Friday, July 31, 2015

Carlsberg’s unique ‘Where’s The Party?’ event recently brought its entourage to the Pearl of the Orient – Penang for the one-of-its-kind party this year. Action packed with a marathon of games, assembly of international music maestro’s and ice cold Carlsberg beer, and the event was a rally of energetic vibes from beginning to end.

The distinct party series offers young party-goers the ultimate party experience. The mystery event hones in on consumers’ natural fascination with the unknown and challenges the curiosity of those who are bold enough to step out of their comfort zone for greater excitement and rewards.

The ‘Where’s The Party?’ series is a counterweight to the commercialization of how most music events happen these days. This event is gaining immense popularity in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore and is being stamped as an iconic party experience. The platform allows the consumers to get down with an edgy vibe that is completely unique. Coupled with the unknown adventure factor; ‘Where’s The Party?’ offers a complete experiential journey that you would definitely not get anywhere else.

On 9th November, Carlsberg settled a warm up party for the guests from Hong Kong in SOJU club, one of the biggest nightclubs in Penang, serving unlimited free flow of Carlsberg and DJ’s that spin off the party excitement before ‘Where’s the Party’.

On 10th November, the first ever 3-Nation party saw 1,500 guests from Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore finding themselves on the shores of Hard Rock Hotel’s beachfront.

Decked with a massive LED panelled stage, the central zone was outlined with a flow of streaking, spinning colours and a dance ‘cage’ in the middle of it all. Opening with Daniel Sjogren, Managing Director of Carlsberg Hong Kong, jet-skiing into the party zone; the grand entrance made for a great kick-off introduction, followed by a beat boxing by Shawn Lee, the world top 5 beat boxer. Guests were throwing out constant cheers before celebrity hosts Joey G and Patricia K took the stage.  

While a visual playground of lights danced across the sea of people, and pyros made for stimulating retina-seduction, Mad August a.k.a Crossfire had music lovers jumping around with enthusiasm.

Edmond Leung and Rubberband represented Hong Kong then brought the house down with a 45 minute-set of no-frills Cantopop tunes, creating a vibe that’s addicted to everyone, while the famous Love Cubic dancers from Korea chugged out hot moves to commercial favourites.

Genre-defying Dubstep and electro house pushed the tempo as DJ Inquisitive took on the wheels of steel causing dance mayhem in the ‘cage’. The tribal, percussive beats that cannot quite be classified left hands in the air and feet on constant overdrive.

Focusing more than ever on dance music with hits that flowed like a DJ set, left-field R&B and hip-hop diva Kelis was next on the line-up, and made her mark with pop-dance hybrids that left party goers craving more. Throwing shape-shifting instrumental segues into the mix; the set brought the party into full swing.

Bringing it back to the eclectic sounds of electro house, producer and DJ Norman Doray surfed in and jacked-up the audience with a melodic treat of progressive sounds. DJ Mayumi then closed the night with superb hip-hop tones that left everyone shaking like a Polaroid picture.

The night ended on an astronomical level as revellers made their way back to their respective rooms in high-spirits and audible chatter. Making yet another experience an epic one, Carlsberg’s ‘Where’s The Party?’ showcased one of the most entertaining parties to hit punters, and the anticipation is already bursting at the seams for the next chapter in 2013.

The knowledge and awareness amongst consumers on the significance of responsible drinking is Carlsberg Hong Kong’s top priority. The brewer deployed employee-ambassadors to encourage consumers to party and consume beer in moderation as part of its efforts in advocating responsible drinking.




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