Enter Brazilian drum n’ bass legend and V Recordings artist DJ Marky, teamed up with the legendary MC Stamina for the drum n’ bass party of the century for Hong Kong.  Undoubtably one of the most talented and electrifying DJ’s to emerge in the under populated scene of drum n’ bass in recent years DJ Marky broke through the glass ceiling with his album “The Brazilian Job”.  His phenomenal technical skill however was not what kept the crowd’s overt attention at Skitz Night Club, the DJ Marky and MC Stamina tour hot spot; it was his energetic enthusiasm and passion for the music that is his signature alone. 


Joining Marky on the tour was MC Stamina whose popularity has been ever increasing since connecting with the Movement crew and working with popular Brazilian DJ’s, such as Marky and Patife.  There however are simply not words to describe the full capacity of MC Stamina’s abilities.  Not only does he create lyrics that seamless mould to the instrumental side of drum n’ bass, but his spellbinding delivery is absolutely magical. 


The night was filled with raw energy and passion that was easy to see with the packed out dance floor and non-stop movement of the entire crowd, which is simply not a common site for Hong Kong’s typical drum n’ bass nights.  So what this says to me is two things: first, DJ Marky and MC Stamina exhibit unsurpassed talent, expertise, and versatility and here in Hong Kong we can only dream of their return, and second, that the drum n’ bass scene here in Hong Kong has been kick started and is finally receiving the attention it deserves.  Continuing along this note leaves me to enter a plug for the party organizers “Koncrete Jungle”, who have relentlessly and persistently been pushing the local drum n’ bass scene for a number of years, and lets hope that their recent successes will give all of us die hard fans more great music to look forward to.


Last night was the second of 3 events under Heineken Thirst. It was a great night with a packed out venue (Edge), great decor, Marshall on the decks with some nice funky house and then a wicked live performance by French Duo Oscar plus vocals.


Ponzi the painter did some cool body painting on an attractive model and then let her walk around and display his work.


Image had a chat with Marc Vedo about why he came over to the England and the events that he currently develops within the UK.


Al: Where were you living before you moved country and what led the move to the UK and especially to pursue a career with Northhampton's football club? How far did you get within the realms of football? Why did you decide not to continue?


M: I was living in Portugal before I moved to England to under go my apprenticeship with Northampton Town. I played for the main squad side for a short period of time but during my spell with the team I managed to get a gig with a night called ‘Megatripolis’, which was held at one of London’s top venues Heaven.

That gig was a turning point in my life as I knew after that my real love was music, I can still remember the buzz I felt after playing my set haha! From here I quit football and moved to the Southwest where I was offered a residency at the then popular Club Yum Yum.  After learning the ropes at Yum Yum I went on to launch my own night which was called ‘Az Oz’, this later became ‘Koolwaters’ and the rest is history.



She’s only at the age of 23, but she’s already one of the biggest acts in Thailand. With the American blood in her, Tata Young is now looking ahead to expand her success from Asia to the World. But first, she hits Asia’s WORLD City, introducing herself and her music to us picky music lovers.

T: Tata Young
A: Alyson from



The Beijing Olympic Indoor Stadium was illuminated with international and local stars celebrating the sixth spectacular CCTV-MTV Music Honors in Beijing, China on 24 July 2004. Over 100 artists dazzled the 4000 strong audience with their vocal prowess and star presence. Joined by a star-studded line-up of international and Asian artists from China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea, the ceremony was jointly hosted by multi-talented Taiwanese artist Harlem Yu, together with MTV VJ Li Xia and CCTV presenter Dong Qin. 

The CCTV-MTV Music Honors pays tribute to artists who have made significant contribution to China’s music development.   This year’s world-class production boasts an additional 2 awards that gave recognition to the behind-the-scene heroes of outstanding lyricists and composers.


“I only made Problems d’Amour back in the 80s because someone suggested to me that I write a dance tune in that genre because there was a lot of money to be made. He told me even crap electro-disco tracks would shift 10,000 units then ironically Problems d’Amour sold exactly 10,000 copies, a pure coincidence that convinced me the track was crap after all. After that experience I decided to leave dance music completely behind, also because I couldn’t speak English.”

