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Steve Yau

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British born Steve Yau moved to Hong Kong in 1994 and has been playing his trademark sound of driving disco house - funky, deep, eclectic and dirty - ever since. Today Yauza is one of the most sought after DJs on the Hong Kong nightlife circuit.

He has held residencies at almost every credible bar or club in Hong Kong, including KEE CLUB, GECKO BAR, SOLAS, ARMANI/BAR, AQUA SPIRIT, LOST, LINQ, YUMLA, CLUB 97, 1/5, MINK, SODA and The Milk Bar . He is famous for holding down super-long residencies; including 10 years at the legendary DROP. This is testament to Steve’s ability to deliver week after week, month after month. Put quite simply, “if Steve don’t rock a crowd - the crowd don’t rock!".

Steve’s private/corporate party client list range from Bloomberg to Fashion brand EVISU. He was a regular DJ for the production group "The House of Siren".

Steve has played alongside many of the world’s top DJs including Sandy Rivera, Norman Jay, ATFC, Brandon Block, The Shapeshifters, The Hoxton Whores, DJ Crillo and Stefano Neforini to name just a few.

Recently, a combination of Steve's OLD SKOOL, NU DISCO, FUNKY BREAKS and DEEP HOUSE influences and his passion to work a crowd have been blended into an "Upfront Funky Ass Frenzy" creating an electric atmosphere whenever he puts the needle to the record.
Check him out, but be warned - it's infectious!

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