hkclubbing: So how did it all begin?
DJ Kid Fresh: I just happened to be fascinated with the idea of mixing, scratching, blending and manipulating music using 2 turntables and a mixer since the first time I've seen DJ competitions on TV as a teenager. I gave it a try someday and I realized my talent, so I just kept doing it in order to get better and to see how far I can take it.

hkc: Where did the name come from?
KF: It's somewhat of an homage to the golden era of rap music, which I grew up in. Also, I always used to be the youngest around my friends and I got a fresh style, haha, basically a no brainer.

hkc: What gave you that initial push?
KF: The moment I realized I could possibly make this my profession.

hkc: Did the Djing, Production, Promoting come 1st?
KF: First scratching and turntablism, then DJing, then promoting, then production. I also consider myself a networker, booker and consultant these days.

hkc: Who and what are your influences?
KF: Vodka, cats, trees, pancakes, typhoons, hash browns and full moon. Basically everything my senses come across, whether I like it or not.

hkc:How would you describe your sound?
KF: Unique, energetic, creative, cosmopolitan and versatile.

hkc: Who's throwing the best parties at the moment?
KF: In HK you mean? What do you wanna hear? Myself and DJ Enso, obviously. Haha, but seriously, I mainly focus on my own stuff. Other mentionworthy local promoter-crews off the top of my head that are constantly shaping the HK scene are guys like HEAVY, KONGKRETEBASS, MAGNETIC SOUL and SWAGGA PRODUCTIONS.

hkc: Which other countries have you played/put parties on?
KF: I've played in over 25 countries all over Europe, Asia and America so far. Other than in HK, I've been putting on lots of parties in Germany in the past.

hkc: What was the first event you ever played at/put on?
KF: First event I played at was at a small basement club in Germany around 1997. A friend of mine used to organize parties and he liked my musical taste, so he asked me to bring along some records. My hands were shaking so hard I could barely put the needle to the groove. However, the night turned out to be a great success and I got lots of positive feedback, which got the snowball rolling and got me more and more gigs. 1 year later I started putting on and organizing/ promoting my own events, first with locals, then started booking DJs from all over Europe.

hkc: What's the best event you've played at/put on?
KF: Way too many memorable events in the past decade. I guess I'm lucky (and picky) enough to play mostly at events/ parties/ clubs I really enjoy playing at. As for my own events, they've all been quite successful lately so I can't complain about that either.

hkc: What was your first record you bought?
KF: Michael Jackson - Off The Wall

hkc: Out of all the tunes you have, which one 'never fails?'
KF: Depends, I play for a big variety of different crowds/cultures/generations. Generally spoken, no matter what personal taste style, people get a weird kind of sense for music once they're drunk and gathered in groups at a club. The most cheesy and most recognizable/ accessible stuff usually is most efficient for the average human. If I had to pick one timeless universal sureshot, it'd probably be Robin S's "Show Me Love". EVERYBODY seems to know and love that one- at least in a club environment. Don’t ask why. However, the true challenge of being a good DJ is not to play sureshot after sureshot like a robot but to find/ pick tunes before they get popular, and to introduce good new music in an unexpected and sneaky yet crowd-pleasing way, while still throwing the occasional bone here and there. Balance is everything.

hkc: What's your favourite tune of all time?
KF: No such thing. There are too much great music and too much variety out there. Musical monogamy is rather pointless to me. Ideally I'll discover a new piece of music every other day that I fall in love with.

hkc: So how is the scene in your eyes at the moment?
KF: It's interesting. Genres and categorization don't seem to matter that much anymore, which is something I was hoping for to happen since a long time. There're still certain new trends, hypes and new genres popping up, but after all, they're so transient because the development of those new styles happens so quickly. Some of the new music and artists coming up these days are becoming quite undefinable in terms of category & genre. People nowadays, artists as well as consumers have a lot more access to music and new movements via the internet, which I feel helps the general open-mindedness. There's no genres I stick to, I just differentiate between good music and bad music. The average consumer is slowly  but surely developing similar habits, which I think is very nice to see.

hkc: How big is your vinyl collection? What do you think of CDJ's?
KF: It used to be around 2000, but I cut it down to around half of it, only keeping the ones I really couldn't live without. Honestly though, I haven't touched those in a while, all my vinyl is in storage at the moment. Lately I've been using digital systems that allow me to put my entire collection on my laptop yet maintain the use of turntables and vinyl, which is a big plus in terms of mobility and convenience. I don't mind CDJs but I much prefer the feel and the direct controllability of vinyl.

: What’s the funniest thing that ever happened at an event?
KF: Having club-goers throw banknotes at me inside the DJ booth.

hkc: What do you do outside of the dance music scene?
KF: I listen to loads of non-dance music and do non-clubby things. I'm not too crazy about clubbing as a consumer. I’m quite a low-key and nerdy person. I’m constantly digging for new music and I enjoy traveling and photography a lot.

hkc: What advice would you give to up and coming DJs/Promoters?
KF: Try being yourself as much as you can cause everyone else is already taken.

hkc: You have won DJ mixing championships before in Germany, have you ever thought of entering in Hong Kong? Are you actually allowed to?
KF: I first started getting involved in competitions around ’99 and I closed that particular chapter of my career at a point where I couldn't have taken it much further, leaving my mark by becoming the first German world champion since David Fascher in 1991 after more than a decade of mostly American, British and French dominance in the game. That was 7 years ago. Nowadays I have too many other things on my schedule and I don't even have the time to focus on competitions anymore. I still get invited to judge competitions from time to time, but I’m not interested in participating anymore. It’s a full time job that takes a lot of effort, time and discipline if you really take it seriously. Entering a HK championship would be pointless to me and not exactly fair towards the local DJs. A former world champion German dude representing HK in the world finals? That wouldn't look right. Besides, I don't think I'd even be allowed to enter as a non-HK-citizen.


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