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“Rock to 2012” New Year’s Eve Countdown Party
“Rock to 2012” New Year’s Eve Countdown Party
Sat 31 Dec 22:00 Import to my calendar
Dada Bar + Lounge
Special & Exclusive


“Rock to 2012” New Year’s Eve Countdown Party

10pm to 2am, 31 Dec (Saturday)

Minimum charge: HK$250 + 10% per person

Reservations: 3763 8778, email to  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or visit

Sweet Revenge

Sweet Revenge, takes to the stage and rocks out. Laying down some tightly infectious grooves, rhythm section Robert (drum) and Ben (bass) provide the perfect framework for guitarist, Andy to work their heavy metal magic. Add in stunning vocals from Jacky and Alice and you have a musical match made in hard-rock heaven! Click here to view Sweet Revenge’s rock performance.

Dada Bar + Lounge

Inspired by the Dadaism art movement of the early 20th century, Dada is a living example of contrast and imagination. For those searching for a dose of something bizarrely hip, Dada is a living, breathing ignition of the senses; daring drinks take the reigns of taste buds, inspired jazz melodies offer mesmerizing aural flavours.

At Dada, nothing is quite what it seems. The signature bar and lounge was cleverly designed as an homage to the Dadaist cultural movement that began during World War I and peaked soon thereafter, leading to surrealism. Dadaism is an aggressive exploration into contrast and rule-breaking: artists of this movement sought to express their destruction of traditional culture and aesthetics through the avant-garde arts.  Dada’s design elegantly incorporates the spirit of the movement; the space is infused with irony and a visual extravaganza of contrasting patterns, fabrics and shapes.



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