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BBC Radio 1’s Ibiza weekend returns in 2010 and we are pleased to announce an exclusive Cream event to be held at Privilege to mark the occasion.  

Cream have put together one of its biggest Ibiza line ups to date for this special one off event.  The show which takes place in the world’s biggest club ‘Privilege’ will be headlined by one of the world’s biggest electronic live acts, the unstoppable Underworld, they will be joined by Above & Beyond, Pete Tong, Annie Mac, Zane Lowe, Judge Jules, Kissy Sell Out, The Japanese Postars, Jaguar Skills, Alex Metric, Jaymo & Andy George, Kutski and Gareth Wyn.   BBC Radio 1 will broadcast performances from the show in a special extended Essential Mix.

Known as much for his extremely accurate mixing skills as for his controversial opinions and statements, Brazilian old school DJ Ricardo Guedes passed away last Tuesday of a heart attack, as stated in his official website

DJs and music lovers nationwide from both the underground and the mainstream mourned his untimely death at age 46, as Ricardo was one of the pioneers, an important member of the team of DJs who laid the foundation of the club culture in the country during the early 90s with radio shows, compilations, remixes for acts such as Madonna and Simply Red and, of course, DJing.

Goa’s new tourism boss Minister Nilkant Halarnkar said he was opposed to raves taking place in the notoriously corrupt and hedonistic Indian holiday state this week though revealed that stopping them isn’t one of his key concerns.

"Practically, it is not feasible to crack down on them at once,” he told local newspaper the Sakaal Times, “It is to be done over a period of time,” he suggested.

Police announced they are reviewing the licence of Midlands superclub the Custard Factory this week after four revellers were shot and wounded during an Urban Music Gathering party at the prestigious arts centre.

altNow in its third year SPIRIT of Burgas is the rising star of Eastern European festival scene set against the beautiful backdrop of Bulgaria's Back Sea Coast. Taking place from 13th-15th August on the picture-perfect white sands of the city's central beach, SPIRIT will play host to some of the finest local and international artists, including the eagerly anticipated return of The Prodigy plus Gorillaz Sound System (DVJ), Serj Tankian, Apollo 440, DJ Shadow and Andy C who will all perform in the Bulgaria for the first time with many more names still to be announced.

US psychologists have reported a massive drop in empathy levels amongst college students, presenting the results of a new study this week at the annual Association for Psychological Science conference at the University of Michigan.

Researchers conducted a meta-analysis of 14,000 students and discovered a 40% drop in empathy levels between those who enrolled after 2,000 compared to older students, with many younger students seemingly even indifferent about being perceived as being caring.

US tech/ house star Josh Wink sent out a series of unhappy Tweets following his headline appearance at Detroit’s Electronic Music Festival this week, after apparently performing a disastrous set at the hugely popular annual street festival.

“It’s hard in front of 12,000 people to have technical issues. I'm sorry. I did my best under the circumstances but as you saw, it wasn’t typical for me,’ he complained soon after the gig, followed by a couple more messages suggesting he’d had a rotten time.

London’s Fabric Up for Sale BUT Still Open

London superclub Fabric issued a fresh statement this week confirming that they remain open for business despite the club going into administration and being advertised on a property website as up for sale.

“Despite the administration appointment over Fabric 591 Limited, the nightclub, records and publishing continue business as usual,” they said in a statement.

Leading German music magazine Electronic Beats have uploaded a new DJ mix to their radio station by Jonty Skrufff, showcasing his latest selection of uber-upfront electro-techno tunes from the likes of Dusty Kid, Jesse Rose and Robert Hood.

The hour long mix (called Nutcracker Sweet: click HERE to listen sits alongside mixes by leading German producers Bookashade, Magda and Modeselektor and is a peak time, high octane ultra-fresh selection of new tunes.

“I’ve been based in Berlin for two years now and my style has definitely changed during this period, ditching some of the poppier flavours of London in favour of proper dancefloor grooves,” says Jonty.

A massive study into the sleeping patterns of 1.6 million people has revealed that those who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 12% more likely to die young than others sleeping six to eight hours.

Professor Jim Horne, of the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre told the BBC factors such as depression could be a factor behind the fatal link.

"Sleep is just a litmus paper to physical and mental health,” he told the BBC, “having less than five hours a night suggests something is probably not right,” he added.

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