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Red Bull Runs Wild at Klong Bar & Grill

High-Energy Thrills Promised at January 29th Party

Klong Bar & Grill is about to become the scene of one of the most explosive parties of 2005. On the night of January 29th a new power will be unleashed on patrons, who are hereby warned. That’s the Red Vision, Fly With Red Bull night.

From 10:30pm to sunrise all partygoers will enjoy double shots of vodka (or other spirits) with a can of Red Bull for $85. The effect of spirits, of course, is well known. Add to that Red Bull, the high-octane energy drink, and you have a potion which both releases inhibitions, boosts energy and excitement. The bottom line: watch out!

Additional energy will be provided by the music of Steve Yau, who will rock the entire place with bone-shaking retro sounds. Pole dancers in Red Bull outfits will add to the mix, which includes music, dancing, drinking and general wildness.

This is the only place to be on the 29th. So watch for the Red Bull Mini Cooper parked outside the Klong and Red Bull girls pouring shots. Come explore a powerful alternative energy source at the party event of the season.

Love Da Records is putting together a Hong Kong electronica compilation and is hunting down submissions from both "already in the scene" and "bedroom" DJ's.  The submission needs to be in by the beginning of February as they are looking to do a spring CD release.
There are no royalities, as Love-Da-Records, is probabaly looking at just breaking even after production costs, but it is a great opportunity to get yourself heard by the masses!

Contact JP or Yin at Love-Da-Records for more information:

We have 10 copies of the U2 Vertigo Single.
We have 10 copies of Nelly and Christina Aguilera- Tilt Ya Head Back Single to giveaway.
We have 10 copies of Shark Tale- Car Wash Single to giveaway.
We have a 10 packs of 5 different CD singles to giveway, which includes music from Sting & Ronan Keating.

As you can see from the site we have just done a mass revamp. We have cleaned up all sections, added a few and have applied all of your comments that you have sent in over the last few months. The major section that we have added is the VIP one, which includes a few competitions.

We hope you like what we have done, just about anything you want to find out about Hong Kong's Nightlife and Clubbing scene you sound find here.


The promoters who brought you the Rockit Festival in 2003 and 2004 are organising a weekend of live music and DJs in order to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake & tsunami that hit Asia last month.

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