We are pleased to announce that S&M has opened in Old Bailey Street, Soho. 

S&M stands for Sausages and Mash (of course) and the restaurant is the first place in Hong Kong to specialise in selling a wide range of sausages made to authentic recipes from around the world.  Call us on 2140 6333 for more information.

The formula is very simple.  First choose 1, 2 or 3 of our delicious, juicy house sausages – such as Lincolnshire, or Duck and Apple from England, Merguez from North Africa, Cheese Knackers from Switzerland or spicy Debreziner from Hungary – then select the type of mashed potato you want – for example S&M Dairy Mash, Garlic and Onion Mash, or Pumpkin Mash – finally add a gravy of your choice – perhaps Red Wine, or Onion, or even Curry Sauce – and you have a delicious meal for any time of the day or night.

Prices are very reasonable too - $70 for Light S&M (1 sausage, mash and gravy), $90 for Regular S&M (2 sausages) or $110 for Extreme S&M (3 sausages).  Also, we are continually introducing new varieties of sausages, mash and gravy via the Daily Specials on our Blackboard.

As well as being a haven for sausage lovers, S&M also offers a wide range of seafood and vegetarian choices, with tasty salads, pasta, pies and quiches always on the menu.  And our General Manager, Chandan Thapa, managed Harry Ramsden’s for 4 years, so you can be sure that our fish and chips are good too.  Our menu can be viewed at our website –

S&M is located in the former premises of SoHo SoHo at G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street, Soho, Central.  The site has been fully renovated to give an informal restaurant / chop house / bar feel.  There is Carlsberg ($35 per pint) and Tetley’s ($40 per pint) on draft, together with a wide range of wines and other beers.  All wines are under $200 per bottle as well, considerably below the Soho district norm.  So feel free to drop in for a drink at any time.

S&M is open from 11.00am until 1.00am the following morning, and even later at weekends.  We also open for Breakfast from 9.00am every Saturday, Sunday and Public Holiday.  So whether you want some brunch, a business lunch, an afternoon snack, dinner, or even something to eat on your way home from the pub at night, S&M has the answer.  We also have a take-out service for those in a hurry (please call in your order on 2140 6333), and can offer our sausages frozen and vacuum-packed for home use or BBQ’s.

If you like sausages, you’ll love S&M!


G/F, 9 Old Bailey Street,

Soho, Central, HK

Tel: 2140 6333

Fax: 2524 4111

1/5th's Lai Chi Lounge
Where Night People Come to Flirt with Danger

The art of flirting is alive and well at 1/5. Every Thursday night the Star Street presents the Lai Chi Lounge, Hong Kong’s premier arena for the flirting in all its variety and fascination.
  Free Dita cocktails for the ladies, music, dancing, the right atmosphere, and a great mix of people are the ingredients.

  First, the drinks. Dita, for those who haven’t yet been introduced, is a superb Lychee flavoured liqueur that adds a passionate tang to the five cocktails which ladies may imbibe for free. They include a Dita Martini
  (Lemongrass Wyborowa vodka, Dita, and fresh lychee), the Dita Pacific (Shochu, Dita, Fresh Pineapple, Lime Honey), and three other divine concoctions.

  Then there’s the music, pulsing, headcandy style, seductive house, provided by top DJ Eric Byron. Nice-born Eric has played in Hong Kong’s best clubs, venues and parties, as well as venues throughout Asia. During the
  “555” tour of China in 2002 he played to crowds of 15,000, and made history with the first international “rave party” in Ipoh, Malaysia. To quote the SCMP, “DJ Eric Byron isn’t just the hottest French DJ in Hong Kong, he’s one of the hottest DJ’s here. Full Stop.”

  And finally, there’s the flirting. 1/5 doesn’t do that – it’s the province of guests at Lai Chi Lounge. We can’t even offer instruction. It’s an art one needs to master on one’s own. Some are obvious, others are subtle. But
  practitioners are assured that the ambience will be perfect.

  The Lai Chi Lounge gets going at 9 p.m. every Thursday evening. How will the evenings turn out? With flirting, you never can tell...

  1/5 is managed by Elite Concepts, one of Asia's leading hospitality groups. Elite Concepts operates a diverse portfolio of restaurants and  bars in Hong Kong, Jakarta and Shanghai. Outlets in Hong Kong include yè shanghai
  and La Cité in Pacific Place, Cinecittà, Kokage and One-Fifth on Star Street; Klong Bar and Grill (KBG) and Bebek Bengil 3 in The Broadway, Wanchai; yè shanghai Kowloon at the Marco Polo Hongkong Hotel and café mi in Festival Walk.

