Mamma Mia: One daughter, one wedding, three possible dads. A simple but interesting story, filled with a string of ABBA hits, and performed by a group of fully-energized cast, no wonder they say Mamma Mia is the World’s #1 Show. Read more...Musicals have always been exciting and enjoyable, especially with songs that people are familiar with. This clever selection of ABBA songs just fit perfectly with every scene, making the story stand out even more, and getting the crowd to do a bit of song-and-dance too. Before actually seeing the show, worries did come through my mind: Would non-ABBA fans actually like this? Or even worse, would die-hearted ABBA fans be disappointed? Clearly, little kids at the age of 6 would love the story, just because it’s fun, and captivating, the chemistry between the young casts like Kellie Rode (Sophie Sheridan) and Sky (Christopher Parker) can surely make them believe in this romantic dream. On the other hand, the flow of music and the brilliant performance by the rest of the actors/actresses like the three divas, Silvie Paladino (Donna Sheridan), Jennifer Vuletic (Tanya) and the crowd’s favorite Emma Powell (Rosie), did not turn the fans off, but brought them in this hilarious arrangement, that everyone can just free themselves in the music.

Just because it’s all songs that we know, lyrics that we remembered, once the intro is there, a smile on our face will just automatically be put on, we knew what’s it gonna be, we know what they’re trying to say, and we can say it WITH them! That’s the most intelligent trick of Mamma Mia, you knew what’s next, and you still want to see what happens. No “toilet-moments”, no snoring, just plain laughter and applause.

It’s been an entertaining, joyful, feel-good night, and for those who came and witnessed the show should feel the magic this world-wide phenomenon.

Review by Alyson Hau


Since the dramatic, melodic music-makers Rialto disappeared, the fans have been waiting for some new excitements from the individual band members. The front-man have not been forgotten, as his talent is still in its prime time. Louis Eliot brought his own solo music to Hong Kong by putting on a show that attracted 400 keen listeners. takes you on a ride, from his past, his present to his future.

A: Alyson
L: Louis Eliot

A: Welcome to Hong Kong! You had a late night?
L: (Smiles) Yeah… we went to umm… Dragon-I, and that was alright, we went looking for somewhere else, but it wasn’t opened, so we ended up at some weird kind of karaoke type of place called Hardy’s, so there’s a band playing, and people get up singing, I didn’t get up and sing, it was Julian who plays with me did. And ah… (giggles) it’s funny, very funny… and then we went to some public bars in Wan Chai…
A: Ah! Cool! So how was the gig last night?
L: It was great! It went really well. The crowd was really ermm… just a really lovely crowd actually. Didn’t really know what to expect, but ermm, it was a great turn out, just a really warm reception.
A: Is this the first time you’re in Hong Kong?
L: It’s not, no. But I haven’t played in Hong Kong before, but I’ve come through doing promo and yeah…
A: Alright, so this is like… finally get to meet the fans! How dya find them?
L: Very polite (Smiles), which is great! You know, they’re really intensive in these sort of quiet songs, you know, in England you get a little bit more aggorant and stuff like that… you know, good nature and everything, but here, they’re very… they’re listening and they handle every word, it’s really nice.
A: Yeah, most of the people they come to Hong Kong, they would find the fans a bit quiet…
L: Well, they’re only quiet sort of while you’re playing, and then you finish the song, and they’re really noisy, they’re the perfect fans! They behave just as you’d like them to!
A: Excellent! What have you been doing since Rialto?
L: God! I don’t really know! (Laughs) I’m sort of just kind of getting myself together a bit. Ummm… Rialto’s 2nd album came out I think in 2001, so you know, we did some work on that, some promo and stuff, and toured it, but the last couple of years, I’ve just been writing songs… I went to America for a little while, did some recording, it didn’t really work out, but that was kind of the initial spark of doing my own record. And then just getting a bit at home, but really just… things take a bit of time, (giggles) especially if you take the long way around, which is the title of my album.
A: Now ever since the song “Monday Morning 5:19”, it is certainly the song that brought everyone’s attention to you, would you get a lot of pressure whenever you write, you’ll go like “Oh, I gotta top that!”
L: I don’t look back on that song and think “Oh, I must top it”, but perhaps I should be doing that! (Laughs) Coz it always goes down so well, and I haven’t actually played it for a while. But coming out here, everybody knows it and wanted to hear it and stuff… so it goes down very well here, yeah, so… but I try not to think about it, I think that would make life pretty difficult if you try to… if you’re too backward-looking, you’ve gotta look forward and just write about something that’s exciting at the time.
A: So let’s not look at the past and look at the present, NOW! As you’re a solo artist now, do you find it more difficult being solo than in a band?
L: I don’t, no I don’t find it more difficult. Ehhh… Rialto actually got on really well as a band, and that was one of the things which is very important, when we got on a band, me and Johnny, the guitar player, started the band, and one of the main requirements was not just like whether this person can play well when we were auditioning, and getting people into the group, it was also like would we be able to stand, sitting in a transit van together and driving up to Glasgo or going on long journeys together and hanging out. So you know I guess for some people in bands, you know the politics in bands gets too much, and that’s why they wanna go solo… but it wasn’t really the case with us, you know we all got on well, and we still do. But I suppose what’s good about being solo is… you get to be the boss! (Laughs) You make the decisions you know… So far… so good, being solo… but who knows, maybe Rialto will even do something again together…
A: So would you rather started off as a solo artist?
L: No no… even though I have always written the songs in the couple of bands I’ve been in, umm… I think I really wanted to be a part of a group, a part of the gang, really. Maybe that was lack of confidence, or I don’t really know why, but now I feel quite happy to be solo, but I really didn’t wanna do it when I was starting out, I wanted to be in a group.
A: Alright. Tell us about your new album!
L: Well, it’s called the “Long Way Around”, and it’s… I guess the difference between the new album and the old Rialto stuff is that Rialto had this big sort of film-making, cinematic sound, and my new record has got more intimate sound, it’s more… I think it’s a bit more human sounding, it’s probably closer to the way that I write the songs, you know, to the sound of the songs when I write them. Coz I generally write songs on an acoustic guitar. It’s quite a lot of that on the new record, acoustic guitar, sort of humble… quite homely instruments… I think the record has just got more of down homeful feeling, and then a kind of folky-ness.
A: Very nice. Is there any song you heard recently that made you go like, “Damn! I wish I wrote that song!”
L: (After 10 seconds) I don’t wanna sounds smart, but no… (Laugh) There isn’t, there hasn’t been recently, but it’s great when that happens, coz it’s truly inspiring, but I haven’t heard anything recently which made me do that… but there’s people I really admire, you know, I really admire Mike Skinner from the Streets, I think he writes great lyrics, it’s quite different sound to the sound that I make, but he’s just really good at the tiny details, so I think that really brings… the picture is painting to life! I think he’s a really talented guy.
A: Now we’ve looked at your past, what’s happening right now, let’s look at the future. What are your expectations for your career let’s say!
L: My career, well I hope things carry on going well here, I mean so far it’s been great, this trip around Asia, the album gathering sort of momentum, so I’d really like to come back as soon as possible, do some gigs, maybe with a full band this time, this trip I’ve just been doing… you know, it’s just been acoustic shows, so it’ll be great to come back with a full band. Apart from that, I’m just going home to the UK to do some gigs, and promote the record there. And then it’s off to Europe for more of the same, which is all really good, it’s a nice way to see the world. (Giggles)
A: Sure, now some artist they like to go multi-dimensional, they don’t just sing or write songs, they wanna do acting, or they wanna have their own fashion line, or record company… do you wanna do something like that?
L: Ummm… I can’t see myself doing a clothing line… I’m not really… I think that’ll take somebody very kind of business-minded… I’m not hugely… I… acting… when I a kid, when I was at school, I hated acting, anything to do with getting up in front of anybody else… god! I used to dread it! Even like you know when they ask you to read out, you know reading class, like stand up and read, I used to really dread that, I hated it! But now, I think maybe it’s just having performed music for quite a while, done videos and stuff, the idea of acting, it’s funny, it’s sort of just creeping up on me, it does appeal a bit. So you know, who knows! But obviously I’m not going out actively, seeking it, but if somebody wanted to offer me a little part or something, I’ll definitely consider it, yeah! (Giggles) But, my main thing is carry on being music you know, maybe a bit of production… I’d love to do a song for a movie, that’s something I’d really like to do, something like… I love Charlie Kaufman’s films, you know like, “Spot this mind”, my favorite film of his is called “Adaptation”. But… I’d love to do a song for one of his films.
A: Great! I’m afraid I can’t keep you for too long, but good luck with all the plans happening, and hope to see you soon again!
L: Thank you, take care!


