A Big Fat Globe Party


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I bet you've missed these centered emails!

(And the spelling mistakes)


In Hong Kong years 

The Globe has been around for centuries


We've decided to have a big party

To celebrate just being The Globe


We will be bringing back a few old faces 

You may not have seen in a while


Young Master, Yardley Bros & Gweilo breweries

Are collaborating for the first time on not one but two beers 

Especially for us


We are also aiming to raise some money for a couple of local charities

ImpactHK and AIDS Concern


We will have an open bar with beer, wine and cocktails from 6:30pm 

Loads of finger food from Chef Patrick and our kitchen team

And lots of good fun


It would be great if you could join us

Tickets are $300 each and available from The Globe and from our new website 

(Thanks Martyn!)




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