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International party girl Paris Hilton talked up her superstar DJ ambitions this week, telling FHM magazine she’ll be devoting her full attention to promoting her soon to be released second album.

“I have a huge passion for house music. It always has been my passion. I just haven't been able to focus on it, because I have been doing reality TV for so long now,” the billionaire heiress claimed.

“I try to avoid drinking too much vodka during DJ trips, but I rarely succeed.” Teaming up with fellow Bristollian Nick Warren to form progressive house pioneers Way Out West in 1994, then teenage prodigy Jody Wisternoff rapidly established himself as one of the first crossover stars of dance music, both via Way Out West’s commercial success and his own thriving DJing career. 17 years later, he’s happily married and a Dad of two, though as he’s the first to admit, he’s not quite settled down.

“Recently in Poland, I arrived at the airport the morning after the show and realised I was wearing the promoter’s trousers. I still have no idea how this happened.”

A Polish man who broke into Madonna’s homes twice after claiming she sent him subliminal messages was this week jailed indefinitely after a judge ruled he posed an ongoing and ‘serious risk’ to the iconic pop star.

Grezgorz Matlok, 30, was arrested after using a rope to climb into her London townhouse a year after he’d been caught breaking into Madonna’s ex husband Guy Ritchie’s mansion in Wiltshire.

"It is extremely unsettling to know that, despite the extensive security I have, he has been able to break into two of my residential properties,” Madonna said in a statement about her latest stalker.

Acid house pioneers Orbital have confirmed they are to headline a six date UK tour next April, at which they’ll be promoting their long awaited as yet unnamed artist album some 7 years after they officially split up.

Pioneering performing electronic music live at mega raves such as Glastonbury and Tribal Gathering in the 90s, the Hartnoll brothers became global superstars
though quit in 2004 to pursue solo careers.

Berlin DJ / musician / vocalist Fidelity Kastrow is releasing her debut video to accompany her single ‘21st Century Girl’, which comes out shortly on Mark Reeder’s ‘Five Point One’ remix album alongside videos and tracks from the Pet Shop Boys & Sam Taylor-Wood, Depeche Mode, Bad Lieutenant (New Order), Anne Clark and Rammstein. (Click here to see: )

The video, directed & edited by Tilman Kunzel, shows Fidelity performing in derelict Berlin locations in eight different costume designs by ‘Bar25’ door queen and stylist Steffa Superheilig, reflecting the songs theme of individuality, non conformity and freedom.

The Skrufff team will be temporarily relocating to Amsterdam next week as Jonty Skrufff moderates and appears on seven panels at this year’s Amsterdam Dance Event.

Also DJing on Friday night at Club Home (alongside Da Fresh, Christian Cambas, John Acquaviva and Anthony Attalla) in the day time he’s moderating panels on new talent (Room at the Top: and Russia ( ) plus a heavyweight panel Staying Alive on Friday afternoon ( )

“Staying Alive features six of the sharpest, most opinionated, accomplished characters in today’s music business, chatting about everything from egos (how should you handle out of control artists?), releasing music (are albums obsolete?) and surviving failure, I think it’s going to be particularly interesting,” said Jonty.

“What is KaZantip? What IS KaZantip?”

“KaZantip was astounding and unadulterated. The location is brilliant. I had an amazing time. I ran around in the Black Sea a bit, which seemed blue to me, but then again, I am completely colour blind.” Lenny Ibizarre

Chatting to Skrufff this week even more euphorically than usual, Ibiza icon and chill-out king Lenny Ibizarre admitted he’d been more than a little impressed by his first trip to KaZantip. But then he would be, given the Ukrainian Republic’s official freak friendly philosophy.

“Creative intellectuals are the most privileged class of the KaZantip society granted with preferences for getting minister’s portfolios, a legal right to jump the toilet queue and an entitlement to be nationally acclaimed,” Article Ten of the state’s official Constitution declares, “Freaks are considered to be the National Treasure protected by the Ministry of Culture.”

The future of London’s Ministry of Sound Elephant & Castle venue is set to be decided next week, when local councillors vote on a residential property development which Ministry say will force them to close.

“On September 6th 2011 our local borough council will effectively decide on the fate of the Ministry of Soundclub's future, if they agree plans to develop a residential block directly across the road from the venue. We need your signature to help fight council plans to close our club,” Ministry say on a ‘Save Our Club’ petition set up on their website.

Multi-millionaire trance titan Paul Oakenfold is to release a new mix CD called ‘Never Mind the Bollocks…’s Paul Oakenfold’ in July which he said this week is intended as ‘a straight up two fingered salute to all industry politics’.

According to its accompanying press release the 2CD trance compilation ‘officially announces Paul’s rekindled love of all things Goa’ and represents ‘a complete focus of all energies on the music and nothing else.’

“I’ve always played a variety of records from across the board. I like melodic music with energy and punch,” the former London chef turned definitive celebrity DJ explained, “I can’t think of anything more claustrophobic than being stuck playing one sound.” (

Please note: This article was released on the 3rd June 2011.

Swedish House Mafia manager Amy Thompson shed light on the qualities required to land a high profile DJ residency in Vegas this week, telling Pacha Ibiza’s music conference IMS that being able to attract ‘lots of young, wealthy entrepreneurs’ is key.

"There is no love [in Las Vegas] for growing credible music, they are interested in what sells, and right now that is electronic music,” she candidly told delegates.

"Money talks in Vegas,” she added, "If your act was not bringing in big takings then they wouldn't be getting booked." (Guardian: )

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