The moment has finally come! The one night that Hong Kong has been waiting for, which stars Linkin Park on our own stage, was short, but explosive. Though a few fans couldn’t feel their music totally as the sound wasn’t loud enough, but for those who got up front at their feet were jamming it with every single word of their songs. To get more up close and personal to the band, we’ve grabbed the main-brain, Joe Hahn, to speak to us on his own movie project in London, his “pirate” fans and more!

A: Alyson
J: Joe Hahn

A: Welcome to own town!
J: Thank you!
A: How you feeling?
J: Wooooooohooooooo~
A: (Laughs) All excited?
J: Yeah! Sure!
A: I remember last time, we’re in Singapore, I asked you, “Would you ever come to Hong Kong for a concert?” And you said you would love to do a movie here. Do you still wanna do that?
J: Yeah! Maybe here, or China, or something… yeah! The movie that I’m talking about that I’m doing right now, it actually takes place in London, so that one won’t be done here, but I do have another idea that… maybe I can work something out.
A: So tell us about the one happening in London! Or is it a secret?
J: Uhhh… well it’s not a secret, it’s still getting worked out, the deal is getting worked out. But it’s based on a book called ‘King Rat’, by China Mieville. And uh… it’s about… it’s modern day London, hundreds of years after the Pied Piper came to Hamelin, and drove the children into the city, and the Pied Piper is still alive, along with King Rat who’s the leader of the Rat Kingdom, along with the Spider Kingdom… it all takes place in modern day London, to the background of drum’n bass music… kinda like where drum’n bass music was in the mid till late 90’s… a little out there…
A: Now as you’re here in Asia, I guess I’ll have to ask you this. Is there any Asian band that you heard, that you think, “Wow! That sounds really amazing!”? Say the band who is opening up for you for tonight!
J: Yeah! The thing with the band opening up for tonight, they opened up for us in Korea, and we liked them. So the opportunity came around, and we’re like, “Hey, you wanna open up for us?” and they’re like, “Ok! Cool!”
A: Yeah? Is there another band in particular that you think sounded good?
J: Ummm… one time in Japan, we played for the band called ‘Uzumaki’, they’re pretty cool… ummm… what other band… Jackie Chan’s ehh… solo singing project?! That’s pretty cool… what else… yeah!
A: (Laughs) Talking about technology… if a fan comes up to you with a CD-R, saying, “Oh! I’m your #1 fan!” Would you still sign that CD-R?
J: Well… a lot of times I don’t wanna sign it, but I’ll sign it anyway coz… I don’t wanna be mean! Some people just don’t know… what can you do… PLEASE STOP! That’s all I can say… Effectiveness of that? I don’t know… (Giggles)


