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Just like the Boogie Night Crew, this is the first time for Andre to leave his hometown of Paris for the beautiful city of ours. Apart from buying mobile phones, watches and crazy stuff, Andre bought the people’s love by his cute graffiti of Mr. A!! Here, we bring you the interview with this smooth criminal who would go to court, just to declare his love on the walls!


Alyson: Hey Andre, how you doing?

Andre: Good, ready for tonight!

Alyson: So you’ve just arrived, or have you been here for a few days?

Andre: Oh I arrived 4 days before, first time here, I’m so happy, I’ve just discovered the city, I really felt in love with HK.

Alyson: Tell me where you went!

Andre: Like… not really far from here, Mongkok…

Alyson: Oh! You’ve probably went to the street market!

Andre: Yeah, I went to that park that’s errr… all the fake stuff, that’s too much for tourists… I didn’t care about that… Nah I went to all the small malls… where all the young people from Hong Kong go to… those small shop, very specialized shops…

Alyson: Before you arrived, what did you expect?

Andre: Something like this… but not as crazy, I like there’s a kind of mix between like… modern things… old things… for me it’s kinda like the future will be like in Hong Kong.

Alyson: I know you’re really good at what you do, which is graffiti arts, how did it all started?

Andre: Oh it started when I was like about 13-years-old, was like the middle of the 80’s, I was just a kid you know, I had some spray cans and some markers, I used to walk around in Paris, and draw on the walls, just draw my name! And it was kind of a game, just write my name everywhere, in most places I could get.

Alyson: Wow! Did you get caught for it??

Andre: Ahhh… yeah, many times, was in court, I tried not to get caught, but sometimes, it happens.

Alyson: Well, what motivates you to stick to this?

Andre: I don’t know! You know, the 1st day I just draw on the wall, I felt something like.. I don’t know… it’s about freedom or something very powerful, I couldn’t really explain but I just had to do it. Even today, 20 years later, I’m still doing that, I’m still drawing on the walls outside at night, you know… it’s part of my life, I need it, it’s my energy!

Alyson: Tell us what’s your trademark!

Andre: Yeah, I have my icon it’s called Mr. A, who I usually draw a lot on the walls… but I also have many different work!

Alyson: I’m looking at this gallery book of yours, every one is so different, and it’s all like names!

Andre: Yeah, it was a project I called ‘Love Graffiti’, and I used to be like… a public writer, and people can order from me to write the name of their lover, so I used to go and draw the name of the girl or the guy, just nearby where they live, so when they get up in the morning, they’re up in their window, and they saw their name, in huge brightful colored letters, and that was a kind of declaration of love, and that was doing part of all the projects I made, I made about more than 100 different names, and that was a work!

Alyson: Now with all your experiences, there’s gotta be one or two pieces of work from yourself which you can just not forget, or you can just take that one out and be proud of!

Andre: Yeah… I’m proud of about everything I make… that’s good, yeah!! I make some crazy things, I made like… I painted the wall, that was like 400 sq meters big, all by myself, it took more than one month…

Alyson: Wow!

Andre: I KNOW! And I made a Mr. A giant! Was like one the building, and (that) was like more than 20 floors high… in Paris… all illegal… (giggle) that’s doing part of graffiti, I have a few… different things like this that are quite big…

Alyson: You’ve done crazy things like these, do you have anything in mind that you still haven’t done, but you’d die to do it!

Andre: Yeah! Paint a plane, up-going… that would be one of the great things I would love to do, I would also love to paint a really really big wall on a really high building. That’s gonna be something…

Alyson: I see you’ve been doing a lot live events, which combines your graffiti to music.

Andre: Yeah, I do that sometimes, I made it for HK, I used to do it when I was much younger, nowadays, I don’t always have the time, but for this occasion, I’m good to do something special.

Alyson: Speaking of music events, do you like music?

Andre: Yeah, actually I produce some music in Paris, and it’s part of my life, graffiti is always about music, dance, it’s about today’s life, it’s not just one thing, it’s not just art, or drawings, it’s just a complete universe.

