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My first visit to this local club in TST. Not bad with a small lazer and interesting layout where the dj is purched above the crowd. The back room is a bit too small and always full. Dieselboy got the crowd wild, with who I believe was Arkham having a go Mcing along to the drum n bass tracks and prompting the rewinds.
Dave Angel was actaully unable to turn up for his own event so collegue jamie Anderson from Bristol UK took his place. Loads of breaks and tech house had the place filled, but with excessive smoke machine photos were tough to take so don't blame me for that!

What did you think of the night?
Robot really went to work on the decorations this time wth loads of light blue stretched latex (their trademark). Love Da Records and a whole load of other were in attendance rocking to deep dishs tunes, and of coarse others as the duo took it in turns throughtout their performance. Very progressive, something very popular for most events in wan chai.


This was quite a challenge as a new venue so strict rules from the geovernment and police. Besides the bad bar & clokeroom setup, the performances from the artists really blew the roof out of the two tents. Especially when Binary Finary came on and played, there was no room in the whole place. With aorund 9000 people at the venue in and outdoors, it was a plesant change than hks normal parties, pit about the sound constraints imposed by the government, as at some points it did get a bit too quite.

What did you think of the night?
Once again, Arean really knows how to decorate a venue. With large inflateable balls hanging from the ceiling and palm trees everywhere, the old convention centre in Wan Chai really was transformed into a party venue. Loads of lighting from the front and a rocking sect from Darren Emerson, who played a range of tracks old and new. I also caught up with Vitamin D who performed at the HKEMF2000, just the week before. For the same kind of style that he played at the wan chai venue that night, check out his cd global underground singapore.
In the small venue of Hardy's 2, Sven rocked the joint for hours on end, then made his way over to CETop to keep the hours of techno and tech house tracks running until daylight.

What did you think of the night?
Lee was welcomed back warmly by the crowd, after the ex hong kong dj who has made it big in the UK spun record after record pleaseing the crowd each time. Then Adam, who almost was not booked, came on slamming the breaks, but unfortunately was more camera shy than Lee.

What did you think of the night?

First time to Boom, which is normally known as a Hard House, Trance club. Seeemd just the right size for a large gathering of Drum n Bass fans. Arkham was on the decks upon arrival getting the crowd going with his rewinds. In the bar area more breatbeat and mellow tunes while you had a drink. Dieselboy then cam on and gave a performance as good as the year before.

What did you think of the night?

With the Robot decor in action there were Metors all over the place doing the best you can with the large venue. Terry and Nathan worked on their tech house in the 2nd room where platipus hammered their trance and uplfiting tunes, followed by max Graham and the track 'It began in Afrika' by the Chemical Brothers. Some hot visuals by Fierce, hope they use them again at other events.

What did you think of the night?


HKrave, introduced some lazer imagery this time round beaming accross the crowds, from all sorts including star wars figures. Gareth got the crowd warmed up followed by hard tribal dj toby. Then on the decks bad boy bill did his usual unique mixing style followed by trance master from the US, Christopher Lawrence. Ishino followed only to leave what I believe to be the great techno dj for the future vitamin d only a short time to show us what hes got. Difficult venue to decorate, but hkrave had a good shot at it.

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