Kristine Sa's debut album 'I Never Knew' posesses a mixture of sounds and emotions that captivates her listeners. HKClubbing catches up with her to see what she has been getting up to and how the internet has allowed her music to be felt by everyone.

HKClubbing: How would you best describe your latest album?
Kristine: This is such a hard first question! lol. I think I would describe my first album to be a little sad, and very honest. It is also a little experimental and very fun. There is a lot of truth and risk in this album.

HKClubbing: Which, if any artist do you believe has been the major influence towards your music?
Kristine: I’ve been heavily influenced by artists such as Jewel, Celine Dion, Sarah McGlachlan... basically, all the women artists that write and perform from their souls. It is very empowering and inspirational to me.

HKClubbing: You songs cover a variety of different styles, which one do you believe is the one that describes your music the best?
Kristine: I think I would have to lean towards the ballads. I love singing slow songs. I just feel like it gives me time to really sink into the emotions. However, I still love all of the other styles. I love being able to bounce around and move while singing. It’s a great feeling when the music moves you. And I also love to just speak what I’ve written. This is the least stressful style of all. No vocals to worry about. =)

HKClubbing: Any plan to visit Asia to promote you album, for example an Asia Tour or just press visits?
Kristine: Between those two choices, I think I would have to do just the visits. I would get too homesick!  If given the chance though, I would love to visit A LOT.

HKClubbing: I see that you can listen to a number of your songs on your site as well as live movies, how do you think the internet has helped to promote your music Worldwide and how much has it had on your exposure?
Kristine: I consider myself an internet baby. I mean my exposure began online so I have strong faith in the power of the internet. I mean, I am such an internet-junky myself. I love to go online and find out tons of info about my favourite artists, so it feels nice to know that I can be a part of that.

HKClubbing: What do you do besides your busy schedule of promoting your album, poetry, singing and writing?
Kristine: Just everyday stuff: go for bubble tea with friends, hang out with my family, etc. Lately I’ve been addicted to buying shoes. I finally fell into the “shoe” trap! It’s so hard to stop buying shoes once you start. You can never get enough! LOL.

HKClubbing: What should we expect in the future form Kristine Sa?
Kristine: I believe you can expect the same honesty from me, and I guess (thinking...) expect what you won’t be expecting. =)



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