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Adrian Armirail

Adrian Armirail Adrian Armirail is a DJ who is able to read a crowd and his versatility behind the decks creates nights of dark, electrifying beats or enriches dance-floors with soulful vocals backed by pumping grooves. He started as a DJ back in the late 90s smashin ...


AKW AKW is one of the co-founders of PUSH, the Hong Kong events company that specialises in techno and tech-house parties. In the past few years, PUSH have bought in more than 25 international DJS to Hong Kong, including Steve Lawler, Roman Flugel, Christian ...

Arun R

Arun R Born and raised in Hong Kong, Arun R has been in love with house music since his early teenage years. During his career as a DJ, Arun R has played at almost every reputable DJ booth in the city. Arun's development within the industry has thrived on hard ...

Basil Tam

Basil Tam ‘Basil Tam’ aka ‘DJ BAS’ is a dj/producer who has been in the music scene for a total of 13 years. The first 9 years of his music career, he was Dj-ing in London, during this time he steadily built up his musical knowledge and technical experience, whi ...

Chris Samba

Chris Samba Samba is the music director at Hong Kong’s hottest nightspot Dragon-I Having spent his childhood as a professional footballer for Arsenal, Chris was only introduced to house music in 2000! While pursuing a full time career in music you could catch Chr ...

Dan Rutledge

Dan Rutledge As a DJ, Dan has played up and down the UK and has recently arrived back from a 3 month tour of Thailand where he held down a residency at the much known and loved “In Bed with Space” party on the Island of Koh Samui. The style in which Dan has adopted ca ...

Telephone9472 9506

David Lam

David Lam David Lam began his career as a professional DJ in 1987 after spending some time on other technical aspects in the club scene; it was the passion in discovering and sharing new sounds to the crowd that led him to the decision to stand behind the decks and ...




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