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Updates have been a bit slow this week due to loads of time being spent partying!

On the 8th November we will be uploading a heap of photos from the Halloween Boutique party, Rockit and a few others.

Catch you all later on and Happy Halloween!


The dude representin' for one billion Chinese people is back! Double R's Jin Tha MC is kicking of "The Rest is History Asia Tour 2004" in Shanghai on November 4th and Hong Kong on the 5th. Jin will also be heading to Japan, Taiwan & Singapore.


Rockit 2004 is Hong Kong’s first and only outdoor music festival.  Set in Victoria Park, Causeway Bay, against the backdrop of the HK skyline, this festival guarantees to ‘rock your world’.  Held during the long weekend of the 22nd, 23rd and 24th of October – please note extra date on Friday added due to popular demand, the main attraction for Rockit is music and there is something for all tastes and ages.  Victoria Park will house a stage for bands and a marquee for DJs.  The international bands and DJ’s flying in for the festival have caused a stir as individual performers.  But for Rockit these acts will all be in Hong Kong performing in the same space over the short course of 3 days.  Food and drinks will be available all day.  Rockit music festival will be a great chance to spend the weekend with friends, sitting on the grass and listening to great music.


After clubbing in Hong Kong for the last 13 years I have really discovered that the expats who always used to dominate the clubbing scene and who were the ones who first introduced it to Hong Kong have started to disappear. Only when a more commercial branded event happens does the true clubbing expat resurface and have a great time on the dance floor.


King Ly Chee’s Riz Farooqi shares his thoughts.

King Ly Chee is arguably the biggest (underground) band in Hong Kong. Their aggressive blend of punk and metal work only too well with their social and sometimes political lyrics. In the last few years, they have revolutionized Hong Kong’ s music scene by merging local and Expatriate rock cultures and introducing ‘Hardcore’ to Hong Kong. Their name reaches from the likes of our neighbors in Singapore and Japan to the other side of the world in America.

Tapas with a Twist – The Big Blue

Continuing our popular ‘Tapas with a Twist’ series, Boca is proud to present the latest feature menu, ‘The Big Blue’. Showcasing seven mouthwatering seafood dishes throughout October and November, The Big Blue is definitely the catch of the day!

Bordered by the cold waters of the Atlantic Ocean to the north and the warmer Mediterranean to the south, Spain has a wealth of delicious seafood on its doorstep. Our Head Chef has collected a wonderful array of seafood dishes that feature the varied coastal flavours of Spain.

Simple and traditional dishes, prendederos fritos de la caballa - $58 (pan-seared mackerel fillets seasoned with sea salt) and mejillones en salsa verde - $68  (mussels in green sauce) are found in restaurants all over Spain. For more complex combinations of flavours try the brochettes de los peces espadaa - $98 (swordfish, green pepper and bacon brochettes) or gambas al Jerez - $94 (shrimp in sherry sauce). The bacalao monacal - $96 (monastery' style salt cod) is historically a full flavoured dish eaten during Lent when meat was forbidden, and the chanquetes fritos - $62 (crispy fried whitebait) has always been a popular bar snack throughout Spain. And if you want to try something a little out of the ordinary with an amazing taste of the sea, ragout del erizos de mar - $88 (warm sea urchin ragout served in the shell) is a favourite in Asturia and Northern regions.

BOCA features an extensive selection of more than 80 wines including BOCA’s own unique ‘White Sangria’ - made from a secret recipe including white wine and  assorted white fruit juices, all infused with fresh pineapple and apple.

BOCA is located at 65 Peel Street, Soho, Central, Hong Kong. 

Tel:  2548 1717; Fax:  2548 1727

KOKAGE Introduces Teppanyaki Menu

The Sizzle Takes Center Stage at Star Street Restaurant

HONG KONG - Sept 17, 2004 - There are great performances happening all over Hong Kong. Starting this October, KOKAGE (k k g) will be hosting a great show every night – and they’ll be doing it right by your table. Star Street’s renowned Japanese restaurant is introducing a teppanyaki menu.

