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SumoSushiSakeHK – First of its kind event happening on November 23!

Hong Kong's next talk of the town event, SumoSushiSakeHK, will roll into Causeway Bay on November 23, 2013. SumoSushiSakeHK is a new and spectacular concept that combines three of Japan’s most beloved traditions: sumo wrestling, sushi and sake. The sensational outdoor event will feature over one hundred types of Sake including some that will be introduced to Hong Kong for the first time; sushi plus other signature dishes by some of the top Japanese restaurants in town; a robust lineup of sumo wrestling matches. The fun-filled day will also be packed with live music as well as sushi and hot dog eating competitions.

The event is expected to attract over 5,000 visitors, with an array of booths hosted by many renowned members within Hong Kong’s Japanese food and beverage industry. JFC Hong Kong will be spearheading the feast of over one hundred types of sake, including various award winners for tasting. Also worth highlighting is the selection of sake brands that are not available in Hong Kong but will be brought in from Japan exclusively for this event. Visitors can also enjoy Suntory Beer, which is also a sponsor of the event.

A wide range of Japanese delicacies will be offered from the most popular restaurants under the EN Group, sushi from Wabi Sabi, yakitori from Nan Tei and ramen from Nagahama No. 1 Ramen. Wolfgang's Flying Brats, together with Chef Satoru Mukogawa of Sushi Kuu, will debut a German sausage with Japanese sauces created exclusively for this event. New delicacies can also be sampled with highly anticipated newcomers Morikawa Bento, Sugo Sushi and Fork-Eat. And not to be missed, Lab Made Ice Cream will be serving up its most popular Japanese flavors.

Kelvin Ng, Event Director, said, “SumoSushiSakeHK will be the first event of its kind in Hong Kong featuring the unique combination of sumo, sushi and sake. We are very excited to have many partners who are leaders in the Japanese F&B industry to champion this event with us.” Masatoshi Sakane, General Manager of JFC Hong Kong and partner of the event said, "This will be the largest outdoor sake event in Hong Kong and we are looking forward to featuring an extensive selection of over a hundred types of sake and Shochu from Honjozo, Junmai, Junmaiginjo, Daiginjo, Sparkling sake, Shochu and traditional Japanese distilled spirit.”
Tickets, starting at $280, will go on sale at starting November 1. Limited number of tickets can also be purchased at the door for an extra $50. VIP ticket holders can also enjoy access to the VIP entrance and seating area. For more event and ticketing information, please visit

Ticket Price:    Includes:
Regular Ticket - HK$280
(HK$330 at the door)    Admission + 5 tokens
Premium Ticket - HK$350
(HK$400 at the door)    Admission + 10 tokens
VIP Ticket - HK$500
(HK$550 at the door)    Admission + 15 tokens +
Access to VIP Entrance and Seating Area
*Additional tokens can be purchased at the event.

Bio of Kelvin Ng, Director of SumoSushiSakeHK
Kelvin Ng is an entrepreneur who runs his own recruitment agencies in Hong Kong and Singapore. During his spare time, he loves to travel around the world, especially to Japan, to savor his favorite Japanese foods and wines. Through his work he has had the opportunity to meet many experts in the Japanese F&B industry who share his passion, and they have encouraged him to take the lead in spreading the best of Japanese culture in Hong Kong through a more out-of-the-box approach.

By introducing SumoSushiSakeHK this year, Kelvin wishes to promote the art of sake and the new experience of sumo to Hong Kong, along with our favorite Japanese cuisine, so people can savor every part of these Japanese traditions.

Event Location
SumoSushiSakeHK will take place at the large outdoor area opposite the Hong Kong Stadium in Causeway Bay.

63 Caroline Hill Road, Causeway Bay, Hong Kong
(Opposite to the HK Stadium) 


How to Get There:
MTR: A few minutes walk from the Causeway Bay MTR Station (Exit F)
Bus: Take bus 5B and get off at Eastern Hospital Road outside the Hong Kong Stadium


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