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Lenka live in Hong Kong

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Lenka will make her first ever Hong Kong 4-day promotional tour July 29 to promote her debut album《LENKA》

Australian born singer-songwriter Lenka will be in Asia late July (July 29 – Aug 1) to embark on her first ever Asia promotional tour with the first stop in Incheon, South Korea to perform at the annual “Pentaport Rock Festival”. She will finish off her promotional tour in Korea on July 26 and head to Hong Kong for 4 days packed with promotion activities to promote her debut album《LENKA》. During her stay Lenka will be meeting with friends in the media from Hong Kong, and she will hold her first mini concert in Hong Kong at the Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre – 3/F Auditorium on 8:00pm, July 30 (Thursday) and she will also attend her first-ever autograph session in Hong Kong held at CD Warehouse located at Langham Place, MongKok on 11:30am, August 1 (Saturday). After the completion of her tour in Hong Kong, Lenka will travel to Malaysia to continue her Asian promotional tour and on August 6, Lenka will travel to Japan to take perform at the annual music festival “Summer Sonic 2009” and make performances in Tokyo and Osaka.

Lenka, a self-described “punk-ass art school student” and vocalist/keyboardist for acclaimed indie electronic/ ambient outfit Decoder Ring. Now she has flung herself into two new worlds simultaneously: she’s moved to California and become a solo artist. But no matter where she ventures, those early memories follow. Others may struggle to get in touch with their inner child, Lenka never lost hers. Her sinuous vocals drape around her lyrics with the ease of a child hanging onto its mother’s legs…or of a serpent wrapping itself around the neck of its prey. Whether channeling our long-repressed terrors “Trouble Is A Friend” or long-lost innocence “We Will Not Grow Old”, her music evokes primal emotions, unblemished by pretense or cynicism – and unashamed of cracking a smile occasionally. In characteristic Lenka fashion, lead single “The Show” takes a dour premise – that life is a show, and sometimes a pretty bad one at that – and delivers it with unexpected aplomb, erupting into a bold, brassy closing refrain of “I want my money back!”, “I decided I should just get all my friends to come in and be like the drunken tavern chorus,” she explains. “Australian folk singer Missy Higgins joined in on the bit.”

Although her father is a jazz musician, Lenka’s early musical efforts were strictly a means to an end. In her early teens, she became consumed by acting, inspired by her studies with Blanchett at the Australian Theatre for Young People. Alternating between art school and acting (including roles in well-received independent films such as “The Dish” and “Lost Things”, Lenka eventually came round to music when a role in a play required her to sing. She began recording demos in Sydney and her drummer, who was a member of Decoder Ring, suggested his band mates consider her as a vocalist on the soundtrack they were recording for the indie film Somersault. The film and soundtrack went on to receive numerous awards and Lenka and the band traveled to the U.S. in 2006 for an appearance at South by Southwest and a short tour. Lenka was pursued by numerous labels, but felt that Epic was the best match. She began recording her debut last December in Montreal before the contract was even signed. After sessions there and in Los Angeles, Lenka wrapped up the album in Woodstock.

In celebration of Lenka’s first visit to Hong Kong, a Special Edition of her debut album《LENKA》is set to be released on July 16. This Special Edition will feature a bonus DVD with three songs including “All My Bells Are Ringing”, “Trouble Is A Friend (RAC Maury Remix)” and “Don’t Let Me Fall (The Glass Rem Remix)” also included will be five videos: “The Show” (MV - two separate versions), “Trouble Is A Friend” (MV), “Don’t Let Me Fall (Woodstock video)” and “Lenka in Montreal working on the album (making of)”.

Lenka official website:

※※ Method for attaining tickets for both events

MEKO x LENKA – The Show In Hong Kong (mini concert / showcase)
Date    :    July 30, 2009 (Thursday)
Time    :    8:00pm
Venue    :    3/F Auditorium - Hong Kong International Trade & Exhibition Centre

1.    From now until July 21, to collect any 4 X MEKO product wrappers (excluding 350ml products) and send them along with a self-addressed stamped envelope to the address below for a chance to win a pair of “MEKO x LENKA – The Show In Hong Kong” tickets.

2/F, Regent Centre Tower A, 63-73, Wo Yi Hop Road, Kwai Chung, New Territories, Hong Kong

** For more details, please click into MEKO website:

2.    Starting July 16, purchase a copy of Lenka’s debut album《LENKA (Special Edition)》from any CD Warehouse chain-stores for a chance to get the ticket to join “MEKO x LENKA – The Show In Hong Kong”.

** For more details, please contact with CD Warehouse working staff.

LENKA’s first-ever Hong Kong Autograph Session
Date    :     August 1, 2009 (Saturday)
Time    :     11:30am
Venue    :    CD Warehouse
        Level 12, Langham Place, MongKok, Kowloon

1.    Starting July 16, when purchase a copy of Lenka’s debut album《LENKA (Special Edition)》from any CD Warehouse outlets, you can get the autograph pass of “Lenka’s first-ever Hong Kong Autograph Session” on Aug 1. First come first serve, while supply last.

** For more details, please contact with CD Warehouse working staff.

(information provided by the record company)

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