Considering ‘Nu-metal’ as a dumb name, Joe Hahn and the fellas of Linkin Park have been trying to break through the boundaries of different genres of music, but somehow ended up being categorized by a new name. Also realizing “the Internet is the future, that’s where everything is going, and it’s changing things, while the only choice they have is to evolve, as technology evolves”, Joe stays true to the fans, even for those who just download them illegally! Guess they’ve all got a bit “Numb” about that…

Apart from meeting Joe Hahn, also got the chance to meet Mike Shinoda and Chester Bennington. As usual, wherever they go, fans, even the press would be asking for their autographs. While Chester was busy signing, a voice came in asking, “Chester, you’re sure you wanna do this?” The answer? Just a cold, “It’s just gonna take a minute.” As the tension was reaching the breaking point, a familiar face came in with a magazine, asking for an autograph. It’s Mike! Now that broke the ice, and we all ended up with laughter since Chester insist to sign on Mike’s face… Rock stars? Sure, but attitude wise? They’re more like big kids trying to have some fun.


Being invited to come and play live over here, Paul Arnold is educating the people of Hong Kong, especially those who just can’t get enough of breaks and drum’n bass, how he started, how he did it, and how he can still do it. Nick and Alyson from chilled out with the man right before he left town for a chat, finding out how he feels about the town, and London, and Australia, and more. Read more...

N: Nick
A: Alyson
P: Paul Arnold

A: Welcome to Hong Kong? How’s it going?
P: Pretty well, thank you.
A: First time here?
P: Yeah, yup, first time being over (here).
A: How d’ya find it so far?
P: HOT! Very hot! Not used to the temperature but ah… it’s been good, been good fun!
A: Have you seen anything special while you’re here in Hong Kong?
P: Um… the buildings! The buildings themselves are pretty special. It’s all that high rise…
A: Is the vibe pretty much the same of what you expected?
P: Yeah! They’re into it! So… you know, they’re keen, and they’re interested and they know what it is… and know the music I’m playing and stuff… so yeah!
A: How about the city itself?
P: Um… it’s been busy, just packed! Everything’s really small! It just squashes you everywhere!
A: (LOL)
P: We’re going up to the Peak before we go, so we’ll have a look down to the city, so that’ll be cool!
A: And I heard over the other side of the city by ferry, so you’ve got the chance to really look around!
P: Yeah yeah! That was good.
A: Cool! Done some shopping as well?
P: Yeah… trainers and DVDs… (giggles) loads of DVDs!
A: I know that you’ve been invited to Salem Innovation Session, what made you decide to come and perform at this event?
P: Ummm… coz I was asked! And Paul Wong is actually an old friend as well. I think he was one of those who’s been getting some Dj for a while, but nothing’s been suitable for what he’s done, or likes… so it’s good opportunity for him to get everyone like me to come over. I did have a tour before, but it got cancelled, while I was in Australia. So it’s a good start. I’ve done a bit of press as well, so hopefully, we’ll build a profile and come again. Next time I’ll go to Australia, probably as well.

