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Have not heard of some of the artists at Clockenflap 2013? Then check out some of their latest music videos below!

City of Dreams, the home of Macau's only two resident shows, has once again teamed up with Franco Dragone, the creator of The House of Dancing Water, to deliver audiences a seductive cabaret experience.

TABOO, the show of secret fantasies, explores every man and woman's deepest desires through mesmerising performances by a cast of beautiful artists from around the world. The show is never the same experience twice with new fantasies and surprise acts being added all the time.

Nina Nesbitt confirmed for Clockenflap 2013! Check out her video 'Way in the World' below:

Stepping out of the month of Halloween into the end of the year where festive seasons are waiting; I have decided to tease my mind a bit with a movie that appears as pure horror, but in fact ties in intricately with values that are core to any family or relationships.

Tegan and Sara have been confirmed on the line-up for Clockenflap 2013. For full details CLICK HERE.

Happy Wednesday is finally back in Happy Valley after the two months long break! Enjoy the 2013/ 2014 season race nights starting on the 11th of September with icy cold beers, live music and prized games on site.

Specially debuting the new Happy Wednesday anthem, Welsh singer- songwtiter Ben Semmens will be opening the new season with his singing performances for the night. Not to mention, Tess Collins and her band will be rocking to some catchy tunes throughout the evening to hype up the crowd.

With the countless billboards, adverts and print media available in Hong Kong; people tend to neglect what they see because so much is going on every single day. Interest is easily lost and people quickly move on from one thing to another. In order to execute direct marketing to the specific target market, street marketing may be a better way to reach your audiences.

Lots of people like organizing New Year’s Party, but because of that, it gets hard to come up with a unique theme for the night. There are a few things that you can consider when it comes to picking out an appropriate and fun concept for the night:

Picking out an event venue can be quite time consuming, it comes with experience and lots of communication with the venue organizers. So how should a party organizer go about picking out the right venue? Here are our suggestions in tackling the perfect venue for your event.

Artists and performers have to travel a lot when they are on tour and usually don’t have much staying time at each country they visit; therefore having someone who can prepare everything for the artist is very important. People often oversee the importance of catering to the performer, from things like change of clothes to a particular kind of food that they like; it’s all vital in prepping the artist ready for a great performance.

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