COEDO Beer Festival


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COEDO Taproom is 1 year old!

We are greatful for everyone's continued support and would like to celebrate the 1st anniversary with the public, so we are happy to invited all the beer lovers to attend the COEDO Beer Festival on Aug 20th (Sat) from 1pm to 9pm.

There will be food and drinks centres at outdoor area for everyone to enjoy gourmet and drinks. We will also set up a game and coloring centre for kids!

It is also an official launch of NEW Coedo Beer, which is a limited edition and only available in HK; and the offical date of the well-known Japanese brand coffee, HORIGUCHI COFFEE(堀口珈琲), available in Coedo Taproom.

Date: Aug 20th (sat)
Time: 1 - 9pm

Food: Yakitori, Fried noodles, Coedo Shikkoku based Ice-lollly
Drinks: Coedo Beer (NEW limited edition launch day), Lemonade, HORIGUCHI COFFEE(堀口珈琲)

*** Free Admission***


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