Max Graham World Tour


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Saturday 29 November 2014
Max Graham World Tour

Supporting: Tszpun, Rostyslav, Cataline
$250 includes 1 Drink
Info: 90279115
Cycles Radio, Rebrand Records, CANADA.
Web Bio June 2014
Max Graham is a name known well in the international dance music scene. From his energetic and emotional releases to his much talked about “Open to Close” sets, he flawlessly fuses together Techno, Tech House, Progressive and Trance into a complete journey. Respected by his peers Max is a true DJ who takes his craft seriously, you’ll never hear the same set twice from him as he is is obsessive over finding new music. His love for the art form of mixing music together can be found in his weekly radio show “Cycles Radio”, syndicated to over 40 countries
worldwide and growing. Even though Max is no newcomer to the scene, he still takes each show as seriously as the day he started. A Max Graham live set is definitely something you do not want to miss!



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