Outlook Festival 2014 Hong Kong Launch Party Ft Alix Perez


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OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2014 Hong Kong Launch Party ft
ALIX PEREZ ( Shogun Audio / Exit Record )
We are pleased to announce the official Hong Kong launch party for Outlook Festival 2014!

Headlining we have ALIX PEREZ, supported by The Groove Thief, Re:flex, Saiyan, Stef:funn spanning genre from drum and bass, jungle, reggae, steppa, footwork and many more!
People attend this party with have a chance to win a free guest list to the OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2014 in Croatia.
Limited early bird tickets ($100) for this will sell extremely fast, get yours early to avoid missing out this big thing in bass music scene of year!
Stay tuned on Magnetic Soul, Outlook festival hong kong launch party and our event page for more info.
Magnetic Soul:  https://www.facebook.com/magneticsoulhk
Outlook Festival Hong Kong Launch Party: https://www.facebook.com/outlookfestival.hklaunch
Event Page: https://www.facebook.com/events/236450776550880/
Hong Kong Launch Party info
Date: 7 June 2014 Sat
Time: 10:30pm till late
Venue: Club 18
Address: G/F, 18 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.
Alix Perez (Exit Records / Shogun Audio)
Saiyan (Magnetic Soul/Bass Music China)
The Groove Thief
Re:Flex (Div
Stef:funn (Heavy)
Host by
MC R-Vee (Magnetic Soul)
Visual by
VJ Sembei (Magnetic Soul)
Early bird $100 (limited)
Advance  $180 with drink
At Door    $250 with drink
What is Outlook festival?
Outlook Festival is a celebration of soundsystem culture, exploring the musical genealogy that connects Jamaican roots music to its modern day counterparts, through heavyweight soundsystems, in a friendly, warm and inspiring peninsular, sea-side location.
It's the largest Bass music and Soundsystem Culture festival in Europe, featuring the biggest names from the most vibrant and cutting edge dance scenes around. When we talk about bass music we don’t mean the bastardised commercial version currently being sold to children, we mean underground dancefloor music
There are over 400 acts playing in and around the 150 year old Fort Punta Christo, a 1km stretch of beach, and a world of intimate boat parties. Now in it’s 7th year Outlook is widely recognised as Europe’s largest bass music and sound system culture festival, and offers up both a music festival and summer holiday in one.
This year Outlook Festival runs from midday Thursday 4th September 2014 – 6am Monday 8th September 2014.
Check out here for full details: http://www.outlookfestival.com/
About Alix Perez (Exit Records/ Shogun Audio)
Belgian born Alix Depauw is the face behind production moniker Alix Perez, now regarded as one of the most ground-breaking and innovative producer-DJ's of his generation. Little time after his debut release, Alix saw himself catapulted to the forefront of the drum and bass scene with an ever-growing reputation and sought after catalogue of music.
