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NYE’s PINK Bash - Flamingo style feat.

Concoction Project  (cielo - nyc)

Reminiscence of the infamous Flamingo in Las Vegas, start your new year in PINK! It’s our great pleasure to have the one and only Concoction Project back in the house, to tease us with another incredible dance floor mix. It’s fair to say that Concoction Project has been one of our greatest guests of 2004 and you can be rest assured he’ll be mixing a few of those rare beauties. Concoction Project is the “French Touch” with NYC-oriented style of garage-based, soulful music.

As a DJ, his sets span everything from deep house to vocals, disco tracks and tribal excursions, all impeccably mixed. His trademark sound bears a soulful house sophistication lightened with a joie de vivre and get-down essence that mirrors Concoction Project’s own spirit.

“Anything with Concoction Project's name attached to it is a guaranteed go.”   

"Considering the current decline of club life in the City (NYC),the Concoction Project is pumping needed life's breath into our endangered scene. He's taking the risks we need to take."



Today we launched an online bulk beverage ordering and delivery portal. provides a place where you can order bulk beverages with the distributors of the product in Hong Kong and deliver them directly to you. We do not distribute the beverages ourselves, just act as a link!

We’re very pleased to confirm  that Reuben from Ladytron will be spinning his debut [and exclusive] HK set at  â€˜Twice the Speed of Sugar’ this tonight 18th December at Yumla

Ladytron, pioneers in the recent new wave electro movement were only last week signed to Island Records in the UK......

Check the website


Wanted to know what DJs are coming to Hong Kong this December?

Look no further here you will find a breakdown list of all the DJs in Hong Kong for this great month. Hip Hop, Trance, Breaks and sexy house are all here.

After his Hong Kong debut in 2002, DJ David S. has taken Southeast Asia by storm.  In just 3-years, DJ David S. has played for the biggest events in Asia such as World AIDS Day Party, Nations Party in Singapore and at AgeHa Tokyo, the largest venue in Asia.


After a fizzler of a 2003 World AIDS Day Party, Ohhhhh - What a year that was least we forget clubbers....We are proud to announce that we are back in force and ready to give you all a "Double Banger" this World AIDS Day (WAD) - 2004 at the one and only Dragon-i and generously sponsored by our funky and outragerous party title "fcuk ... safely" as expressed on this year fabulous flyer!  Isn't it wild!! 


We are giving away some Defected in the House (International Edition) and Fabriclive 19 the Freestylers CDs to a luck few. We have already had a listen to the CDs and give our thumbs up to them!


Few holidays are as lovely as Loi Krathong, during which Thais honour their water spirit, Mae Kong Ka, by floating banana-leaf boats laden with candles down the river. When this unique holiday rolls around on November 27th, Klong Bar and Grill will pay the river its full due, with an unforgettable Full Moon Party.


Updates have been a bit slow this week due to loads of time being spent partying!

On the 8th November we will be uploading a heap of photos from the Halloween Boutique party, Rockit and a few others.

Catch you all later on and Happy Halloween!


The dude representin' for one billion Chinese people is back! Double R's Jin Tha MC is kicking of "The Rest is History Asia Tour 2004" in Shanghai on November 4th and Hong Kong on the 5th. Jin will also be heading to Japan, Taiwan & Singapore.

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