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It’s been fifteen years. But this year marks Danny Rand’s return from the dead. This year we see the birth of the mighty Iron Fist.

How I would change Soundcloud.com

Firstly I want to make it clear that these are suggestions that I have, after been a long term user of the site and maybe these functions are already there, I  just have not found them yet. I wanted to share my ideas with those online on what I feel would make Soundcloud.com (I site I use every day) just that bit better.

1) Where the hashtag is currently located on the top right of a track should be a buy button. This should be a different colour so it stands out from all the others and encourages people to consider purchasing the track. Soundcloud.com should charge a very small amount for large volumes of clicks/ referrals to the accounts for this. The button should also have a drop down function if there are multiple locations where people can purchase the track. Where should the hashtag buttons go? This can go underneath the played and comments icons on the bottom right under the track.

With the year of the Rooster just around the corner, the countdown is on for Happy Wednesday. Brace yourself for two full nights of banging beats, live shows, thrilling games, and delicious food! With all these exciting events ahead, it's no doubt January 25 and February 2 will be nights to remember.

Massive line-up for Dragonland Music Festival  in February 2017

This really is something we have not seen in Hong Kong before, two nights (over a weekend) of some of the biggest names in pop and dance music. Not just this, but Dragonland Music Festival  will be outdoors  at the Central Harbour Front location on Hong Kong Island. Expected to be the biggest party in town this February with over eight hours of entertainment each day from acts all over the world!


Canadian Music Hall of Famer and singer-songwriter legend Bryan Adams will be performing in Hong Kong in January 2017. Read more for the details and where to grab your tickets.

Despite the recent unfortunate withdrawal of South African rap-rave duo Die Antwoord from this year's Clockenflap lineup (plus LCD Soundsystem's previous pull out from the festival), the final list of acts—totalling to more than 115 international and local artists—is still very much worth your every dime. Read on for the highlights.

The experience of a guest that has purchased a ticket can easily be ruined at public events where there is poor management of queues for the general public. Here are our tips for how to fix them.

Generally the different types of queues that you have at a public event are:

1) Entrance/Exit
Entrances and exits are major points in the venue that need to be clear and in motion throughout an event. Security should be at both points making sure people know where to go, that they are keeping the route clear and not preventing people from getting in and out of the event smoothly. If there are queues and it is in constant motion, sometimes we place some performances by them to entertain the guests while they wait. This makes the  queuing experience a bit more enjoyable before they get into the event and forget about the wait. The security is also there to make sure people don't jump the line, which if not monitored can cause disruption even before the guests have entered the event.

We thought we lucked out when initial announcements for the Clockenflap lineup featured the likes of Sigur Rós and Foals, but the latest update—with additions including The Chemical Brothers, Die Antwoord, Blood Orange and Yo La Tengo—has us excited more than ever for November to arrive.

The Chemical Brothers from the UK are simply legends in the dance music community producing some massive timeless tracks and have performed all over the world. Die Antwoord are from South Africa and honestly I first heard about them when I watched the film Chappie. Since then I have explored their music and can't wait to see them live in Hong Kong. Watch a selection of their music videos below and for the full line-up of Clockenflap, click here.

Joe Bananas one of the most iconic live music venues in Hong Kong is currently looking for a live 7 piece band. Is that you? Check out the details below:

SAI MATA GROUP is a Hong Kong based of companies operating 4 of the most popular club/bars & restaurants in HONG KONG, namely, Escape, JB Live-Joe Bananas, Graffiti and RIO with such venues situated throughout Hong Kong.


The mission of The Asia Music Conference (TAMC) is to assemble electronic music’s most legendary and innovative artists and professionals from across the globe to demonstrate the huge potential of Electronic Dance Music throughout Asia.
The Conference consists of 3 days of events - a networking cocktail, seminars and a pool party located at the City of Dreams integrated resort in Macau, China. Registration for the Conference is now available at www.tamcasia.com.

Registration and lunch is between 12pm to 2pm, then the TAMC Seminars will start at 2pm until 8pm.