A: Sure! Tell us how the party went!
P: It’s very interesting, we’re also doing an illustrations and I was told about his drawings, which I found really interesting as well. So everything was really good. And then ehhh… played some records and it was good. Everyone got very drunk and danced around.
A: That’s nice! Now I know that you’re being a DJ, you’re also the founder of Chew The Fat! And Certificate 18 at the same time, you must have a busy life!
P: It’s been pretty busy! It’s full on, I mean, it’s just… I started Certificate 18 when I was quite young actually, so it’s been going for about 10 years. And Chew the Fat! Came along, it’s actually almost a side thing, it’s more fun. I was doing it really hard on the labels for Certificate 18, and then at the weekends I go and do my Chew The Fat! Gig, which is breakbeat. I wasn’t releasing the same sort of stuff on Certificate 18 as I was playing at Chew the Fat! So I can just go out and… you know, that was a completely different side of it. And that just sort of built and built and built… I’ve actually wounded down on Certificate 18, and now I’m just focusing on Chew The Fat! And Fat! Records, and Djing, and managing a few of the artists in the label.
A: Now I have to ask you this… Do you prefer the intimacy of spinning in front of the crowds, or being the boss, just sitting back there at the grand office?
P: Ummm… (LOL) Grand office!! With just packed full of boxes of records all around you! You’re lucky they don’t fall on you! (LOL) Ummm… I love Djing, I love totally… the feed of it! When you do play a record, they crowd start jumping around, or you can see them lift, lift the crowd… that’s an amazing experience. I played last year in Australia on a tour, we did there, in front of 8,000 screaming Australian people, and I was just having shivers going down my spine… you know when you hear what the music… what excites the people, then you know what to release, so they work really well together. Djing and releasing a record.
A: Hmmm… So tell us which is the hottest song you heard so far?
P: (Thought for 10 seconds) Oh, I got one of my artists, Friendly, he’s on the label, he’s Australian, actually as well. Breakbeat is massive in Australia, but he moved over to London, and he started releasing stuff on my label. And he just done an album, there’s a track from there which is called “2Black2Gay”, which is a monster. It’s a big big big tune!
A: Alright, so we gotta check it out here, yeah? I know you have collaborated with quite a lot of big names, like James Lavelle, Steve Lawler, Fabio… who works the chemistry best with you?
P: It depends on how you program the night. How the night goes. Who’s playing before and after. And they’re all… sort of fit it in to the night somewhere, so they’re all in their own way, and do their way really.
A: How about producers?
P: Umm… I don’t actually make music myself, I kind of just release it. So I’ve gone and seen a lot of guys to do a remix for me and work for me. So yeah… I’ve done a lot of different styles through Certificate 18 to Fat! Kinda tried. I mean Certificate 18 was very… what’s the word… ummm… it was just new, drum’n bass was just the newest form of music (that’s) been around since Punk or something, so it’s really exciting. But I always try to do it from a different angle, by getting other guys to write… Our influences are like plattered, to encourage them to just do remixes of drum’n bass, to take it the other way around. Instead of us (teaching) the sound of making drum’n bass, give them a chance to do something different really. So we’re very sort of innovative… if that is the word… (Giggles)
A: Meat Katie was here by the beginning of the month, any particular artist from your Fat! Records, apart from Friendly, who you mentioned, that you would like us in Hong Kong to pay more attention to?
P: All the breaks guys are kind of pretty on at the moment, I mean, like Adam Freeland, I’m sure he’s been over here. (Niknak: A lot!) Yeah, ok…
N: Lee Coombs is coming back again. Pretty much everyone from Fingerlicking…
P: Is he? Right right… yeah that’s huge, as well as the Plump DJs… it’s massive. Anyone small but worth checking out… there are so many of them in London, there are hundreds of hundreds of DJs and artists now, coming through, but… Meat Katie’s been really busy, he’s in a lot of stuff… he’s just about to release an album, which I’m sure would be superb, his stuff are really good.
N: He just came to do the launch of the CD, that’s what the party was for…
P: Oh really? Excellent!
A: What do you look for in a new artist? What makes you determine that this is potential?
P: Just originality, just… I really like some of the raw sound, something like really… it doesn’t have to be made in a really good studio, just something with a raw element come through, just original, and something different. Yeah… anything like that really. And then you can take them, and develop with them, and if they have that edge, that original edge, you kind of… as they go on… the first record’s gonna be good, everything will get better. I hope.
A: Being on the road, traveling from countries to countries, would you be a little bit home sick?
P: Urgh…Nothing like home sick, I HATE airports though. I absolutely hate them, I just hate sitting around at the airport. And I’m always really paranoid that I’m always gonna miss the plane. So I get there really early. I try to if I’m not late. But… I love traveling, it’s just the airport… drives me mad…
A: What do you miss the most when you get on the plane?
P: From London? I love going back to London, wherever I go, I love London. It’s just a pace of live there, the music scene is amazing. There’s so much to do. So when I say I’m going around to Australia to do a 7 week tour, when you go back, you just sink back into it. It’s really really nice. Just the pace, and the vibe and all sort of stuff.
A: Before we let you move on to your next stop, tell us what your plan’s like for the rest of the year!
P: It’s Chew the Fat!’s 7th birthday in October, I’m trying to work out a different venue, trying to do something different for it. I haven’t sort of sorted that out yet. In a new venue, or just something a little bit different. With that, we’ll release a double album, a mix album. I’ll do one side and Friendly will do the other. That’s about it really. That will keep me busy enough. (Giggles) There are loads of other releases going on, and I’m hoping more DJs, there are so many more DJs, and getting a studio myself actually, that’s what I wanted to do. I just never had time.
A: Thank you so much for joining us today. Hope you had fun in Hong Kong!
P: Sure we had! Brilliant!

Find out more about Paul and what he is up to at:


Sasha- Chechen Suicide Bombers Nearly Killed Me

“I was staying in Moscow’s National Hotel just before Christmas when two Chechen suicide bombers blew themselves up right outside the hotel. I was in bed at the time asleep, about sixty or seventy feet (20 metres) from the explosion.”

Chatting down the line from his West London home, Sasha sounds calm as he recalls the moment he almost got blown to bits on his latest visit to Russia.

“The whole room shook, it blew in all the windows of the hotel reception, I think five people were killed in the attack,” he continues.

“I ended up staying in the hotel room for 24 hours, because they kept setting off little explosions all day; I didn’t realise they were those controlled explosions, it really felt like Moscow was under attack.”

Seb Fontaine (uk)
Tuesday Eve Vesak Day, 1 June 2004 at Zouk till 4am
Last here celebrating Cream’s 10th anniversary tour, Seb clearly belongs among the elite of international DJs. His DJ set is a gritty, hypnotic concoction that is as uncompromising as it is compelling. Always exploring new territories, crossing unchartered waters, Seb’s sound is ever changing, touching trance, progressive, breaks, and hard, funky twisted house. This is a man who knows his music, appreciates his job, but best of all, understands his audience. With his very own series of best-selling Prototype mix CDs from Global Underground, a Saturday night show on BBC Radio 1, plus his ongoing monthly night Type at The Cross in London, he continues to test his boundaries on the dancefloor.