  1/5 is located on 9 Star Street
   tel : 2520 2515

New American Dining Experience of “Mesquite Grilling” at
 L.A. Brasserie – Regal Kowloon Hotel

Hong Kong, July 2004 – In July, Executive Chef Jimmy will present an enticing original American menu using “Mesquite Grilling”, the town’s first cooking method to tease your palate. The creative method is the promising tip to cook tender and delicious meats with strong earthy flavour. New dining experience at L.A. Brasserie, Regal Kowloon Hotel. Come and savour some naturally inspired signature dishes including “Angus Rib Eye Steak”, “Grill Original Baby Back Rib” and “Monk-fish with Peppered Citrus Marinade”.
Mesquite is a deciduous tree, commonly found in all areas of Texas.  Jimmy introduces “Mesquite Grilling” because the burning temperature of the wood is optimum for barbecuing. “When I lived in the States, I always go to cut the Mesquite trees for grilling because I like the strong earthy flavours very much which inspires my senses. I recommend “Mesquite Grilling” to all Hong Kong people who are always exploring new tastes and styles”. Executive Chef Jimmy said. He recommends all Wood Chips Mesquite Grill Items served with our home-made wild mushroom cream or pepper gravy.

Nowadays, healthy living is fundamental to the cosmopolitan. Therefore, Jimmy specially prepared one of our signature dishes namely “Monk-fish with Peppered Citrus Marinade” to all health-conscious people. The flavoursome monk-fish is marinated with the freshness of fruits including lemon, orange and grapefruit to perfection to satisfy the dining desire of the health-conscious guests. Mouth-watering desserts include “Warm Chocolate Flan with Ice-cream” and “Fruit Kebabs with Chocolate Fondue”, which intensify the essence of this “Mesquite Grilling” delight.             

The Wood Chips Mesquite Grill Items are available between 12:00 noon – 3:00 pm & 6:00 pm – 11:00 pm from Monday to Sunday.

You Deserve Supreme Leisure Dining with a Wide Selection of Exotic American Flavours!

Reservations are welcome by calling 2313 8779!
Address: 1/F, 71 Mody Road, Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.



Saturday 28th August Bank Holiday Weekend

Old Liverpool Airfield, Speke, Merseyside, 3pm - 6am


Creamfields: Saturday August 28th 2004: Summertime is here!   Its time to kick back and dance alfresco once again to our favourite live acts & dj’s in a field that delivers the greatest dance festival line up this year.  Now in its 7th year Creamfields 2004 boasts 7 arenas and 2 outdoor stages and is guaranteed to give this years summertime the best send off ever! 


We are pleased to announce that headlining this years Creamfields Outdoor Stage are the undisputable Chemical Brothers.  This will be the first time that Tom & Ed have ever performed live at Creamfields, and if you were one of the 1 billion people to have witnessed their performance at this years MTV Europe awards you wont want to miss this! Joining them on the main stage will be this years most talked about band the Scissor Sisters and the stunning and ubercool Goldfrapp performing live as the sun goes down plus the awesome Scratch Perverts and Dynamite MC delivering some raw cutting edge material.  Recently added acts include A Man Called Adam and the highly acclaimed Mylo.


Connected presents Judge Jules (10/01/04): Judge Jules was in Hong Kong before his trip to Japan after 2+ years since his last visit to Queens Disco in Central.The Club was full by 2am when Jules came on to a crowd uproar after he was spotted. The fans were a good mix of new and old clubbing faces from around Hong Kong that were there solely to have a good time. The 2 hours was a mix of remixes, classic tunes, bootlegs and unknown driving tracks that are likely to be played on his show on Radio 1 when he returns to the UK. A great night that had just about everyone on the dance floor at some point or another. Lets hope Queens brings in more quality crowd entertainers like Judge Jules.

DJ A-Trak Live in Hong Kong - 06/03/04: As Hip Hop venues go, Club Ing is one of the main places for such events so the A-Trak party was planned for the night. The young freshed face DJ whipped up a fenzy of hip hop, rap and other vocal variations for the crowd, surrounded by the clubs cool decorations from Valentines Day, the previous month.

The only thing lacking was the crowd of people, many missed out his skills on the decks that night, but maybe it was a good thing that you could actually dance for a change I have enough space to move around.

DJ Galaxy came on after him to keep the Vibe going. In the front room DJ LadyStar was playing, nice tunes just unfortunate that most were there in the main room to see A-Trak.

