The notorious area of the stadium where the Rugby Sevens takes place has seen some crazy and drunked activities over the years. One of the best outdoor parties during the day and the early evening, we just have to be there each year.

We go over some of the things that we have seen there and some personal tips of our own so that you have a great time at the stadium, don't get lost or end up in some new area of Hong Kong that you have never seen before at 5am!

Some things that have been seen:

1) flying jugs, food and just about everything else.

2) Naked men and women.

3) Just about every halloween character.

4) Fights and quickly make ups.

5) People who drink far to much before lunch time and end up sleeping on a cardboard box.

6) The mexican wave starting point.

Some tips about the south stand:

1) If you need to go to the toilet plan it well in advance as it may takea while to get in, especially if you are female.

2) Don't stand below someone just able to stand who is holding a jug of beer as it is likely to go on your head at some point.

3) Arrive early and get a place for you and your friends, especially on Sunday as it is the most popular section of the stadium.

4) During the day it is usually one in one out as the south stand gets full, best get some drink or food to enjoy in the cue as it can take up to 30 minutes to wait to get back in.

5) Keep your empty jugs as you get a discount if you return them when you get your next one.

6) There is limited food in the south stand. There are a number of other places outside of the area that have different kind on foods.

7) There only seems to be one cash machine and that is near the main entrance.

8) Buy all of your merchandise at Princes Building in central before the 3 day event as it is a pain carrying it around the stadium and queing up.

9) Pace yourself with the drink as if it is sunny and your drinking from 8am by lunch you could be a real state!

10) Don't take too many valuables as they could get damaged quite easily by drink and food plus any other dirt flying around.

Have a great time everyone. Even though we have been rejected from attending this year's sevens after years of approval, we will still be there kicking a screaming in the South Stand and making a true mess of ourselves!


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