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New York superclub Pacha are to host a Sunday afternoon party next weekend (May 1) to help raise funds for Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson’s research.

Team Fox members and party promoters Beth Hochstein and Sharon Greif said the event will be ‘a tribute to dancing and its positive effects on people with Parkinson’s’ as well as highlighting the fact that it’s ‘definitely not only a disease of the elderly as it affects thousands of people under the age of 40.’

Former Beatle Sir Paul McCartney reportedly ‘amazed revellers’ at Coachella last weekend, when he went on stage unannounced during Dutch DJ Afrojack’s set and mixed a few tracks.

“Macca popped up in Afrojack's set and was having it on stage behind the DJ booth. Nancy was standing behind him like a typical house DJ's girl,” an unnamed ‘source’ told the Sun.

Acid house pioneer DJ Pierre has signed up founder Jonty Skrufff for his DJ/ management/ marketing company Afro-Acid to collaborate together on DJ bookings, remixes and related opportunities.

The link-up sees Jonty lining up alongside an A list roster of producers and DJs including Angel Alanis, Danny Howells, Gene Farris, James Ruskin and Louis Vegas though Pierre stressed Afro-Acid is far from just another DJ booking firm. (Afro Acid Artists: )

“Actually we don't consider ourselves an agency. Our artists are not required to sign a contract or any agreement of exclusivity,” said Pierre.

HK contributor and international DJ Jonty Skrufff has just recorded a new DJ mix called The End Is Nigh, an apocalyptic (now) themed of Berlin style electro-techno. Berlin based Brit Jonty is a DJ/ producer/ journalist and Amsterdam Dance Event moderator/ consultant, as well as being the founder of independent press agency and blog

“Insane. There’s no other word to describe that country. That expression ‘From Russia with Love’ also now has a totally different meaning for me too.”

Six years after 300 delegates and 1,300 guests attended the very first Sochi Winter Music Conference (SWMC), numbers have swelled to 1 500 delegates, and 7,500 guests including Soundcloud new business manager Nils Westerlund.Nils, a Berlin based 20-something Swede whose floppy fringe haircut, designer spectacles and carefully ruffled understated attire apparently means he looks EXACTLY like a Moscow hipster, admits he’s thoroughly enjoyed the 3 day/ 3 night event.

“How much do I think Russians deserve their ‘crazy’ reputation? They do in full,” he says, “Vodka instead of water, I think that should explain most of it,” he laughs.

Legendary Czech nightlife institution Roxy was summarily closed this week after safety officials decided the Prague venue’s recent reconstruction violated building codes.

"The equipment of the establishment is in serious breach of fire-safety regulations and some of the construction work that’s been implemented also wasn’t what was agreed and approved, “ said councillor Veronica Blazkova.

Multi-millionaire property developer and anti-rave fanatic Rick Caruso vowed to step up his campaign to ban electronic music events at stadiums in the US this week after more revellers were hospitalised following the New Year’s eve party at the LA Sports Arena.

“I'm going to continue to fight for a ban on the raves and I frankly think they should be made illegal in the city and the county,” he told LA Weekly reporter Dennis Romero.

80s disco diva Teena Marie died over Christmas from natural causes according to Pasadena police. She was aged just 54.

Famous initially for being Motown’s first ever signed white singer, she once described herself as “a black artist with white skin’ and became a global star with 1982 crossover hit Behind the Groove. The track was later licensed to video game Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and she also earned a Grammy nomination in 2005 though struggled with addictions to prescription drugs, according to press releases.

British rap star Mike Skinner admitted this week that becoming famous with the Streets didn’t make him any happier at all, revealing that he’d instead became ‘unnerved’ when he realised he was responsible for his own mental wellbeing irrespective of external events.
“Before you're famous, you think that that pendulum of emotions is down to your circumstances. You think: I'm having a good day; I'm having a bad day – something shit's happened,” he told the Observer’s Caspar Llewellyn Smith.

“You put in [to the equation] the incredible amount of money and opportunity with women and free clothes and screaming audiences… but you still have good days and bad days,” said Skinner.

His realization matched the assessment of British celebrity hypnotist Paul McKenna, who this week published a new book called ‘I can make you HAPPY’ in which he listed various techniques for dealing with depression.

As well as recommending visualizing yourself stepping into the persona of someone you admire, the lifestyle coach advised looking upwards as much as possible instead of downwards, to avoid feeling ‘hemmed in, with few possibilities’

“Some of my clients are rich and famous and some are not, but I’ve discovered that money and fame ultimately make no difference,” he added.

“I’ve also worked with people who had everything — a great job, a family and good health — but they still weren’t happy. Indeed, they felt guilty and angry with themselves for not enjoying their good fortune, and so depressed that they couldn’t see any point to their lives.” (Daily Mail: )

Uber-rich New York star Mark Ronson, meanwhile, admitted ‘taking the money and running’ from being one of the last decade’s first ‘celebrity DJs’ this week, though likewise revealed his fame has come with unexpected consequences.

"Sometimes when I meet someone, they'll say, 'Wow, I expected you to be a (jerk),” he told the Daily Gleaner, "I don't particularly know why that is, maybe it's because of the way I look in my videos,” he speculated.

Article by Jonty Skrufff:

Vegas superclub Rain announced this week that they’re to launch a weekly ‘electro’ night called Clash, with resident DJs including Tiesto sideman Diplo.

Rain publicist Jimmy Aston said ‘Clash Fridays’ will run alongside Paul Oakenfold’s long running Perfecto Saturdays and told the Las Vegas Review Journal ‘we still kill it every Friday and Saturday’.

"Electro is doing more numbers bodywise than regular house music," he added.

Details of the new electro Clash night emerged just as Vegas’s newest superclub ‘Marquee at The Cosmopolitan’ opened for business with a residency hosted by house veteran Erick Morillo.

The Las Vegas Sun reported that US$4million dollars of the $60million spent on the 4,000 capacity club went on the DJ booth alone though said its ‘main attraction will be ‘amazing women serving as hostesses and cocktail servers (wearing) provocative mini-dresses with naughty garters and stockings.’

Trance titan Tiesto also kicked off a season on monthly Saturday night Vegas parties last weekend at the Hard Rock Hotel’s club The Joint, while Puff Daddy made two personal appearances at Pure at Caesars Palace and LAX at the Luxor.

“You will have to go to the plastic surgeon to get that smile surgically removed from your face upon getting the chance to hang with Sean Combs not once, but twice this weekend,” Las Vegas Review-Journal reporter Jason Bracelin advised before the parties.

“Well, you don't really get to hang with him, but you can stare at the man awkwardly from a distance,” he added.

Article by Jonty Skrufff:

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