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For the third iteration of #takeoverISONO at PMQ's Spanish tapas bar Isono, DJ and Chef siblings Hendrik and Kamiel Buysse, aka the blendbrothers, will be setting up shop behind the bar and decks from 3rd to 29th October.

It may be nearing the end of September, but that doesn't mean summer vibes have to end! Over at Repulse Bay, Limewood's hosting an Aperol pop-up bar every weekend through to the end of October, where you can sip on refreshing spritz cocktails all day (and night). The perfect thing to cool off after a day of tanning and relaxing on the sand.

Ever find yourself looking for a quiet, classy drink in Tsim Sha Tsui? Away from the bustling waterfront bars and dives, tucked within The Mira Hong Kong’s Michelin-recommended eatery WHISK is the newly opened lounge room Decanter. 

Barrel-aged cocktails can take a step back, because this autumn you can treat yourself to clay pot rested cocktails at ON Dining Kitchen and Lounge. Designed by celebrity bartender Giancarlo Mancino, the nine new cocktails, made under three categories ‘Stirred,’ ‘Shaken,’ and ‘Built,’ are rested in humongous four-litre Italian clay pots for several weeks before being bottled and served.

Legend has it that, upon discovering champagne in the 17th Century, the monk Dom Pérignon exclaimed: “Come quickly – I am tasting the stars!” His namesake champagne, which Moët & Chandon named after him, became one of the most celebrated varieties in the world. Whether or not Pérignon was actually responsible for the discovery of bubbles is often disputed, but either way, the rest is history, and champagne has continued to flow liberally ever since. There are plenty of bars in Hong Kong where you can sip and savour champagne in a magnificent setting. Check out our top picks below.


Every Hongkonger knows their milk tea and Yakult; there's even a Cantonese Hip Hop group named after the ubiquitous herbal tea 24-herbs. But what about the boozy beverages? Give these definitive Hong Kong drinks a try.

You know what they say - one bar closes... and well, another one goes down with them. We're not even over the news of Club 97 leaving the scene yet, and we just got news of Wyndham icon Solas waving goodbye.

Many of the OGs in Lan Kwai Fong are bowing out of the scene, including some of our local favourites. Today, we hear of another LKF-leaver, but this one hits a bit too close to home. Before we say goodbye to Club 97, read up on their plans to go out with a bang under the cut.

There’s no lack of new restaurant and bar openings in Hong Kong, and it’s hard - even for us - to keep up with the changes going on in the F&B scene. Sometimes we want to just go somewhere and escape it all - away from the crowds, and the Instagram culture of the camera eats first – so we headed to I Know John at The Loop (opposite Kee Club) for a tipple instead.

Everything revolves around the beer at Little Creatures in Kennedy Town. Started a group of friends in Fremantle, a port in the Australian city of Perth, the humble eatery and bar has now expanded to several locations Down Under before hitting our shores here in Hong Kong. Keeping with the tradition of refitting sites (the original Little Creatures was started at an old crocodile farm), the K-Town location has sprung up in place of a sugar and flour factory near the waterfront. Read up on the hits and misses of our visit below the cut.

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