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Hands down burritos are our favourite guilty pleasure, so when there's a burrito eating competition, we definitely want IN! That's why are in full support of Cali-Mex's 1kg burrito eating competition on 18th July at their Causeway Bay store, where there will be free beer for spectators, and a chance to win a FREE trip to sunny California for participators! Here's how you can win...

Can you believe it? Hong Kong Pizza Hut Boxes Can Now Play Movies! Check out the video posted online yesterday by IGN about how it works and how easy it is to use!


It's not uncommon for 'Kongers and expats alike that working late in the office is something of a norm, and getting to a bar and not missing the happy hour is almost a reason for celebration. Who wouldn't dream of living the French way of life and being able to enjoy happy hour every night? Well Kronenbourg 1664 has finally made that dream a reality.

With all the restaurants that's always coming and going in our city, it's not quite so easy to find a place that you like and more importantly, will go back to. But among the small streets and wet market in Wanchai we seem to have managed to find a hidden gem that we just love to visit and revisit, especially when we are craving for some fantastic food and some wine to boot. If you've been to Le Bistro Winebeast, we're sure you'll agree with us too. Never been yet? Read on to see what's all the fuss about!

Come one come all! If you're a lover of food this is probably something you need to hop on right now. Previously only available outside of Hong Kong in cities like Macau and Singapore, the concept of all-you-can-eat Brazilian barbecue has finally made a landing in the 852. Yes, you heard right, eat to your heart's content and served right to your table, this amazing idea has appeared in the form of Braza Churrascaria Steak House.

It was confirmed today that the Gordon Ramsay Group will open their very first restaurant in Macau at Sands Cotai Central. It's still a mystery as to which restaurant concept will be at Sands, but we sure are excited after Ramsay's success with Bread Street Kitchen here in Hong Kong. Seeing as the group just announced another Bread Street Kitchen outlet to be at Marina Bay Sands Singapore, one in Macau is perhaps a safe bet.

There’s like some sort of magic with Orion Beer – they remind us so much of the amazing weather in Okinawa and the relaxing moments of being on the beach with your loved ones.  When you’re daydreaming about that imaginary vacation in the office (we know you are), some limited edition Okinawa-produced Orion Beer might be able to stop your wanderlust for a bit.  The limited seasonal series “Ichiban-Sakura” is launched every year to celebrate Okinawa becoming the first part of Japan to witness the seasonal blooming of sakura blossoms – and we are lucky enough to try it in Hong Kong!  Read on and know more about the limited seasonal series now.

The burger craze is heating up in the city with so many burger joints opening, like Double D Burgers and Burger Circus. The Renaissance Harbour View Hotel will be joining the burger feast with five new burgers and a Devil's Beef Burger Challenge!

With a 800g beef patty on top of fresh pickles and veggies between two hearty buns, this big boy comes at a cost, $666 to be exact. But if you manage to finish it in 40 minutes, it will be free of charge! No fries, no soda, just burger.

There’s nothing more attractive than open bar and free flow canapés when you're out in town on a budget. Make those happy hour trips count with all you can drink or eat, and you might not even need dinner! Here is a list of bars that offer open bar or free flow canapés in Hong Kong for you to eat and drink your heart out.

There are countless bars in Soho and Central that comes and goes, and another has popped up on Pottinger that we have decided to put on our frequent list. It’s not often that a bar checks all the boxes, but Rude (or the old Killa) definitely has us intrigued. Check out what they have in store down below.

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