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Mi$$ Yellow

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  • Breaks
  • Dubstep
  • Electro
  • Funk
  • Hip Hop
  • R&B
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Already an A-list celebrity in her native Hong Kong since the late 90s, Wong Yat Tung a.k.a. DJ Miss Yellow is not only a renowned actress, model and TV personality but also HKs premier female DJ.

Being in love with music since she was a toddler, she entered every singing competition as a teenager. At 18 she started modeling after being discovered by a modeling scout. She entered the Miss Hong Kong Beauty Pageant shortly thereafter, thus started her career as an actress in TVB, Hong Kong’s major television network. In her 8 years with TVB, she has been in countless movies, TV series, music shows, travelogues and variety programs that have been broadcast all over Asia.

In 2005, she collaborated with indie music group (4pm) and was featured in a song (女殺手)
Due to the popularity of the song, it was remixed by many DJs.
She also collaborated another song called (派對獵物) with music group (Fama) produced by renowned DJ Tommy.

In the past few years, her love and passion for music continued to grow. Being a longtime fan and collector of electro, breakbeats, house, hip hop and R&B, she decided to invest in DJ equipment and learned how to mix and blend her favorite music, with a little help from her mentor, HK’s own DJ Ryan Li. In her first year of DJing, she was booked in various high profile clubs all over Hong Kong, and held private parties at Club Magazine, with guests such as international movie star Zhou Xun, acclaimed photographer Wing Shya, DJ Frankie Lam and many more.

In 2008, she met world champion DJ Kid Fresh (Germany) and Solos Records CEO DJ Enso (San Francisco), who invited her to play at their monthly indie club night called PIMPIN AINT EASY and HYPE NASTY, alongside Canadian producer/remixer Hatchmatik, NYC’s Nr. 1 female DJ Roxy Cottontail, Alaskan rookie phenomenon producer Curtis Vodka, world champion/producer/founder of Fool's Gold A-Trak, US Disco Mix Club Champion DJ Klever and world Champion DJ Craze.

Her mixing skills and charisma behind the decks make her shine, and she manages to make every crowd go wild with her smart and well picked music selection.
Her style reaches from electro and house to hip hop, R&B and beyond.

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