One of the fathers of band sound in Hong Kong; Joey Tang from band Tai Chi is one of my dad, and my own personal favorites. Songs like “Red Mobile” and “Let me Stay” is one of those timeless classics that always gets the crowd going, singing along each word unfailingly with their hands up in the air. As an 80’s baby interviewing the most well know 1980’s band member face to face, I was thrown overboard with his strong presence and lovely sense of humor.

So what does Guinness stand for you?

Something that’s cool, masculine, and edgy with the black. A personal favorite; the beer is perfect as a draft and has been my number one order whenever I hit a pub locally or abroad.

What’s the difference between the regular “yellow” beers with the black Guinness?

First off, it looks different and has a different taste; secondly for me, it’s a source of medication. I play soccer as a hobby, but my knee caps started hurting so I asked around for advice as to what to eat to make it better. None of the Chinese medicine worked, but who would’ve guessed Guinness actually made it feel better? 

Wow, really? 

Yes! Then the habit never stopped, I drink Guinness whenever I have the chance.

Was there a special moment you shared with Guinness? Anything interesting that happened when you enjoy your Guinness?

I was travelling abroad to Italy with some friends one time, and since they have never seen the Leaning Tower Pisa but I have, they went on to do some sightseeing and I went to have a run instead. When I was done, they were still taking their time so I decided to drop by a local bar. I was not expecting but they served perfect draft Guinness in Italy too; I have to admit the brand is undoubtedly successful around the world. 

What about the theme? How does “Paint the Town Black” translate for you?

Rock bands love black, because it’s cool. So I’m always wearing black from head to toe!

Joey Tang did a perfect performance with band mate Patrick Lui that night, raising the atmosphere and hyping the crowd to its highest level at the end of the night; I was one of the audiences waving my arms around too.

If you missed the show, click here to see our photos of the night.

Interview by Joyce Tsang


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