Alyson: It’s like a whole culture.

Alyson: Now, before I let you go, everybody from our website they’ve all been waiting for this moment, they all want me to ask you to do something for our HKClubbing Radio… would that be ok??

Andre: Of course! I can do a small drawing for you!


Tokyo’s #1 House Party crew, the Boogie Night Crew, took the time to get on this journey to educate the people of Hong Kong, what Full Entertainment is. 10 members of the crew, including the 3 sexy Boogie Ladies, the 4 Boogie DJs who play insane sets, flew in just to provide a night for us with the most outrageous performances! When two of Asia’s busiest cities meet, we here as the host, should be polite enough to thank them with this - “Arigatou”!!

A: Alyson

Y: DJ Yan

D: DJ Daruma

H: Hidehisa Hara (Organizer)

A: Welcome to Hong Kong, are you all doing?

All: Yeah!!

A: I need you to correct me if I’m wrong… Konichiwa!!

All: Right right… Konichiwa!!

A: So what do you think of Hong Kong so far? You been here before?

D: No no no… first time…

A: First time? D’ya like it?

D: Yeah yeah!

A: What can we expect from the Boogie Night event? I know you’re playing…

D: Ehhh… (Our) style is house music, but not just house music, we like funky bass-line, (but we have 4 DJs, so we have different styles…) Like Daruma, me, my house style is not just funky house, (there’s) hip-hop flavor, electro flavor, and Rock’n Roll flavor, so that’s my house style.

Y: My style, basically French House, Rock’n Roll… and Romantic!!

A: Romantic?

All: (LOL)

A: That sounds like 3 different things? How do you mix them all together??


A: If you can play anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

D: I went to Korea last Christmas, and I need to go to Europe…

A: Cool. Before you come to Hong Kong, what did you expect?

H: I think… of course this is the first time for us, I think Hong Kong is a very exciting city, we love European culture, and Hong Kong has many many English culture, I think England, Chinese culture mix, very interesting… and exciting city… and the town is very very beautiful, and people are so hot, and I think the music is very hot…

We came to Hong Kong this time with 10 people, so all the Boogie Night staff are here together, we want to tell HK people, our flavor, Tokyo #1 house party flavor, want to know if we feel the same thing together!

A: Compare Hong Kong to Tokyo, is it still very crazy and busy?

All: Yeah!

Y: People!

A: The people… yeah, people never walk, they run!

All: Yeah yeah yeah!!

A: Now, I have never been to Tokyo, what would you tell me to make me wanna go to Tokyo even more?

D: Tokyo is a mixing culture of two, American and European, and Japan. But this is the original Tokyo flavor. Tokyo’s crowd scene is so big, so many crowds in Tokyo, big crowds and small crowds, everybody likes night clubbing, so young culture of night clubbing, and everybody DJs! There are so many record shops, everybody goes to record shops and (look for records)!

A: How did the whole Boogie Night idea come together?

D: Boogie Night started since last year, and we like hip-hop style in Tokyo, but hip-hop is very (commercialized) in Tokyo, we like danceable music, in the world, maybe last year, the mainstream was dance music, maybe funky house style, we like funky bass-line music, so we went to many kind of crowds in Tokyo, house music, techno music, and the good (feedback) is funky house, is ours!! Sorry… I’m not speaking very good English…

A: So what would you like to bring back to Japan from Hong Kong? It can be just an object, or it can be very spiritual…

H: Especially, tonight’s party is very cool and beautiful… so many beautiful people will come, clubber people, we are the people of Tokyo club people, and every weekend we go clubbing… stylish clubs, French clubs… I wanna know the worldwide people, the clubber people, the stylish people, I wanna know the culture, the club culture in HK, and maybe we can see the very good culture of Hong Kong clubbers!

D: (Taking his camera out)

H: The people are very kind, I think the town is very exciting!

A: I hope you would enjoy your stay in Hong Kong, and good luck with the show~!


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