Essential listening:
Seb Fontaine - Horizons

zouk/ phuture admission on 1 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Heineken Greens Room Sessions with Peter Kruder (Austria)
Wednesday 2 June 2004 at Velvet Underground
One half of the legendary superstars of downtempo – K&D, Peter Kruder, along with studio partner Richard Dorfmeister, are the godfathers of a whole genre, and have made their austrophonic sound world renowned for several years already. On his own, Peter who is also part of Voom:Voom alongside Fauna Flash, has recently embarked on a new solo project – Peace Orchestra. It is here where Peter straddles lithely between jazz, dub and bossa, with all the parameters that constitute the sound of a conventional orchestra, yet without any actual musicians, but simply just the brilliance of genius Peter Kruder. On the decks, Peter is not just about down tempo, but fuses dub, funky beats and uptempo breaks to his already established K&D soundscape.

This event is open exclusively to Heineken Green Room Members. Visit for your chance to be invited. Membership requirements are stringent and positions are limited.

“Reconstruction of a City” – A Visions and Illusions Exhibition, Opening party with Zouk
Thursday 3 June at 21 Tanjong Pagar, 7pm till late
An In-Conjunction Visual Arts Event of the Singapore Arts Festival 2004
(1 – 18 June 2004 @ St James Power Station & 21 Tanjong Pagar)
SuperMart III:
In the dead of the night, the lighted convenience store is the only sign of life in the sprawling metropolis. Located in the depths of an anonymous Asian city, a reconstructed convenience store designed by artist-architects becomes the stage for an urban theatre performance that will challenge our definition of art. SuperMart III re-contextualises and distills the scene into the context for the opening party with Zouk. Unique and aesthetically original "products" by invited architects, musicians, artists and fashion designers will be displayed for sale at vintage prices. A cultural project that challenges the boundaries between pure art and commercial incentive, SuperMart III is also an interactive performance art show where all visitors will have something to bring home. And they will walk out and say, well, is this ART?

Free admission at 21 Tanjong Pagar on 3 June, 7pm till late

David Morales (Def Mix , US )
Friday 4 June 2004 at Zouk
Grammy award winning DJ and entrepreneur, David Morales sits amongst the New York house legends. As a Producer/Remixer, Morales has worked with top recording artists such as Mariah Carey, Backstreet Boys, Enrique Iglesias, Eric Clapton, Seal, Janet Jackson, Tina Turner, Jamiroquai, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Spice Girls and Toni Braxton. Needing U - The first release from his label Definity, stormed into the US Billboard and UK dance charts, and became a summer anthem in 2001. His Def Mix’s management arm is also the watchful eye for the careers of Frankie Knuckles, Satoshi Tomiie, Hector Romero and Bobby D’ Ambrosio.
zouk/ phuture admission on 4 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Lottie (UK)
Saturday 5 June 2004 at Zouk, till 4am
Crowned Queen of Ibiza, and signed to BBC’s Radio 1 (alongside Pete Tong and
Seb Fontaine) Lottie’s DJ career has been growing from strength to strength.
Already gaining a key position at Radio 1, being featured in numerous
Radio 1 events, she’s also a regular feature in major clubs all over the UK.
Globally, she has rocked clubbers at Manumission, Space and Pacha in Ibiza;
Venezuela, Italy, Monte Carlo, Ireland, Switzerland, Moscow, Canada, Brazil,
Greece, Malta and Israel. Besides that, she also runs her weekly night
Missdemeanours at AKA Bar in London, which subsequently won the Best Bar
Joint in London’s Time Out Magazine. This night has also sprouted a label,
and its fourth release from Lottie herself entitled ‘Superkilla’, is already
causing a stir amongst all the top djs.

Essential listening:
Snapshot mixed by Lottie

zouk/ phuture admission on 5 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Gemini Presents the Frontal Superstar DJ Project Finals
Saturday 5 June 2004 at Phuture, 9pm to 11pm, followed by Tony Tay
Surviving the relentless Frontal Superstar DJ elimination round held last month at Zouk, SSDJ finalists, David and Stuart, have been undergoing intense training at the Frontal DJ Academy through the month of May. Competition has been tough and both finalists are out to prove that they deserve to be the elusive Frontal Superstar DJ.
THE SSDJ Finals showdown will see David and Stuart pit their skills against one another to become the next Frontal Superstar DJ Champion. Performing live with a GEMINI equipped DJ console, witness their debut DJ sets at Phuture as they pull out their best turns in the air to work the decks and electrify the dance-floor in hope of becoming the 2004 Frontal SSDJ Champion.

The FRONTAL SUPERSTAR DJ CHAMPION will stand to win GEMINI DJ Equipments as well as proceed to tour with the Frontal DJs in upcoming parties.

Who will emerge as the Frontal Superstar DJ Champion? We’ll leave it to YOU and our panel of esteemed judges to decide!

Log on to for more info and exclusive passes to the event.