The schedule is as follows:
John Beh, Fuze Club & Beone Artists (Malaysia)
Regina Cheng (Vietnam)
David Willis, Cybergroove (Bali & Australia)
Nick Willsher, Entertaining Asia - hkclubbing.com (Hong Kong)
J -Path, Club Octagon (South Korea)
Joanna Wong, Pomo & Stone (Hong Kong)
14:40PM - 14:55PM Q&A

15:00PM - 15:30PM ONE ON ONE
Dr. Allan Zeman, Chairman of Lan Kwai Fong Group (Hong Kong)
15:30PM - 15:45PM Q&A

15:45PM - 16:25PM CLUB OWNERS
Dany Setiwan, Euphorics Group - X2 Club and INVASION Festival Jakarta (Indonesia)
Xuan Mu , PLAY and STUDIO Hong Kong (Hong Kong)
DJ Yin, Magnum & Zentral Club (Hong Kong)
Francisco Ricafort, Buzz Concepts Group - Volar and FLY (Hong Kong)
John Choi, Luk Hing Investment Limited - Club Cubic (Macau)
Alan Hsia, theLOOP, Inc. - Including : 2F, LUXY, Taipei, Xaga, Primo, Taipei, OMNI (Taiwan)
16:25PM - 16:40PM Q&A

16:40PM - 17:00PM ONE ON ONE
Jimmy Lee, Founder & CEO of Face Group (China)

17:10PM - 17:30PM
Spark Lam, Cool DJ Agency & DJ Mag China (China)
Rachel Yang, Sino Group - Fusion, Myst & Linx (China)
Jimmy Lee, Face Group - Face, Richy & Babyface (China)
Aldwin Macagapal, Wulongzu Records & SPIN Beats Recordings (China)
17:30PM - 17:40PM Q&A

17:40PM - 18:10PM ONE ON ONE Gilbert Yeung, Owner of dragon-i and Tazmania Ballroom (Hong Kong)
18:10PM - 18:25PM Q&A

Muhammad Iqbal, The Livescape Group - IT’S THE SHIP, Sunsplash, SLEEPLESS SOCIETY (Singapore)
Reason Xie, theLOOP, Inc. - Including : 2F: White, Fantasia, Winter Love, ID&T Sensation (Taiwan)
Ferdinand Fernando, Euphorics Group - X2 Club & INVASION Festival Jakarta (Indonesia)
Taj Bola, Assured Agency (United Kingdom)
Gil Wadsworth A2LiVE - Now Or Never massive, Budweiser Storm Festival (China)
Stephen Ku, Eventscape Asia (Philippines)
18:45PM - 19:00PM Q&A

19:00PM - 19:30PM ONE ON ONE
Martin Carvell, Managing Director of DJ Magazine (United Kingdom)

Moderators Include:
Raffi Kamalian, Founder of alivenotdead.com (Hong Kong).
Alan James Jewell, Executive Director of BIG EVENTS. A member of the Lan Kwai Fong Group (Hong Kong)

The seminars will take place at Grand Ballroom, Grand Hyatt Macau, City of Dreams.

TAMC Seminars
HK$1,680 - ADVANCE

This includes:
• Entrance to the TAMC seminars on the 3rd June 2016.
• Entrance to Club Cubic after the seminars on the 3rd June 2016. Limited places, first come first served.
• Entrance to Club Cubic after party on the 4th June 2016. Limited places, first come first served.

BOOK: http://boomticketing.com/event/tamc-seminar/

TAMC Seminars & Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel
HK$2,260 - ADVANCE

This includes:
• Entrance to the TAMC seminars on the 3rd June 2016.
• Entrance to Club Cubic after the seminars on the 3rd June 2016. Limited places, first come first served.
• Entrance to the TAMC Pool Party at the Hard Rock Hotel on the 4th June 2016.
• Entrance to Club Cubic after party on the 4th June 2016. Limited places, first come first served.

BOOK: http://boomticketing.com/event/tamc-seminar/

TAMC Seminars & Pool Party and Hotel Packages:


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