Will this be your first show in Hong Kong?   Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing or seeing in particular?

Yeah it is! You know what, I know very little about Hong Kong so I'm really looking forward to have a look around… I have a couple of mates out there who've promised to show me some cool s**t.

How do you feel that DJing and producing has changed over the last few years?

DJing? Not hugely - for me anyway. I know there are all kinds of machines out there to make your life easier, but at the crux it's still much the same: you turn up with your favourite records, play them in an order that makes sense to you, and hope that people feel it. I mean that's the difficult thing, the selecting the records - not the making noise come out the speakers bit. That's why it's still an art form, because selecting the records and the order is hard and takes a lot of practice. You see all this sensationalist bulls**t in dance music mags "Digital Software To Change Djing Forever" - "New Headset Allows You To Select Tracks Using Nervous Impulses From Your Groin" etc - it's meaningless - because you still have to go out and find interesting records and then practice playing them in your room and then in small clubs and then in big clubs and whatever, and even then you might think you have a "great set" - a great list of tracks to play… and then that means nothing because each gig is totally different. I don't really care how people play their music. All the people I know who use controllers play interesting s**t - or they're doing stuff live and it's all their own tracks, or it's a mixture of the two or whatever. Djing is growing up going to record stores, staying up all night listening to tracks with your mates, going clubbing and hearing those tracks out, finding out what kind of shit really works etc. The machines are just a vehicle via which a person passes on these experiences.

In terms of production - I'm pretty new to it personally - you know, the last three years or so… So I can't really go about making grandiose statements about which plugins have revolutionised making music using software or whatever. Obviously, if you have a laptop nowadays - you could hypothetically make some noise. So in terms of big changes, that's certainly one of them. But then, thats the kind of thing middle of the road music journalists write -"anyone can make music now, it's so easy!" Negative. It is easy to synthesise sound, it is not easy to make music - I might have only been making tracks for three years but I was thinking about what I wanted to make for ages.

What was your favourite memory so far of 2013 and what would you like to achieve during the rest of the year?

Probably stripping semi naked and jumping into Richie Hawtin's pool in Ibiza, drinking vintage Sake and MDMA vodka shots tbh. In terms of the rest of the year - writing loads of music, finishing off some interesting collaborations I've got on the go, continuing to play great gigs for really nice people, and I suppose off the back of that really hone my DJing etc.

What can we expect from your upcoming performance in Hong Kong?

I think doing this for a while now has allowed me to relax into it a bit - I like to let tracks run for longer, roll out more interesting bits and pieces. I mean it all depends on what it's like when I get in the room to be honest! I never really plan sets - it always seems to leave you disappointed because you couldn't play one track or other because the mood wasn't right, so yeah we'll see! I do however have some new tracks of my own which will probably be getting their first run out over that weekend which should be cool. I hope, anyway!

Aside from your DJ equipment, name you top three touring essentials.

Clean clothes… I don't f**k with uncleanliness; a pad of paper and a decent biro for scribbling s**t down - pictures, ideas for tracks etc; a fresh, long mix tape from one your favourite DJ's for the plane. Something you can really get stuck into. That's more than three I guess in total, sorry.

Tell us a story from tour that shocked you?

When I went to Texas for SXSW - the first stop on my first US tour, I rented an AirBNB place to stay near the airport. I touched down exhausted after having not slept the entire flight and made my way over to where I thought the place was. Unfortunately I forgot the actual number of the house - so from memory I tried to find it. Completely delirious, I knocked on an old lady's door by accident and peered in through her window. She thought she was getting burgled and called the cops. By the time I found the actual house - about 10 minutes later, three squad cars had pulled up behind me and were shining their turbo lights in my eyes and ordering me to step away from the house and put my hands where they could see them. Quite distressing.

Do you have any pre gig rituals?

Haha - er, not really… apart from wandering aimlessly about. I'm getting quite into yoga at the moment, so I might bring a mat to gigs now and practice a little before I go down to the club.

Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers / artists at the moment?

These guys are actually established producers doing new things under new, different alias's, but irregardless - people like Will & Ink and Blue Hour are right on the money for me. Just powerful, no frills dance music. I guess Max McFerren? I play a lot of his s**t but I don't know if he's that new? Possibly. Also Grayson Revoir. All those guys off of the Shoot The Lobster label in NYC actually. Been caning that stuff.

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing?

Realistically I don't know… Probably begging BM Records in Soho to take me on for more shifts.

South London Ordnance will be performing at Jb's Lounge on the 15th November 2013, click HERE for more information.


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