20 years after he first released Problem’s d’Amour avant-garde electro artist Alexander Robotnick still prefers to do interviews in Italian though his English is much better and Problems d’Amour is finally acclaimed as an italo-disco classic. He’s also a fast-rising name on the still-growing global electroclash circuit, in marked contrast to his earlier 80s electro-disco career.  


“What makes Exit so important is the fact that there's nothing else substantial in Serbia that challenges the past or offers local people a viable reason to think things could be better. When the artists visit they love it because it’s a great gig though most don't even realise that they're helping to make history.�


With Serbia’s recent history including ethnic cleansing, genocide and war, British promoter Paxton Talbot’s claims are neither overblown nor exaggerated, though he’s wrong about at least one of the artists on this year’s bill.


“What makes this gig particularly interesting is the fact that we were bombing Belgrade and Novi Sad just three or four years ago,� says breakbeat pioneer Howie B.


“It’s mad when you find out what the fuck we’ve done to these places; or rather, what others have done to them.�


The ‘we’ or ‘others’ Howie’s referring to are NATO and the most visible sign of their handiwork in Novi Sad today is the still severed Sloboda (‘Freedom’) Bridge, whose disconnected ends slope at 45º angles into the murky Danube river. Blown up by three cruise missiles at 8pm on the night of 3 April 1999, the clinically cut former 6 lane highway remains a powerful reminder of just how recently ‘the West’ was at war with the citizens of Novi Sad; the same people now flocking to an event headlined by a Western bunch of performers. As German philosopher Martin Luther presciently put it, in the Middle Ages; ‘music is a gift of God. Satan hates music: he knows how it drives the evil spirit out of us.’


After three spectacular weeks here in Hong Kong, involving 25 bands in a series of brilliant nights at packed venues, we have begun the Semi-Finals of the Hong Kong leg of the World Battle of the Bands. We have been staggered by the quality of some of these bands and the song writing talent coming through - Audiences have been filling both venues showing that there is indeed a thriving music scene, bubbling away here in Hong Kong. All in all, it is proving to be a huge success!

The World Battle of the Bands is a global competition seeking out the hottest unsigned bands of four countries spanning the Pacific Rim. Competitions start in Hong Kong and follow on to the United States, Australia and New Zealand - with the winners of each respective region flying to Auckland this December for the World Final. It’s a chance for emerging Hong Kong bands to showcase themselves and their original material before a diverse audience and star-studded, influential and international judging panel. Check out:

Fuel the Olympic Games with hottest Tabasco Global Cuisines

There's an enchanting chemistry between warm weather and hot/spicy food, therefore in order to keep the summer spirit, from July 19 to Aug 31, Caramba will be featuring 'Fuel the Olympic Games with the hottest Tobasco Global Cuisines' with our chef innovation creation of 5 different dishes using different Tabasco sauce, definitely make your mouth water.

Marinated 8 oz. U.S. pork chop with Chipotle Tabasco, served with black pepper sauce, steamed greens & mashed potatoes ($135)

Stuffed chicken breast with spinach & mushroom, served with Garlic Tabasco butter sauce, steamed greens & mashed potatoes ($135)

Achiote grilled rib-eye steak, served with Habanero Tabasco, pineapple salsa, herb potatoes & guajillo cauliflower ($135)

Pan-fried fillet of seabass with Green Tabasco mustard cream sauce, served with herb potatoes & guajillo cauliflower ($135)

Linguine pasta tossed with scallops, bell pepper, garlic & Red Tabasco tapenade ($135)


DJ Hyper: Marriage, Money & Becoming Fatboy Slim- I’m Not Interested.

“I’m not interested in becoming Fatboy Slim, I might be interested in the money he makes… but that’s because I just got married. Mine is a wonderful job and I do it because I love it.”

Though British breaks don Guy ‘Hyper’ Hatfield continues to position himself firmly in the leftfield of today’s mainstream pop world, he’s increasingly remixing its biggest central stars, including manufactured popsters Sugababes and US pop icon Pink. Not that it means he’s selling or even making him a fortune in the process, he insists.


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