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Hong Kong never really sleeps. With some of the best watering holes in the world, the city has ample options for party animals that want to take it from day to night. Don’t believe us? Follow our 24-hour party itinerary below. 

Love to dance? You’re in luck. Hong Kong has no shortage of great dance floors with a variety of music genres to suit every taste. Show off your moves at these establishments, boasting the best dance floors in the city.

There are a few clubs in Hong Kong that have regular EDM DJs performing at their clubs. The most popular ones would be:

We recommend that you check out the event calendar as we update that every day. Check out below the 2015 video by Magnum Club/ Zentral showing all of their parties from that year. We are lucky that we are able to get to see so many DJs and producers in the city.

As rents are high you will find that many venues in Hong Kong will have have tables and chairs filling up where a dance floor could be so that the space can be booked. We do not have massive dancefloors but we do have ones good enough for dancing throughout the night.

The best dancefloors in Hong Kong include PLAY, Magnum Club and Prive. As we do enjoy high ceilings too so that we can put our hands in the air, Magnum Club and PLAY are the ones we get to do that the most!

Do check out the calendar for the latest events at all of these clubs.

For Macau the best large dancefloor that we recommend would be that of Cubic Club.

We get a lot of requests for this from artists as well as those visiting Hong Kong. It is really nice after a night out in the Central area to not have to go too far to your hotel.

Hotels are opening every couple of months in Hong Kong so there are quite a few to choose from. If you really want to go no distance at all then check out LKF Hotel. This is right in the centre of the nightlife district in Central.

Some new hotels that are not to far from Central that we have not tried out yet include Best Western and Ibis.

There are some very nice hotels in Central, but you would be paying top dollar for them. These include The Four Seasons, The Mandarin Oriental and The Landmark Mandarin Oriental.

Our preferred hotel is the Island Pacific Hotel. It is not to far from Central and the rates are decent.

If you do not mind leaving the Central / Sheung Wan area then there are plenty of other hotels all the way along the island from Admiralty to North Point.

There have not been any local regular trance nights in some time. Usually the main trance events in Hong Kong are those when an international DJ comes to the city.

Most of the biggest names in trance have come to Hong Kong over the years and they usually happen in clubs as well as one off locations such as hotel ballrooms to outdoor areas.

We recommend you check the events calendar HERE to see what is going on and any international DJ events that are confirmed will be posted there.

FLY sometimes has Drum n Bass nights, but usually International DJ guests for example SS.

We often get people asking us where can you listen to Tech House and Techno music in Hong Kong. There are only a few places that play that kind of music on a regular basis.

Volar does have some tech house local DJs playing there each week, but best to check their schedule as they do have International DJs coming in all the time.

If you are looking for Night Clubs with International DJs, then here is a list of some of the top places to check out if you want to see DJs that have specially flown in to the city.

There are not to many live music venue options in Hong Kong, for small to medium sized shows. But the ones that are used do often have local and international shows.

Hidden Agenda hosts regular local and international acts and does a great job at bringing a variety of music to Hong Kong.

Grappa's Cellar has had a lot of what we would call medium sized events with a capacity of about 400. Some of the best shows have happended here.

AsiaWorld has the Arena for bigger concerts like everyone from Oasis to Eric Clapton and then the halls for slightly smaller shows.

KIEC has a number of different locations that are used for everything from Muay Thai kickboxing to of course live music events. These locations include Star Hall, Music Zone and Rotunda 3.


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Top Nightclubs

  1. Zentral
  2. Magnum Club (closed)
  3. Club Cubic (macau)
  4. Volar
  5. Play
  6. Dragon-i
  7. Levels
  8. Drop
  9. Bungalow
  10. Yojimbo
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Top Restaurants

  1. The Globe
  2. Zafran
  3. New Punjab Club
  4. Shore Restaurant & Bar
  5. Armani/aqua
  6. Carbone
  7. Pastis
  8. Grappa's Cellar
  9. The Flying Pan (central)
  10. Azure Restaurant Slash Bar...
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Top Bars

  1. Armani/privé
  2. Ozone At The Ritz-carlton
  3. Club Fly
  4. Tazmania Ballroom - Pool Hall...
  5. Woobar
  6. Arena Bar By Zerve
  7. Djiboutii
  8. Vibes - The Mira Hong Kong
  9. Sugar (bar.deck.lounge)
  10. Salon De Ning - The Peninsula...
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New Listings

  1. Chifa Dumpling House
  2. Elia
  3. Nexus
  4. Fw Rio Grill & Seafood...
  5. A Tavola Bar & Grill
  6. This Town Needs_(ttn)
  7. Big Sur
  8. Sushi Hiro (tst)
  9. The Pond
  10. Dear Lilly
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