SSDJ Champion: One pair of Gemini CD1800X & a Gemini FX7000 Mixer
SSDJ Runner-Up: Gemini FX7000 Mixer & a Gemini Record Bag

zouk/ phuture admission on 5 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

Twisted Records Tour With DJ Vibe (Portugal) and Rob Di Stefano (US)
Friday 11 June 2004 at Zouk , starting 11pm, 4 hr set
Known in his hometown Lisbon as Tó Pereira, DJ Vibe is the driving force behind the Portugese dance scene. He made massive headlines in ’94, recording as The Underground Sound of Lisbon with Rui Da Silva, and produced the Number 1 Billboard Club hit ‘So Get Up’. He then went on to start the Portugese Number 1 dance label Kaos Records, and remixed the likes of Tony Humphries, Celeda, Kristine W and Club 69. His signature style and sound has impressed and inspired Danny Tenaglia, who has since featured Vibe at his parties in Miami and New York. Last summer, Vibe was also specially invited by Carl Cox as the chosen few to be an exclusive resident dj for his nights at Space in Ibiza. Joining him behind the decks is Rob Di Stefano, the founder of Twisted Records, a label that has supported DJ Vibe, Danny Tengalia and many others. Rob, who has been at the forefront of this house sound, has helped the music penetrate all corners of the globe.
zouk/ phuture admission on 11 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $15 before 10pm, 23/$28 after

One With Aldrin
Saturday 12 June 2004 Zouk, till 4am
2004 continues on the up for Zouk’s ressie DJ Aldrin. After an impressive
outing in the UK where he rocked The Cross in London, Arches in Glasgow,
plus his first ever UK festival - Wild In The Country, Aldrin has also just
returned from Australia, promoting the Rhythm1 CD compilation. Besides the
hectic touring schedules, he has been working on new material for the coming
summer season, which will evidently see his return to Ibiza, with confirmed
dates at Pacha and We Love Sundays at Space. But till then, he returns for
another rumble in the Zouk main room, so do join him for yet another massive
zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Deep & Sexy CD Tour with Matthias Heilbronn (US)
Saturday 12 June 2004 at Velvet Underground, till 4am
Following the first two highly successful Deep and Sexy albums, Wave Music proudly presents the third installment in the series. This time Matthias "Matty" Heilbronn continues the legacy established by Francois K. and Ron Trent, crafting another masterful mix of sultry soul that keeps the pulse pumping from start to finish. Throughout his illustrious career, Matthias has steadily achieved international acclaim for his trademark sophisticated soulful sound: a glorious blend of soulful, jazz-inflected deep house, percussive Afro-Latin rhythms and infectious progressive tribal beats. He has rocked parties and festivals all over the world, not to mention, receiving the #1 of the decade spot by DJ Magazine for his Wave/Chez/Naked compilation CD.

Essential listening:
Deep & Sexy 3 mixed by Matthias Heilbronn

zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Phuture Breaks Sessions
Saturday 12 June 2004 at Phuture
10pm: Julian 11pm: Feng (Frontallabs) 12am: DJ Spoonky (Djeneration)
1am: Tony Tay 2am: Weili (Frontallabs) 3am: Phuture Breaks All Stars

zouk/ phuture admission on 12 June for non-members (incl 2 drinks): $12 before 10pm, 20/$25 after

Velvet Underground & Znaps Roses celebrate Tuesday Air crew Nights
Tuesday 15 June 2004 at Velvet Underground
The most exciting and refreshing infusion to yet hit the market is that of Znaps Vodka & Roses, which will be available from this launch onwards at Velvet Underground. Roses with a touch of champagne!

Znap Rose cocktails flow freely from 9.30pm onwards, while stocks last.

Entry by invitation only before 11pm.
Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now? Ask Your Friends.”

Hbo Sex and the City Official Party 2004

On August 5, 2004, the sexiest series to hit the big screen is hitting the sexy streets of Hong Kong: Lan Kwai Fong.

Not to be outdone by New York nightlife, Lan Kwai Fong Entertainments together with HBO, ABSOLUT VODKA AND WESTEAST MAGAZINE proudly presents: the final season of the award winning HBO Sex and the City. On August 5, Hong Kong will write its own guidebook to making it and making out in the City.

As the chosen venues for the Official Party, C CLUB, LUX and CALIFORNIA will celebrate the show, the girls, their shoes …and the men.
The evening will commence at 8.00pm with the screening of the first two episodes of Season six, Sex and the City. This will take place in both LUX and CALIFORNIA Restaurants. In the spirit of sisterhood, Cosmopolitans and dishes “THE GIRLS” love will be featured on our menus.

After the show, those who are looking for their “Absolut Hunk” might find him at the Absolut Martini bar at CALIFORNIA. And if that was not enough, resident DJs will to help you dance your Choos away...all night long.

At the same time, the red carpet will roll out, the lights will adorn the skyline of Hong Kong and Samantha’s black book will be written at C CLUB. As HBO and sets the scene, special performances will accompany Carrie’s favourite, DJ Duane Harden, imported from New York for one night only.

…and by the way, we girls of Hong Kong are not going to let the girls from New York teach us how to dress, are we?


Tokyo’s #1 House Party crew, the Boogie Night Crew, took the time to get on this journey to educate the people of Hong Kong, what Full Entertainment is. 10 members of the crew, including the 3 sexy Boogie Ladies, the 4 Boogie DJs who play insane sets, flew in just to provide a night for us with the most outrageous performances! When two of Asia’s busiest cities meet, we here as the host, should be polite enough to thank them with this - “Arigatou”!!

A: Alyson

Y: DJ Yan

D: DJ Daruma

H: Hidehisa Hara (Organizer)

A: Welcome to Hong Kong, are you all doing?

All: Yeah!!

A: I need you to correct me if I’m wrong… Konichiwa!!

All: Right right… Konichiwa!!

A: So what do you think of Hong Kong so far? You been here before?

D: No no no… first time…

A: First time? D’ya like it?

D: Yeah yeah!