Rating: 7/10

Review By: Nick W

Placebo Live in Hong Kong- 10/03/04: This band who has been in the spotlight for around 8 years came to Hong Kong to perform for one night, where a number of people only found out a week before, turned out to give a great show to everyone in Hong Kong who made it to Hitec that night. The band played a variety of songs from their most recent to other variations, but not some of their classics that the fans were hoping. From our forums people complained about the pushing and shoving in the crowd, but what do you expect at a concert?! Free standing is free movement and the 2,000+ crowd (this is the figure that someone who works with the promoters told us)overall seemed to enjoy the show.

One of the first comments heard after the gig was that more International bands should come each month, hopefully we will get this in Hong Kong, but may take a bit of time.

Rating: 8/10

Review By: Alyson Hau

Don’t Call Mama: Rap battles have been getting popular in this city, as more and more hip-hopper are starting to stand out and create their own sound in their own language. If you have never heard Canto-rap before, you should, just to catch up with the trend. Unlike American rap, Canto-rap doesn’t just have to be about cursing each other, it can be about respect, it can be about what MC really is. Though some of the contestants were not creative enough to say anything other than swear words, and someone’s mom, but that has made the other ones stand out even more.

Through ‘Don’t Call Mama’, we can see that Canto-rap may not rhyme like American rap, which every single line is melodic, of course, that seems to be ideal and catchy, while in Canto-rap, staying with the beat and getting the crowd into what you do seems to be the most important. Even though, honestly, I cannot say that I will pay a hundred bucks to buy their stuff… yet (if the contestants releases a CD), but I can see a pretty impressive future if more people in Hong Kong can get involved and get into it, it’s still taking baby steps, but it’s growing, and it’s all good while we’re getting there.

Rating : 7/10

Review by: Alyson Hau

Maksim In Hong Kong: Fans in Hong Kong would definitely be familiar with the name of Maksim, even just by saying ‘the Piano Player’. This is already his third stay in Hong Kong, but it’s just his first “in concert” performance. The main difference when comparing the other performances to this concert, is that he has a 6 piece orchestra, with a guitarist, an additional pianist, and a percussionist. So what you hear from those speakers in the Academy of Performing Arts, are what’s been played live.

Starting the set off with his ever-so-famous ‘Flight of the Bumble Bee’, showing off how fast his fingers can go on the keyboard, with the usual all black outfit and THE smile, Maksim has brought the cell-phone ringing crowd to silence, at least for the first few minutes. Capturing the audience with a string of collection from his debut album, he also threw in a surprise, a song that he has never played live before, ‘Ocean Dream’, the theme for this coming Olympic Games.

The whole performance was captivating, but maybe because that was the first show in Hong Kong, or maybe it’s because of my brain is still addicted to the songs with the dance beats instead of a snare drum, didn’t really feel right when the drums were covering the sound of everything else… Apart from this, it was quite a night.

Rating : 8/10

Review By: Alyson Hau

Sinosphere: It was the first techno event in a long time in Hong Kong. April 30th, 2004 was going to be a night to remember as it marked the beginning of potentially future Sinosphere events to grace the streets of Hong Kong. Sinosphere was to be held at the prestigious Viceroy venue located in the Sun Hung Kai Centre in Wanchai district. Upon entry, it was clear many people had anticipated this event by sporting Technasia T-shirt's and warming up to the tech-house and electro sounds of Teng Boon. It was 12AM and the crowd was getting a bit more eager to hear the harder and pumping sounds of Amil Khan. 12AM came and went still without any signs of the anticipated DJ. Then 1AM came and a silhouette figure of a familiar face graced the DJ booth. It was Amil of Technasia preparing himself for a soon to be hard and thundering set of techno in its purest form. By this time, the venue was clearly getting packed as hot and sweaty dancers were put into a hypnotic state with Technasia's track selection.

House and Tech-House was on rotation for the first half hour before Amil began to bring in more of a funky sound to the decks. Soon tracks like Rino Cerrone's "Rilis 7", The Advent/Subjective's "Tremmer", and Technasia's own "Acid Storm" and "Undisputed Life" could be heard ravaging the speaker walls sending dancers into a state of frenzy. Being the first techno event i have attended in Hong Kong, i must say that overall it was a very good night.

The venue was spacious and had a balcony with a harbour view, the sound system was crisp and clear, the lighting was dark, and the crowd was intimate and having a great time. Sounds of Detroit, hard techno, and electro could be heard screaming the whole night. At 4AM, i was getting a bit fatigue from all the dancing and decided to call it a night, thinking to myself as i left that i sincerely hoped that this would mark the beginning of future Sinosphere events to come.

Review by: philip leung

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