaming for that day to come = )
S on the 28th was a party which was organised for HkTeen's in the upper years of school and anyone else who wanted to come.
It took place on discovery bay beach on saturday the 28th and had approx 70 people there at one point.
The party was a themed party, S was chosen as the magic letter and teens flocked from all over HK to the distant beach for a good gathering and some social contact.
It started at around 9 and continued well into the early hours of the morning.
It started off the same way most party's do in Hong Kong, Opening at 11:00 and it being a bit sedate and dull, but sure enough the people did come and soon enough queens was filling up.

11:00 - 12:00 Moony
12:00 - 01:00 Eddie
01:00 - 02:00 Peter
02:00 - 03:00 Yin
03:00 - 04:00 Chris Lee
04:00 - 06:00 Thierry Wils
06:00 - 07:00 Moony

These were the times and sadly i missed the middle selection as i moved venue's for a short time, Yin would have been one to see, which was my plan but sadly missed that. However a great atmosphere with friendly people. A bit dark and smokey but the light emnating off timo maas's face on the projector sorta lightened the place up a bit.

Overall a decent party, a decent croud, a decent night.


The Phreaktion Kru once again keeps the drum & bass spinning at one of their local underground parties at Amnesia. Bringing to the stage dj's Jp Lui, Seven Suns, Siesta and N1R and supported by Mc Snica G, they refreshed the minds of all the enthusiasts which live for the music which is rarely heard in Hong Kong.

The venue was of a good size but was hidden behind the midlevel's esculator. Dj Jp seemed to be on good form throughout the night but sadly i wasn't able to listen to seven suns so maybe someone could fill me in on that. A great chilled out atmosphere which is always good.
Well worth going too...
Surprisingly when I arrived DJ Christian was spinning. Normally he is hammering out the breaks in the early hours, was a nice change to see him warm the decks up for Dave Lea of Slinky. At about 5 past 2 Dave came on the stage and started up.

The first 3 tunes were quite chilled for what I know for Slinky and the 3rd was quite an old track. I got a bit scared that this set at Club Ing (which was packed) would continue along these lines. But then on the 4th track Dave layed a big trance bomb shell on the crowd which gave me a chill and sucked me towards the front of the crowd.

He kept it going and had most of the people in the venue stay in the main room with only a few in the other 2 rooms.

Was a nice change with the venue and I think Dave enjoyed being close to the crowd and really interacting with Slinky tribe.
Was a nice night with people from all areas of the music industry arriving around 8pm. Lycee and watermelon martinis was passed around as Kulu and sax warmed up the venue until it was like a late night friday or saturday.

Joel and Derald were around to talk to people about the cd they have now released that was handed out to everyone when they left the club.

There are only a coupleof thousand around so grab your copy, heard the mix is excellent, will let you know when i hear it myself.

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