Potato Head Hong Kong not only swept the city off its feet with their amazing Indonesian fares, but now are trying to gain the love of vinyl fans and left-field dance lovers too. With their brand new Music Room, music fanatics alike will have a new (and super cool) hangout spot in the hipster neighborhood. Here are ten things we love about it!

1) It is first-of-its-kind for the brand and region

2) It has the finest / state-of-the-art equipment imported from overseas

Read: JBL Pro Blue series speakers, Macintosh tube pre amps and amplifiers, custom-made Japanese rotary mixers, vintage Klipsch Horn speakers, and two Technics 1200 turntables

3) It houses over 8000 records

They were sourced over a 30-year span by their Music Director, Johnny Hiller.

4) There will be monthly additions to the vinyl collection

5) Their Music Director, Johnny Hiller is a DJ and producer who co-founded Otaku Soundsystem

6) Their music style include Balearic disco, raggae and ethnic/world music

7) There are regular classic LP events - including a monthly Ethiopian Jazz Night

8) It's SO laidback and chill - AND the space was acoustically treated

9) We can foresee this spot holding a lot of intimate but fun events...

10) Just don't sleep on their espresso martinis!

Itching for a visit? Tag us and let us know it went! Keep up with their events on their Facebook page.


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Music Room at Potato Head Hong Kong

Address : 100 Third Street , ,
Telephone : (852) 2858 6066
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