With a history of critically acclaimed releases on legendary labels such as Metalheadz, V Recordings and Soul:R, Alix went on to sign exclusively to Friction's very own imprint, Shogun Audio, the home of his remarkable debut album ‘1984.’ Perhaps initially known best for sophisticated, soulful productions, Alix retains influences from funk, soul and hip-hop. Since his outstanding debut LP on Shogun Audio in ‘09, 2010 brought with it further successes, involving collaborations with technical gods of the highest order including Noisia, Foreign Beggars and Icicle, alongside the release of his ‘Dark Days’ EP. Alix has been featured in popular drum and bass magazines and has recently been on the cover of ATM Magazine in a feature on the "Leaders of the Nu Skool" in the drum and bass genre.
2012 has seen him continue with his alter-ego Arp 101 project, producing some of the most sought after broken beat elctronica around right now, earning a slot down at the infamous Boiler Room TV sessions and performing with the Foreign Beggars at BBC’s legendary Maida Vale studios. Unanimously voted one of the most talented artists in the game.
Magnetic Soul proudly presents
OUTLOOK 音樂節 2014 Hong Kong Launch Party ft
ALIX PEREZ ( Shogun Audio / Exit Record )
Outlook 音樂節 2014 香港發佈派對終於黎啦!
今次嘅 Outlook 音樂節香港發佈派對將會有近期推出咗新 EP, Exit Record/ Shogun Audio 嘅頭號注目人物 Alix Perez , 拍住來自不同派別嘅DJ包括 The Groove Thief, Re:flex, Saiyan, Stef:funn 演出. 加上 MC R-Vee 同埋 VJ Sembei, 擺明會有 Drum and Bass 加埋 jungle, reggae, steppa, footwork 以及更多 Bass Music 俾你聽同跳到夠!
另外, 參加呢個 Party 嘅朋友仲有機會得到由 Outlook Festival 送出嘅 OUTLOOK FESTIVAL 2014 (Croatia, Pula)  免費入場劵!
限量嘅Early bird 飛 只係 $100! 會好快公佈買飛詳情. 留意 Magetic Soul, Outlook festival hong kong launch party 同呢個 event page 啦!
Magnetic Soul 專頁:  https://www.facebook.com/magneticsoulhk
Outlook Festival Hong Kong Launch 專頁: https://www.facebook.com/outlookfestival.hklaunch
Event 專頁: https://www.facebook.com/events/236450776550880/
Outlook 音樂節香港發佈派對詳情
日期: 2014年6月7日 星期六
時間: 10:30pm 至到你跳唔郁
場地: Club 18
地址: 香港中環擺花街18號地下
Alix Perez (Exit Records / Shogun Audio)
Saiyan (Magnetic Soul/Bass Music China)
The Groove Thief
Re:Flex (Div
Stef:funn (Heavy)
Host by
MC R-Vee (Magnetic Soul)
Visual by
VJ Sembei (Magnetic Soul)
Early bird $100 (限量)
Advance  $180 包一杯飲品
At Door    $250 包一杯飲品
Outlook 音樂節係乜?
Outlook 音樂節係一個以 Soundsystem 文化為根源嘅大型音樂節. 將不同發展出嘅音樂派系, 以重型嘅音響系統, 喺一個海邊溫暖而好玩嘅地方實現出黎.
Outlook 音樂節已經係歐洲最大型嘅 Bass Music 以及 Soundsystem 文化號音樂節. 雲集咗全球最頂尖嘅音樂人. 留意講嘅 Bass Music 唔係商業味勁濃呃細路個隻, 而係講緊真正地下嘅跳舞音樂. 音樂節會有超過 400 位演出者, 仲要喺一個超特別嘅場地 - 一個位於Pula, 有150年歷史, 沙灘旁邊嘅古堡Punta Christo裡面發生. 所有音響專為 Bass Music 而設. 9個不同嘅舞台, 超過40個廠牌嘅 Boat Party, 仲有一路曬太陽游水聽歌嘅沙灘 Party. Outlook 音樂節已經成為音樂節與夏天假期合一嘅節日.
今年嘅 Outlook 音樂節將於 2014年9月4日至8日舉行.
詳情請去 http://www.outlookfestival.com/ 睇睇.
關於 Alix Perez (Exit Records/ Shogun Audio)
生於比利時製作人的 Alix Depauw 又名 Alix Perez, 是被視為最具突破性以及創新的新一代製作人之一.
14歲開始 DJing. 17歲開始製作自己的音樂. Alix 的音樂深受 Funk, Soul 以及 Hip Hop 所影響.自2005 發行處女作不久後即一躍成 Drum and Bass Scene 的最前線人物並不斷建立口碑. 多年來與業內最頂尖的廠牌如 Metalheadz, V Recordings 及 Soul:R 等合作, 後來更被 Friction 的 Shogun Audio 簽下成為旗下音樂人. 2009年的處女大碟 "1984" 的成功讓他早期成名於 Soulful 而 Liquid 的 Drum and Bass 音樂曲風. 2010 年 Alix 與 Hip Hip 巨頭 Foreign Beggars 以及 DnB 重量級人馬 Noisia, Icicle 等人合作, 發行了 ‘Dark Days’ EP, 讓其音樂領域更推進了一大步. 不同的 DnB 雜誌都有報導了Alix 的音樂資訊,  ATM magazine 更稱他為 Drum and Bass 界的 "Leaders of the Nu Skool" .
2012年 Alix 以 ARP 101 身份展示其音樂的另一面. 以此身份試驗及製作不同類型的 Broken beat elctronica 音樂. ARP101 的製作漸受到大家的注目, 著名的 Boiler Room TV 以及 BBC 經典節目Maida Vale studios都先後找來 Alix 以 ARP101身份演出. Alix Perez 毫無疑問已是現今 Bass Music Scene 中最有才華的藝人之一.


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