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Leading German music magazine Electronic Beats have uploaded a new DJ mix to their radio station by Jonty Skrufff, showcasing his latest selection of uber-upfront electro-techno tunes from the likes of Dusty Kid, Jesse Rose and Robert Hood.

The hour long mix (called Nutcracker Sweet: click HERE to listen sits alongside mixes by leading German producers Bookashade, Magda and Modeselektor and is a peak time, high octane ultra-fresh selection of new tunes.

“I’ve been based in Berlin for two years now and my style has definitely changed during this period, ditching some of the poppier flavours of London in favour of proper dancefloor grooves,” says Jonty.

A massive study into the sleeping patterns of 1.6 million people has revealed that those who sleep less than 6 hours a night are 12% more likely to die young than others sleeping six to eight hours.

Professor Jim Horne, of the Loughborough Sleep Research Centre told the BBC factors such as depression could be a factor behind the fatal link.

"Sleep is just a litmus paper to physical and mental health,” he told the BBC, “having less than five hours a night suggests something is probably not right,” he added.

UK Party Police’s Appetite For Destruction

Norfolk police boasted about shredding £3,000 worth of sound systems and speakers this week and in what’s becoming an annual tradition vowed to seize and destroy sound equipment from anyone planning any more parties over the Easter break.

“This is a clear message to rave organisers. The date is significant as it would be foolish for anyone to hold an illegal event over the Easter period,” Inspector Mike Brown told local newspaper the Great Yarmouth Mercury.

16th - 18th July 2010

'The Dirty Dozen' is history and we proudly present the first confirmations for the 13th edition of Melt! Festival at the wonderful and unique Ferropolis festival site, set against a breathtaking backdrop of five huge hulking coal mining diggers that tower into the sky.

We almost shed a tear on getting this confirmation: The grandmasters of TripHop, Massive Attack, will get the huge diggers at the "City of Iron" to vibrate under the influence of their bass-heavy Bristol sound. As another high-calibre headliner, we are very proud to announce The XX. Rest assured that the aesthetic overall concept of the British trio fits perfectly into the Melt! scenery. Booka Shade will present their new album 'More!' at Melt! and they promise that 'There will be a lot of physical action and sweat on the stage'.

Promoters in Australia have warned that revellers using Facebook and Twitter to co-ordinate simultaneous mass gate-crashing attempts are threatening the future of the festivals.

Future Entertainments chief Jason Ayoubi told the Herald Sun the problem is the ‘worst it’s ever been’ while Stereosonic Festival chief Richie McNeill described how hundreds of youths started ‘howling like wolves’  and throwing bottles in December when security successfully prevented them from breaking in.

French independent music organisation Qwartz has selected Jonty Skrufff’s remix of Motor’s single Death Rave as one of seven nominees for best track of 2009 in their ‘Dancefloor/ Clubbing’ category.

Additional contenders in the same category include Citizen Records’ Monosurround (‘We in Hello World), Kompakt’s Supermayer (Hey Hotties!’) and HANDS’ the PCP Principle (‘37/41 in electronic violence phenomena).

Organisers of London’s seminal fetish party Torture Garden have announced that Thursday’s New Year’s Eve party is ‘very likely to not happen’ after police ordered the event’s Brixton venue to close immediately.

“We were informed this morning (Monday December 28) that Mass, our regular venue of the last 10 years and our location for the Torture Garden New Years Eve event, was served last night with a 28 day closure notice,” TG declared in a statement posted on their website.

The Guardian analysed the longevity of rock stars including Paul McCartney, the Rolling Stones and Neil Young with the declining quality of their musical output this week and concluded it happens ‘perhaps because most musicians have a finite number of ideas’.

"What does seems to be true of everyone from Bob Dylan to David Bowie is that, as musicians age, their creativity starts to fade', the newspaper continued, an assertion club legend Jagz Kooner agreed with.

Metrosexual clubbers wearing pointy shoes, tight T shirts and skinny fit jeans have been banned from top Melbourne nightspot the Ding Dong Lounge after club promoter Scott Mellor blamed them for provoking violence in Australian clubs.

“We took everything that we disliked about going out to clubs and inverted it; no dressing up like David Beckham,” Mr Mellor told Fox New reporters. "We are simply providing a venue for people who don't subscribe to the standards of 90 per cent of other clubs." 

Amsterdam’s ADE- the World’s Best Music Conference?

“Miami’s Winter Music Conference is mostly about fans and turns almost everyone into a drug mule for five days and nights. Whereas ADE (Amsterdam Dance Event) is music business people getting real music business done. You can leave ADE with solid deals and you pretty much only leave WMC hung over.”

Nowadays clean-living electro/ house legend Tommie Sunshine flew into Amsterdam last week to appear as a guest speaker on various panels; to DJ; to promote his upcoming single 5AM; and to launch new label Brooklyn Fire, and admits he’s pleased with what he’s achieved.

“I am an artist, so taking meetings and scheduling things isn't exactly my forte but I bullshitted my way through it quite well, I felt,” he chuckles.

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