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The first overseas showcase of GOT7’s new sub-unit Jus2 is going to be held in Macau after one month of their debut. Rolemodel Entertainment Group Limited (REG) has just announced that Jus2 is bringing their first overseas showcase to Macau.  “Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR in MACAU” will be held on Sunday, 7 April 2019 at Broadway Theatre. Tickets priced at HKD/MOP $1,580(VIP), $1,088, $888 and $588, go on public sale starting Wednesday, 6 March 2019 onwards via Cityline, Tom Lee Music Stores, Broadway Macau and show ticketing counters at StarWorld Hotel, Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau. All $1,580 VIP ticket holders are entitled to join the Hi-touch or Group Photo Session with Jus2. 


Jus2 comprises of 2 members of GOT7, JB and YUGYEOM. JB is the main vocalist and leader of GOT7 and YUGYEOM is the main dancer and the youngest member of the group. JYP Entertainment announced the launch of Jus2, which is the new sub-unit of GOT7, on 13 February 2019. Their teaser images were released on the following day to reveal that the two members of Jus2 are JB and YUGYEOM. Fans are all excited to meet them. Their first mini album FOCUS will be released on 5 March 2019 and their debut showcase will also be held on the same day. 


Not only will Jus2 start their promotion in Korea, they will also kick off their overseas showcase “Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR” starting from April. They will visit 7 cities and hold 10 showcases. The first stop of the showcase will be held in Macau on 7 April 2019. Fans would definitely be excited to feel the chemistry between the main vocalist JB and main dancer YUGYEOM. 


(20 March)

MARK, member of the popular Korean boy group GOT7, is going to be the special guest MC for “Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR in MACAU” to show his full support for the first overseas show of GOT7’s new sub-unit, Jus2, comprised of JB and YUGYEOM.



Date: Sunday, 7 April 2019

Time: 7pm

Venue: Broadway Theatre

Tickets: HKD / MOP: $1,588(VIP)* / $1,088 / $888 / $588 (All seated)


*All $1,588(VIP) ticketholders are entitled to the Hi-Touch or Group Photo Session (15 pax per group). 

Method of getting the fan privileges will be announced through REG SNS one week prior to the show.


Tickets go on public sale starting Wednesday, 6 March 2019 at 10am via:

Cityline (https://www.cityline.com/) and Tom Lee Music Stores. 

Broadway Macau (https://www.broadwaymacau.com.mo) or telephone purchase hotline (+853 8883 3383) or show ticketing counters at StarWorld Hotel, Galaxy Macau™ and Broadway Macau



GOT7的最新小分隊Jus2將於出道一個月後在澳門舉行首個海外演出!尚典娛樂集團有限公司(REG)宣佈Jus2將於2019年4月7日(星期日)假「澳門百老匯TM」 - 百老匯舞台舉行Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR in MACAU。票價分別為港幣/澳門幣$1,580(VIP)、$1,088、$888 和$588。門票將於 2019年 3 月6 日(星期三)經由購票通 Cityline、通行琴行、澳門百老匯網站、星際酒店、「澳門銀河™」及「澳門百老匯」售票處作公開發售。凡購買$1,580(VIP)門票的觀眾將可參與擊掌會或與Jus2影團體合照。


Jus2由韓國人氣男子組合GOT7的主唱兼隊長JB和主領舞兼老么有謙組成。JYP Entertainment於今年2月13日預告GOT7將推出全新小分隊Jus2。隔天,隨即公開預告照,揭曉Jus2兩位成員是JB和有謙,引起了粉絲莫大的關注和期待。Jus2的首張迷你專輯《FOCUS》將於3月5日發行,並於當晚舉行出道showcase。


今次Jus2不但會在韓國進行活動,更將由4月起,展開海外巡迴演出Jus2 PREMIERE SHOWCASE TOUR。他們將會到訪7個城市,舉行合共10場的演出。巡迴首站於4月7日在澳門舉行,粉絲即將可親眼見證主唱JB和主領舞有謙刷出的火花!




時間: 晚上7時

地點:「澳門百老匯TM」 - 百老匯舞台

門票:港幣/澳門幣 $1,588(VIP)* / $1,088 / $888 / $588元(全場座位) 


- 出席擊掌會 或

- 影團體合照 (15人一組)



-購票通Cityline ( https://www.cityline.com/) 及通行琴行 

-「澳門百老匯TM」網頁(https://www.broadwaymacau.com.mo/),電話購票(+853 88833383)或親臨澳門星際酒店、「澳門銀河™」及「澳門百老匯」之售票處



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