Blue Room Beach Club (CLOSED)

Address : Shek O Road, ,
Telephone : (852)28092583
Opening Hours : Mon-Sun 10am-6pm

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Big Wave Bay, location of one of the earliest signs of man calling Hong Kong home, or so inform the 3,000 year old petroglyphs etched into the granite headland. To a surfer, the choice makes perfect sense, this being the only place to practice some semblance of our craft. But the carvings’ true meaning remains a mystery even to the most wrudite scholars. Perhaps that’s the best, because how we as individuals interpret them becomes an exercise that reflects our own character - a prehistoric ink blot test.

They say two-thirds of Earth is covered in water, but measured in volume terms, land accounts for a mere 3% of the Blue Planet. This fact of geography is about in proportion with the space the ocean preoccupies in my own head. As for the petroglyphs, I say they’re intended to enhance the omnipotence of the Sea God: Homage to the power and beauty of the ocean, intended to instil in us awe and humility, provide nourishment from its depths and perfect surf on any given Sunday.



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