A: What can we expect from the Boogie Night event? I know you’re playing…

D: Ehhh… (Our) style is house music, but not just house music, we like funky bass-line, (but we have 4 DJs, so we have different styles…) Like Daruma, me, my house style is not just funky house, (there’s) hip-hop flavor, electro flavor, and Rock’n Roll flavor, so that’s my house style.

Y: My style, basically French House, Rock’n Roll… and Romantic!!

A: Romantic?

All: (LOL)

A: That sounds like 3 different things? How do you mix them all together??


A: If you can play anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

D: I went to Korea last Christmas, and I need to go to Europe…

A: Cool. Before you come to Hong Kong, what did you expect?

H: I think… of course this is the first time for us, I think Hong Kong is a very exciting city, we love European culture, and Hong Kong has many many English culture, I think England, Chinese culture mix, very interesting… and exciting city… and the town is very very beautiful, and people are so hot, and I think the music is very hot…

We came to Hong Kong this time with 10 people, so all the Boogie Night staff are here together, we want to tell HK people, our flavor, Tokyo #1 house party flavor, want to know if we feel the same thing together!

A: Compare Hong Kong to Tokyo, is it still very crazy and busy?

All: Yeah!

Y: People!

A: The people… yeah, people never walk, they run!

All: Yeah yeah yeah!!

A: Now, I have never been to Tokyo, what would you tell me to make me wanna go to Tokyo even more?

D: Tokyo is a mixing culture of two, American and European, and Japan. But this is the original Tokyo flavor. Tokyo’s crowd scene is so big, so many crowds in Tokyo, big crowds and small crowds, everybody likes night clubbing, so young culture of night clubbing, and everybody DJs! There are so many record shops, everybody goes to record shops and (look for records)!

A: How did the whole Boogie Night idea come together?

D: Boogie Night started since last year, and we like hip-hop style in Tokyo, but hip-hop is very (commercialized) in Tokyo, we like danceable music, in the world, maybe last year, the mainstream was dance music, maybe funky house style, we like funky bass-line music, so we went to many kind of crowds in Tokyo, house music, techno music, and the good (feedback) is funky house, is ours!! Sorry… I’m not speaking very good English…

A: So what would you like to bring back to Japan from Hong Kong? It can be just an object, or it can be very spiritual…

H: Especially, tonight’s party is very cool and beautiful… so many beautiful people will come, clubber people, we are the people of Tokyo club people, and every weekend we go clubbing… stylish clubs, French clubs… I wanna know the worldwide people, the clubber people, the stylish people, I wanna know the culture, the club culture in HK, and maybe we can see the very good culture of Hong Kong clubbers!

D: (Taking his camera out)

H: The people are very kind, I think the town is very exciting!

A: I hope you would enjoy your stay in Hong Kong, and good luck with the show~!





Just like the Boogie Night Crew, this is the first time for Andre to leave his hometown of Paris for the beautiful city of ours. Apart from buying mobile phones, watches and crazy stuff, Andre bought the people’s love by his cute graffiti of Mr. A!! Here, we bring you the interview with this smooth criminal who would go to court, just to declare his love on the walls!


Alyson: Hey Andre, how you doing?

Andre: Good, ready for tonight!

Alyson: So you’ve just arrived, or have you been here for a few days?

Andre: Oh I arrived 4 days before, first time here, I’m so happy, I’ve just discovered the city, I really felt in love with HK.

Alyson: Tell me where you went!

Andre: Like… not really far from here, Mongkok…

Alyson: Oh! You’ve probably went to the street market!

Andre: Yeah, I went to that park that’s errr… all the fake stuff, that’s too much for tourists… I didn’t care about that… Nah I went to all the small malls… where all the young people from Hong Kong go to… those small shop, very specialized shops…

Alyson: Before you arrived, what did you expect?

Andre: Something like this… but not as crazy, I like there’s a kind of mix between like… modern things… old things… for me it’s kinda like the future will be like in Hong Kong.

Alyson: I know you’re really good at what you do, which is graffiti arts, how did it all started?

Andre: Oh it started when I was like about 13-years-old, was like the middle of the 80’s, I was just a kid you know, I had some spray cans and some markers, I used to walk around in Paris, and draw on the walls, just draw my name! And it was kind of a game, just write my name everywhere, in most places I could get.

Alyson: Wow! Did you get caught for it??

Andre: Ahhh… yeah, many times, was in court, I tried not to get caught, but sometimes, it happens.

Alyson: Well, what motivates you to stick to this?

Andre: I don’t know! You know, the 1st day I just draw on the wall, I felt something like.. I don’t know… it’s about freedom or something very powerful, I couldn’t really explain but I just had to do it. Even today, 20 years later, I’m still doing that, I’m still drawing on the walls outside at night, you know… it’s part of my life, I need it, it’s my energy!

Alyson: Tell us what’s your trademark!

Andre: Yeah, I have my icon it’s called Mr. A, who I usually draw a lot on the walls… but I also have many different work!

Alyson: I’m looking at this gallery book of yours, every one is so different, and it’s all like names!

Andre: Yeah, it was a project I called ‘Love Graffiti’, and I used to be like… a public writer, and people can order from me to write the name of their lover, so I used to go and draw the name of the girl or the guy, just nearby where they live, so when they get up in the morning, they’re up in their window, and they saw their name, in huge brightful colored letters, and that was a kind of declaration of love, and that was doing part of all the projects I made, I made about more than 100 different names, and that was a work!