What is teppanyaki? Well, teppan means “iron plate,” and yaki is “stir fried.” Teppanyaki is the two-century-old art of preparing Japanese food before the diner’s very eyes on a tabletop grill. Guests can watch the chef’s dexterous hands, hear the sizzle of the delicacies as they hit the hot steel pan, and inhale the fragrances of fresh ingredients.

The result is food that’s very fresh and tasty -- cooked to perfection and not a second more.

KOKAGE offers two splendid teppanyaki menus. The beef and salmon/cod menu, just $380, includes appetizer, organic green salad, silver cod or pacific salmon, thin-sliced beef or steak, mixed stir fried vegetables, fried rice with beef, miso soup and pickles. The second menu, for $480, offers live king prawn or fresh scallops and wagyu beef for the main courses.

Chef Cheong hails formerly from Sakegawa at the Ritz Carlton.  Cheong has won great awards for in Sushi Champions and has created the new menu at Kokage.

Guests who book the teppanyaki table at KOKAGE can prepare for the sight, sound, smell, and taste of some of the most exciting Japanese food around.  The teppanyaki  table seats between 4-8 persons.  The teppanyaki dishes can also be ordered from the al a carte menu to complement our sushi rolls and japanese dishes.

KOKAGE is located 9 Star Street, Wanchai.

For reservations call : (852) 2529 6138


During the 10th month of 2003, the first annual Rockit Festival debuted, marking the first time anything of its kind has taken place in Hong Kong. What is Rockit? Rockit is, for two days, the center of Hong Kong’s alternative entertainment, food, and of course, as the name might suggest, hard hitting Rock ‘n’ Roll.

The Magical All-Female Quartet
Bond Asian Tour Live in Hong Kong

Breaking the rules of classical music, Bond adds a new dimension to classic tunes.  Wild and sexy, the all-female string quartet’s signature edgy performance style has captivated young fans all over the world.  Whenever Bond performs live, the sheer energy of their cutting-edge music touches all those who are present.  In May this year, the group’s concerts in Japan were such an incredible success.  Come October, fans in Hong Kong will be treated to the electrifying sounds from the Classical Spice Girls’ music.

Their new release Classified has received rave reviews from music lovers and the media alike.  The lead track “Explosive”, a sequel to “Victory”, with guest performance by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, merges classical, elegant melody with vibrant beats and instantly conveys an ecstatic feeling.  You just cannot resist indulging in Bond’s sea of beautiful notes.  Now a classic, their debut album Born went Platinum and Gold in more than 20 countries whereas the second album Shine stayed number 1 in the US Classical Crossover chart for 5 weeks straight.  The long-awaited new album Classified, produced by maestros Tonci Huljic and DJ Young, is sure to give fans a fresh impression.

Bond has brought about a phenomenal classical string music sensation in Asia.  With a plethora of female string groups appearing after Bond’s unparalleled success, it is evident that Bond is the leader in classical crossover music. 

To gear up for the Hong Kong leg of Bond’s Asian Tour, Commercial Radio will organise a competition to recruit talented violinists and cellists.  The winners will have a chance to perform in radio shows.

Bond’s music has been featured in numerous TV programmes, major events and in this year’s Athens Olympic Games.   The Spanish tune “Fuego” and the classic Bond track “Viva”, for instance, are some of the popular pieces used in the swimming events.

Bond, the magical all-female quartet will perform live on 10 October at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.  Hurry up and book your tickets now.

Date & Time: 8:00pm, Sunday, 10 October, 2004
Venue: Grand Hall, Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre
Ticketing:  HK Ticketing,
Enquiry hotline: 31 288 288

After confirming the dates as 23 & 24 October 2004 - Victoria Park Causeway Bay, the Rockit Festival organisers have already released some of the exciting lineup that we should expect at the 2 day event.

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