After organising many events over the last 15+ years for the public, I have met thousands of guests from all over the world. Generally most of the time, people purchase their ticket, enjoy the event and head on home afterwards, then we see them for the next one. Sometimes there have been some very entertaining characters that have tried to get around paying for tickets here are the best stories.


1) Surprisingly this happens quite often, where people ask if they can have a look inside to see how good it is and when inside see if they can find a way to stay in, without going back to the door to pay for a ticket.

2) Once there were two events next to each other. Ours was sold out and really going well and the other one not so much. So we had some guests come from the other party saying they mistakenly bought the wrong ticket and was meant to be at ours. They were not related at all and unfortunately as we were sold out they could not come in.

3) Using my name to get in to an event happens sometimes and if everyone on the door knows, for any event that should not really work. Some people I know have done it and I have still ask them to pay (they could have got in touch with me at least in advance) and even other times  people have used my name on the door and I did not even know them!

4) Taking about using names, people really have tried everything from saying they are staff, to the event sponsor, media, on some guest list that does not exist and even being one of the biggest promoters from the US.

5) This is probably the best one. It was the night before a sold out event and we had some overseas artists flying in on the event day itself. I was out enjoying dinner when I got a call from the venue, they seemed quite concerned and said that the artists had already arrived and were having drinks. Shocked I raced over to meet them and then went out onto the terrace where the staff directed me to the people in question. Well, I did not recognise them and they said that they were the artists and I simply said, "no you are not, I don't know who you are and I did not book either of you".  With that they confessed that they thought they would give it a try to get some tickets as it was already sold out and being the artists they may be able to get some. They found out that I had left half way through my dinner to meet them and offered me a drink, I declined and headed back to what was still left and they were not able to join the party!

Article by Nick Willsher

Managing Director of Entertaining Asia

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