Alyson: Now with all your experiences, there’s gotta be one or two pieces of work from yourself which you can just not forget, or you can just take that one out and be proud of!

Andre: Yeah… I’m proud of about everything I make… that’s good, yeah!! I make some crazy things, I made like… I painted the wall, that was like 400 sq meters big, all by myself, it took more than one month…

Alyson: Wow!

Andre: I KNOW! And I made a Mr. A giant! Was like one the building, and (that) was like more than 20 floors high… in Paris… all illegal… (giggle) that’s doing part of graffiti, I have a few… different things like this that are quite big…

Alyson: You’ve done crazy things like these, do you have anything in mind that you still haven’t done, but you’d die to do it!

Andre: Yeah! Paint a plane, up-going… that would be one of the great things I would love to do, I would also love to paint a really really big wall on a really high building. That’s gonna be something…

Alyson: I see you’ve been doing a lot live events, which combines your graffiti to music.

Andre: Yeah, I do that sometimes, I made it for HK, I used to do it when I was much younger, nowadays, I don’t always have the time, but for this occasion, I’m good to do something special.

Alyson: Speaking of music events, do you like music?

Andre: Yeah, actually I produce some music in Paris, and it’s part of my life, graffiti is always about music, dance, it’s about today’s life, it’s not just one thing, it’s not just art, or drawings, it’s just a complete universe.

Alyson: It’s like a whole culture.

Alyson: Now, before I let you go, everybody from our website they’ve all been waiting for this moment, they all want me to ask you to do something for our HKClubbing Radio… would that be ok??

Andre: Of course! I can do a small drawing for you!


Whence He Came Interview

One of the most recognizable bands in Hong Kong, Whence He Came, is releasing a brand new album, “The Shorter Story”. As we talk to lead singer Joshua and lead guitarist Ephraim, to catch up with what they’ve been doing through the years, and their advice on young-hopefuls in Hong Kong. Read more...The people in the Interview room are as follows:

A: Alyson (
J: Joshua (Whence He Came)
E: Ephraim (Whence He Came)

A:I remember the last time I saw was at the Starsailor concert, but the last time I talked to you was when you were promoting “Still Amidst The Traffic”…

J:Wow! 3 years ago!

A:What have you been doing for the past 3 years?

E:Recording this record… (giggled) I guess like playing shows and stuff…we’ve done a couple of tours outside of Hong Kong…

J:Done lots and lots of shows… we started recording the new album last September… and yeah, it’s coming out next month!

A:So where did you guys go for the last couple of tours?

J:We toured Japan twice, and we’ve done Singapore a couple of times, but Japan’s been the biggest for us, every single time we’ve gone over, we’ve got more and more… like bigger and bigger response. We don’t even understand why people like us, because bands over there are so good…

A: So what do you think of the fans in Japan?

J: People that come to our shows are really really supportive. I mean it’s just really amazing playing for Japanese people, coz they’re really appreciative, except, in between songs it’s dead silence…


J:Yeah… at the Japanese shows… I mean it’s loud and crazy, and then they applause, and then if you have too much of a gap in between, then it’s complete silence, nobody says a thing…

E:I don’t know if that’s such a respect thing, or… just that… they probably don’t like us… (LOL)

A: Tell us about the new album!

J:It’s called the “Shorter Story”, it will be available in stores starting from the 1st of May.

E:It runs for about 40 minutes, and songs that we’ve been playing them through our shows in Hong Kong for about 2 years now. Most of them are new songs… I guess it’s a lot of big stuff compared to “Still Amidst The Traffic”, coz we’ve progressed a lot. Like we’ve got 2 new members for the band. And yeah… so much better than the first one!

J:We were able to get a really amazing producer from Holland, his name is Martin Groeneveld. And he’s worked with bands like This Beautiful Mess, and The Spirit That Guides Us… some incredible Dutch bands and European bands, so he flew over here and produced the album, and we mixed and mastered it in Holland. So… it’s an amazing experience.

A:Do you feel like sometimes it’s hard to put your own experience into the songs?

J:Yeah, totally! In fact, I haven’t written a single song for Whence He Came which used the word I in it, coz I just feel really weird writing about myself or writing about me.. so I usually try tot make all the songs stories of somebody else, maybe me, or may not be me… at least it doesn’t sound like I’m arrogant and writing about myself.

A: How would you encourage people, especially young people to stand up and do their thing like you did?

J:Phew… that’s an interesting question…

E:Go for it! I guess… do it while you’re still young… and just grown you get old, and you have a family… how much of a choice of doing it coz you’ll have to sacrifice a lot…

J:Like you said were still young, we still live with our family, we don’t really have… you know, not really have entered the whole real world…

E: We don’t have mortgage and rent and all that stuff…

J:Just go for it… if you enjoy music, do it. If you enjoy art, do it. Hong Kong is pretty hard if you’re doing art stuff, but as long as you enjoy it, then just do it.

A: Have you ever got to a point where you’ll go, “Uh, I regret doing this…”?

J: To be honest? Not really.

E:No, never.

J:I can say firstly it’s been the biggest step in my life, the most life changing experience, like starting a band and getting elsewhere and stuff. I never really pictured myself when I was 18, like… you know… touring places and playing shows and playing for fantastic people. I’ve been having the ride of my life.

E: Yeah!

J:I think one thing that I’ll say to most kids is that, figure out what you really love in it. And if you really love it, then give everything for it!

The new album is in stores from the 31st May, while the band will be doing more touring in Europe later this year.

Check out their website at:

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