Jeff Mills: Exhibitionist (Techno):Showing an acute self-perception often rare amongst DJs, techno’s biggest show off, Jeff Mills has chosen wisely in calling his new mix CD/ DVD the Exhibitionist, though it could equally justifiably have been called Live At The Liquid Room 2, the last such mix CD he released 8 years ago.

The poignantly, the Toyko warehouse style nightspot shut its doors for the last time this New Years Day, making Exhibitionist a testimony to Japan’s best known night club ever.

While the DVD clips were entirely filmed in Detroit, USA, Mills’ initial test took place at the Liquid Room in 2001, where the always innovative jock had run peforming alongside projected images of himself. For the CD though, he’s delivered what all Mills fans have come to love and expect; a superbly mixed, fast changing exhibition of top quality turntable wizardry.

Segueing 45 tracks together over the length of a single CD, Mills typically selects tiny parts from tracks by the likes of Ben Sims, Oliver Ho, Claude Young and even Victor Simonelli, though the dominant name on the writing credits is Mills himself, appearing no less than 17 times. Conducive to being played loud, the CD will impress the faithful though may struggle to achieve the same wider impact Live At The Liquid Room did in 1996.

Release date is February 2.

Genre: Techno:
(React Music)

1 AX-009F segment 3 Jeff Mills
2 Condor to Mallorca Jeff Mills
3 Organic Synthetic Oliver Ho
4 Dances D'Afrique Rmx Samuel L Sessions
5 Laget Hans Jesper Dahlbeck
6 Zulu Nation Part IX: The End The Witch Docter Remix Alan Barratt presents
7 Black Water Octave One
8 Moments Dope Mix Ben Sims
9 Bateria-Latin Impressions UK Gold Remix Victor Simonelli
10 Slipped Again Troy Geary
11 Contact Paula Temple
12 B2 from CR007 Oscar Mulero
13 Harmonix WJH
14 Ride the Threshold Headroom
15 The Bells Jeff Mills
16 Ricoque Samuel L Sessions
17 LATIN LOVER (Voodoooamt aka Patrick Lindsey remix) Monika Kruse & Zafra Negra
18 "the" part 1 Jeff Mills
19 Preview Jeff Mills
20 Knap Danilo Vigorito
21 Camborele Andreas Saag
22 Respectful John Arnold
23 Tango Jeff Mills
24 untitled Jeff Mills
25 Sacred Object (track A) Oliver Ho
26 More Over Paul Mac
27 Long Summer Nights Gary Martin
28 Watching Me Aaron Hedges
29 Midnight Confessions DJ Rush
30 Love Club Mark Williams
31 4Art Jeff Mills
32 untitled Jeff Mills
33 Core Samuel L Sessions
34 untitled Jeff Mills
35 Sugar is Sweeter Jeff Mills
36 Finger Four DJ Zank
37 "see" part 3 Jeff Mills
38 thought of phutura side B Claude Young/Jeff Mills
39 "the" part 3 Jeff Mills
40 Native High Jeff Mills
41 "light" part 3 Jeff Mills
42 Alarms Ben Sims mix Jeff Mills
43 untitled Jeff Mills
44 Aguila Aztec Mystic
45 See This Way Jeff Mills

Rating: 7/10

Jonty Skrufff (

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