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This directory lists alll the best Bars, Clubs, Hotels and Restaurants in Hong Kong and Macau.

If we are missing a venue on the directory or you would like to have your venue featured do get in touch via or call (852)281579919.


Arenas, Halls and Outdoor (57)

Need directions to the next big concert, show or outdoor event?

Check these listings for the biggest venues as well as those found outside.

Bars (360)

It seems as though Hong Kong opens a new bar every week!

Looking for a spot for a drink after work, somewhere to go before the club or just a relaxed night out, look here.

Bars (Macau) (14)

There are more and more great bars opening in Macau so expect new monthly additions especially from all of the new hotels that open up each year.

Beach Bars (4)

In addition to the fashionable city spots, Hong Kong is lucky to host some lovely hidden beaches.

What better way to spend the weekend than in the sun with a nice cold drink.

Cafes and Bakeries (96)

Look at the Cafes and Backeries section to find a place for a meeting, somewhere to grab a coffee, get a quick bite or a place to relax and read.

Also a key stop on Saturday and Sunday morning to recuperate from the night before.

DJs (92)

Browse through our DJ list to sample some of Hong Kong's local talent. Someone impressed you behind the decks recently? Find them here and vote!

BOOKINGS: If you are looking to book a DJ for a venue or an event based in Hong Kong or even from overseas, you can email with your enquiry.

Galleries (54)

Hong Kong has a variety of Galleries offering all forms of art, where even special events and parties happen each month.

Art is a rapidly growing market, so expect for lots of updates in this section.

Hotels (Hong Kong) (49)

As for those travelling, partying or on business, a listing of Hong Kong's major hotels is a must.

View a list of our choices located around Hong Kong.

Hotels (Macau) (45)

Every couple of months there is a new hotel in Macau due to the rapid growth of the place.

Check out this section for a selection of hotels that you can stay at.

Karaoke Bars & Clubs (7)

Karaoke, an activity close to the hearts of many Hong Kongers takes place in a number of venues, predominantly in Kowloon.

If you're looking for a combination of good drinks deals, private lounges and some bad renditions of local and western classics, give some of these venues a go!

Nightclubs (74)

Hong Kong's nightclubs may be small, but they host some of the craziest parties.

Check the listings to find where to head later on.

Pubs (18)

Itching for a bit of sport, beer and wholesome pub food?

Look no further. Our pub list will satisfy your needs.

Restaurants (Hong Kong) (717)

Hong Kong boasts one of the richest varieties of modern cuisine.

Home to eight double-michelin star restaurants, as well as the more affordable ones, you'll never run out of new things to try.

Restaurants (Macau) (60)

Macau also has a wide variety of restaurants like Hong Kong.

When you are there do try and taste some of the local Portugese food.

Services (2)

A new section listing certain services related to the nightlife industry.

Do get in touch if you have something that you would like to have included here.

Shops (46)

One of Hong Kongs favourite past times is shopping. So we thought it would be a good idea to have a section with some of your preferred stores from around the city.

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Top Nightclubs

  1. Magnum ClubHits: 98240
  2. Beijing ClubHits: 85786
  3. DIZZIHits: 83692
  4. PLAYHits: 81304
  5. Club CUBIC (Macau)Hits: 64507
  6. VOLARHits: 63591
  7. Dragon-IHits: 60527
  8. LEVELSHits: 60155
  9. PrivéHits: 52105
  10. ZentralHits: 46314
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Top Restaurants

  1. Shore Steak Lounge...Hits: 13007
  2. Armani/ AquaHits: 12769
  3. PastisHits: 11127
  4. The Flying Pan (Central)Hits: 10180
  5. Grappa's CellarHits: 9365
  6. FINDSHits: 8367
  7. Fofo by el WillyHits: 8300
  8. Azure Restaurant slash...Hits: 7932
  9. Top DeckHits: 7493
  10. King Ludwig Beer Hall...Hits: 6999
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Top Bars

  1. Armani/PrivéHits: 37293
  2. Club FLYHits: 35542
  3. OZONE Rooftop Bar - The...Hits: 28292
  4. Tazmania Ballroom -...Hits: 21604
  5. WOOBARHits: 15448
  6. Vibes - The Mira Hong...Hits: 14152
  7. Salon de Ning - The...Hits: 12889
  8. SolasHits: 12598
  9. Sugar (Bar.Deck.Lounge)Hits: 12397
  10. InsensesHits: 9550
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New Listings

  1. The Champagne BarCategory: BarsCreated: 26 Apr 2015
  2. Tapas BrewCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 24 Apr 2015
  3. La PalomaCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 23 Apr 2015
  4. On Dining Kitchen &...Category: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 23 Apr 2015
  5. DjiboutiiCategory: BarsCreated: 22 Apr 2015
  6. NOM (Not Only Meatballs)Category: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 22 Apr 2015
  7. AmericanosCategory: Cafes and BakeriesCreated: 21 Apr 2015
  8. The TavernCategory: BarsCreated: 21 Apr 2015
  9. Whisky@StablesCategory: BarsCreated: 18 Apr 2015
  10. Chaky's Public HouseCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 16 Apr 2015
  11. Burgerman (Tai Kok Tsui)Category: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 14 Apr 2015
  12. Big FernandCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 14 Apr 2015
  13. Burgerman (Sham Shui Po)Category: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 14 Apr 2015
  14. Dynasty - Renaissance...Category: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 14 Apr 2015
  15. Club XIIICategory: NightclubsCreated: 12 Apr 2015
  16. Blue RoofCategory: Arenas, Halls and OutdoorCreated: 11 Apr 2015
  17. Chater GardenCategory: Arenas, Halls and OutdoorCreated: 11 Apr 2015
  18. Bisque - Lobster +...Category: BarsCreated: 10 Apr 2015
  19. The Drunken DuckCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 10 Apr 2015
  20. HMV Kids (Hung Hom)Category: ShopsCreated: 10 Apr 2015
  21. Jack's Fried ChickenCategory: Restaurants (Hong Kong)Created: 10 Apr 2015
  22. HMV (Hung Hom)Category: ShopsCreated: 9 Apr 2015
  23. HMV (Kowloon Bay)Category: ShopsCreated: 9 Apr 2015
  24. HMV Kafé (TST Elements)Category: ShopsCreated: 9 Apr 2015
  25. HMV Kafé (Happy Valley)Category: ShopsCreated: 9 Apr 2015
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