Saturday, October 25, 2014

Tell us a little bit about how you got started as a DJ / Producer? Who was your biggest inspiration?
We’re not a straight up DJ act so it’s a little different for us. We’re both very much into electronic music as we are into rock and jazz. We’ve managed to find that common ground in our act where we’ve combined electronic and live music, that way we get our fix of both things that we love.

Will this be your first time in Hong Kong? Is there anything that you are looking forward to doing or seeing in particular?
We were here 2 years ago for the Boujis pop-up and it was one of our favourite gigs, we are so happy to be back!

How do you feel that DJing and producing has changed over the last few years?
It has become easier with the help of technology, before you needed to be in a studio with a engineer with loads of analog synths, now everything is on your laptop.

What was your favourite memory of 2012 and what do you have planned for 2013?
So far our favourite memory would have to be our tour through India. It was an amazing experience and the gigs were truly memorable. For 2013 we hope to continue rocking crowds on an international level like in 2012.

What can we expect from your upcoming performances at Boujis?

Energy… loads of energy and obviously good vibes.

Aside from your DJ equipment, name your top three touring essentials.

For Ameet it’s his blackberry, laptop and his PS Vita.
For me (Klaus) I need my laptop and my iPad otherwise I will be the most annoying person on the trip.

What is the weirdest thing that you’ve seen from the DJ booth?

Once in a club in London a girl came inside the DJ booth and just took off her dress, which was pretty funny. Shame she wasn’t that much to look at, haha!

Do you have any pre gig rituals?

1 shot of tequila to loosen up ;)

Who in your opinion are the best up-and-coming producers at the moment?
There’s this German producer from Berlin called Tujamo his music has inspired loads of the big names today and I think he’s the next big thing.

If you weren’t a DJ/Producer what would you be doing?

I’d probably take in my father’s footsteps and be a journalist. Ameet used to be a City boy in London so he would most likely still be doing that.

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