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Lee Burridge is expected to be Yumla's resident DJ for the entire month of June. Yumla plans to have Lee Burridge play 4 dates in June as part of his worldwide "365" concept tour.


What happens when you mix a little bit of French feline with talent, flair & a unique sound of her own?  What happens when you mix electro with pumping beats, a dash of techno, & a sprinkling of rock?  One name says it all.  MISS KITTIN (aka Caroline Herve). 

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I have been visiting Albert for a number of years now at the various tailor shops that he has working for in Tsim Sha Tsu, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

He has always provided a great level of service and great products that have lasted me over 8 years! Even when I come back after 8 years he is more than happy to fix what I have arrange new shirts and suits at a good price and make sure that I do not have to go out of my way as they he can come to me on Hong Kong island.


Complete with costumes created by esteemed fashion designers such as John Galliano, a stage that lights up like a spaceship, her own band and dancers drilled by top choreographers, Kylie Minogue brings her Showgirl - The Greatest Hits Tour to Hong Kong on June 23, 2005.

Prepare yourself for a mind-blowing visual extravaganza that will be sure to leave the audience wanting more.



This month was recognised by BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix for its Evil Nine CD review.

This is great news for us being seen as an international website for dance music and the music reviews that we publish online each day.


We have 10 copies of the Afternoon Jazz at the Pop Cafe to giveaway courtesy of Love Da Records.

This CD includes all kinds of hits such as the Village People 'YMCA' and 'Our House' by Madness.


Kosheen will now be performing in Shenzhen after the event organiser was unable to find a suitable venue for the 3 people who make up the group. The new dates and locations are:

April 08 Friday - Babyface, Beijing
April 09 Saturday - Yellow, Shenzhen

Pioneer (HK) Limited will be launching “The World’s First DVD/CD Scratch Player for Professional DJs – Pioneer DVJ-X1” in Hong Kong market in the end of March.  This groundbreaking product allows users to manipulate and playback synchronized digital audio and video in a way that will revolutionize the DJ industry.


This weekend HKClubbing decided to go out during the day time over the weeekend (which has been quite uncommon lately) and spent the weekend at the Rugby Sevens. We bumped into the Coca Cola girls on the left and had to get a sexy picture of them.

After a nice bit of sunburn and beer we have already set down our work plan for the site over the next few days.


Image be celebrating our 5 years of providing nightlife & clubbing information online on Friday 22nd April 2005. Yes, we have been doing this now for 5 years and would like to invite YOU and everyone else who has visit our site over the last 5 years. The party will likely start around 5pm so best come on time, this is more of a networking and get together celebration, we will be involved in more late night dance parties throughout 2005.

If it was not for our visitors the site would not be as successful as it is today, with over 2,000 of you checking out our information each day. Read more on how to get on the Guestlist!

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