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Serbia’s Exit Festival are hosting their first ever Exit Music Conference this weekend featuring master-classes from DJs including Josh Wink and Tim Exile and media and marketing panels presenting guests from the likes of Resident Advisor and leading DJ agency Decked Out.

Conference chief Dejan Tomka told Skrufff they’re hoping to help Balkans artists connect with the wider international music community and pointed out that though Exit Festival itself is nowadays hugely successful, conditions for local producers remain harsh.

“It’s close to impossible to survive being just a producer or DJ in Serbia right now,” said Dejan.

Councillors from infamous Barcelona party town Salou this week announced they’re to introduce stringent dress codes for tourists in an attempt to deter binge drinking British tourists from upsetting locals.

Male and female holidaymakers who display bikinis or bare chests on the streets will be fined between EUR100 and EUR300 with those having sex on the beach and/ or drinking booze on the street also being liable to copious fines.

LA authorities voted to establish a ‘rave task force’ to ‘enhance rave safety’ this week in response to the death of a 15 year girl from a suspected drugs overdose at last month’s Electric Daisy Carnival.

The LA Times said the task force will be considering locations, opening times and the size of electronic music parties held in the city with a remit to ‘raise awareness about the potential dangers of rave parties.’

Acclaimed London party organisers Secretsundaze cancelled their party last weekend at the 11th hour in protest at the low sound levels set by the Islington venue.

“We are really, really sad to say that we have taken the decision to cancel secretsundaze tomorrow,” the party promoters said in a statement.

“In short the Metal Works totally omitted to tell us until the last minute despite numerous meetings that they have 95 db sound restriction,’ they explained.

“The last thing we want to do is throw a party knowing in advance that the soundsystem will be below average. Sound is very important to us. We have spent the last 36 hours desperately trying to sort out an alternative but to no avail. We are really sorry for everyone that made plans (we had a great response to the party) but it was totally out of our hands,” they added.

The trance world was plunged into shock this week after news stories appeared on numerous websites reporting that the Dutch DJ had died in a car crash in LA, after racing the car at 95mph in a 55mph zone.

“Witnesses have stated that Dj Tiesto's car crossed the double lines several times prior to the accident and hit the center lane divider causing the vehicle to flip and roll,” said Global Associated News.

“Memorial services for DJ Tiesto have not yet been announced,” the press agency continued, “The service is expected to be a closed casket funeral due to the severe head trauma.”

Tiesto in fact had been DJing in Ibiza when he was supposedly dying in an accident and Tweeted a message soon afterwards saying “It's nice to read that people care about my life. Thank you for all the support, It’s good to be alive and to get so much love from You.” ( )

Irish tech-house star DJ Fergie spent almost 48 hours travelling to a gig in Sao Paulo this week only to learn that the festival was cancelled when he arrived.

Chatting to Skrufff the nowadays Glasgow based former Radio 1 star revealed how he’d been forced to stay overnight in a Heathrow hotel after a flight delay meant he missed his connection, meaning he eventually arrived in Brazil just hours before he was due to perform at Science Fest.

“I was met at the airport by the promoter who told me the gig wasn’t happening because the police had cancelled the festival,” said Fergie. “I’m not exactly sure why.”

A Dubai based British DJ variously identified as AM or AY was this week starting a four year sentence in jail after being convicted of smoking cannabis three months before police drug tested him.

Cops hunted the 30 year old DJ down after an informant told cops he was a pot smoker and detained him when the blood test showed traces of cannabis. His Sentence comes two years after Radio 1 DJ Grooverider was similarly sentenced to four years after customs officers caught him with a tiny amount at the airport.

LA police have fiercely criticised revellers attending last week’s Electric Daisy mega-rave after a 15 year girl died of a suspected drugs overdose.

185,000 dance music fans packed into the LA Colisseum to see DJs including Benni Benassi, Moby, Swedish House Mafia and Armin Van Buuren with many on drugs, LAPD Deputy Chief Pat Gannon told the LA Times.

The California police chief complained that ‘there is an absolute culture that ecstasy and other drugs are used to enjoy this kind of music” and said undercover cops could have easily arrested far more people than the 118 busted over the 2 day affair.

20-something nightlife entrepreneurs Charlie Gilkes and Duncan Stirling have opened a new 80s style club in London called Maggie’s which is named after Britain’s notoriously unpopular former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher.

“People probably don’t think about politics when they go clubbing, but as for Thatcher, love her or hate her, she is undeniably an icon of the 1980s,” Gilkes explained in an interview with the Christian Science Monitor.

“It was an amazingly vibrant era and now, 30 years on, elements of it are creeping back into pop culture. The ’80s are definitely back,” he suggested.

Richie Plastikman Hawtin offered a no questions asked EUR2,500 reward this week after thieves stole his laptop and ipads while he was staying in Paris.

“To all my French fans, friends and supporters. I need your help!” the Canadian minimal techno star pleaded in a posting on his label site

“On Friday night someone broke into my hotel room at Hotel Costes in Paris and stole my iPod and 2 x Plastikman Live iPads (serial #GB01723UZ38 and #GB0129CAZ3A) and my Plastikman Live show Apple Macbook Pro 17" laptop (serial #C02CK0GXDC7C),” he wrote.

“I am asking everyone to keep their ears and eyes open for any information about these very important and personal items. I'm offering a 2500 EUR reward for any information that leads to the return of the equipment. Please email me at If found/returned I will NOT prosecute any one involved as I would just like to have my equipment returned,” he added.

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