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Address : 1st Floor, On Hing Building, 1 On Hing Terrace, ,
Telephone : (852)25251318
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Utilizing the hot existing brand of PLAY Night Club, its loyal supporters, the largest single floor club in Central, and a prime location in Lan Kwai Fong- the heart of partying in Hong Kong, PLAY has the recipe for a unique never-before-seen venue to hit Hong Kong.

Hong Kongs nightlife industry revolves around some long standing players and our new concept bridges the gap in the market between private lounge clubs and late night venues. With an incredible 8000 square feet site to play with, PLAY will have three rooms, one huge single floor, two DJ booths, two pool tables, two main bars and a separate premium Champagne bar. There is plenty of space for large visual shows, cat walks and stages, whilst entertaining large crowds, making it an ideal destination for premium events

Our interior boasts a proud collaboration between PLAYs design team andUK born local artist, Simon Birch (, making PLAY a club with unique style and design. With Simon adding his own creative flair to PLAY, there will be examples of his artistic creations as well as a hand-painted fully interactive LED light stage - Play has the perfect versatile stage for any party or personality looking to run events to bring the house down.

PLAY's music will be set in the tradition that people remembered us for, which spurred some of the best parties that HK has seen. A new focus will be placed around our drinks menu and we will be inviting Asiaa top mixologists to showcase their best at PLAY. With liquid desserts for the girls, toys for the boys and a small but delicious menu brought to you by Hong Kongs finest Japanese chef, Satoru Mukogawa, there will be enough for you to arrive before the party has even started!

A place where pioneers of Fashion, Art, and Music come together and PLAY.

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