Pour your own Stella Artois draught beer at FRITES Belgium beerhouse


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Pour your own Stella Artois draught beer at FRITES Belgium beerhouse!

With FRITES and Stella Artois sharing the same Belgium roots, FRITES is excited to join forces and bring their customers great European food accompanied by as much cold Stella Artois draught beer as they want!  From 16 July 2018 to 17 August 2018, FRITES will also provide you with a chance to pour your own beer! From Monday to Friday 3-8pm excluding public holidays, customers who order a FRITES Wagyu Burger with onion rings for $185 also have the opportunity to pour their own Stella Artois draught beer at an exclusive Stella Artois station for a crazy $99!  Customers can have as much Stella Artois as they can drink for 2 hours. So beat the heat and head to FRITES for a burger and cold beer or four.
Note, the last pouring time of beer is at 8pm, i.e. If customer is seated at 7pm, the end time will still be 8pm.
FRITES has created the perfect atmosphere for sharing hearty portions of great food, great brews and great conversations with family and friends! Their European influenced menu, which consists of authentic favourites such as Frites, Mussel Pots and Roasted Pork Knuckle, to name a few, has something for everyone.
“Pour your own Stella Artois” is available at all FRITES restaurants so you can get the chance to pour your own beer in the pouring stations.
FRITES is located in Central, Wan Chai, Causeway Bay, and Quarry Bay. It is ESSENTIAL to book early to secure a table and enjoy the offer.

From 16 July 2018 to 17 August 2018
For details: www.frites.hk


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