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With a quick visit to an alcahol buffet before hand, I think I was feeling pretty good at 1am entering the gates. Jon Carter was rocking it but no sara cox around. After interviewing him briefly he told me after his set that he had to leave straight away to get back to Ibiza, offered to come with him in his luguage for a bit of that balleric flava but unfortunately turned me down. Green Lazers panned the dance floor just above the crowd which is probably the best visual tool to have in a place like hitec. Great night great tunes and even more beer at the bar!
The night rocked on arrival, when John was spinning in the main room of Hitec. Over in the other room Christian was spinning breaks right next to a simple roller coaster track. The Mauro upped the pace on the decks and the crowd went wild, great lighting but could have done with some more decor. Two great crowd pleasers in one night.

What did you think of the night?
This was an event partly organised by ourselves, where 12 Hong Kong djs came together to play for 12 hours live on the net for the longest every broadcast of a dance event in Asia. Thanks to PureDJ for the servers in the USA, allowing the Hong Kong dance experience to be shared by millions all over the world. All djs played sets from House to Trance, including an electric guitar in a set. The place was full all night long for this chairty event which rased a good sum for the Red Cross.
I know it is quite late but thought I would add it anyway.

Fatboy slim went on after a fine set by his partner from Brighton, scanty. FB, rocked the crowd with a continuous stream of classics old and new from Madonna, Basement Jaxx, Leftfield and of co**** several of his own tracks.

The turnout was huge with especially loads of expats, which ahve been quite a miss in recent parties. The new layout by Groove by having the stage in the centre of the room, allowed Norman to really be a live performer than just the usual dj who stands behind the decks. Norman was rocking with the crowd to each track, surrounded by security and fixed cameras so people all over the hall could see what he was up to.

A great night and a refreshing change to the usual parties of Hong Kong.
Just behind the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts, the whole garden area was trasformed into a Happy Valley theme (see what I mean here www.diesel.com). With glowing mushrooms, flowers and beautiful people everywhere. The square waterfall area had been converted into a stage where the models glided along. A very fresh, outdoor feel range of clothes.

One of the best features of the night was the fire juggler/eater who came on stage during a small break and took advantage of the outdoors by spinning fire battons into the air.

Then finishing of the night, after all the models had finished their performance, Hong Kong's DJ Christian got the crowds dancing for the rest of the evening.

To view all the clothes that were in the Spring/ Summer Show 2002, please go to:


Check out the Happy Valley theme at the following stores:

Diesel Flagship Store - Russell Street
Shop E, Soundwill Plaza
38 Russell Street
Causeway Bay
Hong Kong

T. 00852 2970-3887
F. 00852 2970-3813

Diesel Store - Gateway
Shop 2323-25
Level II Harbour City
T.S.T. Kowloon

T. 00852 2117 0418
F. 00852 2117 0177
With 4 parties taking place, Queens really did seem to attract a large proportion of the people out that night.

I arrived mid-live performance to Infusion. Watch out Underworld. This group of 3 guys, hammered their equipment radiating some incredible samples across the club from the stage. With a mixture of melodies, beats and also vocals by one of the team, they really had the crowd cheering by the end of their performance.

Then Tim Lyall cam straight on the decks afterward with some hard tribal tracks in the dj booth, keeping the old cinema hall full till the early hours.

Watch out for Infusion, for sure you will see those guys at all the festivals in the UK very soon.


After problems on the door, we finally managed to get to the club. This was a pity it happened, as the club was packed to capacity with followers of the now ever more popular Break Beat style of music in Hong Kong.

The tunes got the crowd wild in both rooms (you can see this in the videos will will post later) and they also had the chance to see stunning visuals from Pixel 8. A mixed crowd from all bars, clubs and parties in Hong Kong including a few of the hotel guests who decided to stop by.

Worth catching Breakbeat Showcase 4. Stay tuned for more information from them in the future here on HKClubber.com.
This was an important event in history for the Hong Kong dance music scene, where a Hong Kong DJ was releasing a mix CD recorded at one of the best clubs in Hong Kong. Liquid has not been open for long but it really has made giant steps in getting its worldwide recognition it diserves.

The Mix CD was made by DJ Eric Byron who has been involved in the club scene for some time now and has played at almost all the venues around LKF and Soho, from the Yellow Frog to Drop.

The party attracted all different types of participants in the nightlife scene of Hong Kong from Love Da Record to BC Magazine, all congratulating the Club and Eric Byron on the CD released by Gogo.

The CD really reminds me of going out clubbing in Hong Kong, with some well known tracks such as the starting Groove Armada track to the exclusive release of the Ian Pooley track- Missing You. The mix takes you on a journey like capturing a whole night out in Hong Kong on one CD. With funky house, to uplifting melodies then to more deep house and sexy grooves.

If you are a clubber at heart and like to party in Hong Kong, then this is a vital CD for your rack. Expect more great mixes and releases from Liquid and the company that released it, Gogo.

The CD is to be released in on the 7th June at HMV and all good record stores.
Upon arrival at the new venue, that used to be the Jazz Club, the first thing that came in to my mind was that they had enlarged the place, soon I found out that they had just renovated the place and it just appears to be bigger. The new decor made it look like a whole different venue, with a smaller stage and more space for people to move around and view the performances.

During Sy Smith's performance at Music Room Live, the diva sang eclectic mix of her own music; a selection of the best from soul divas such as Mary J Blige, Aretha Franklin and of course Whitney Houston who she has sung with in the past.

The new venues resident band supported Sy on backing vocals and got the crowd shaking their stuff on dance floor. Sy herself toured the crowd whilst singing some classic new and old tunes as well as introducing Hong Kong to her own music that pleased the packed venue.

If you missed the opening party then I hope you made it to one of the other 2 dates, you will be kicking yourself on Monday!


The Pala convention was a while back with stalls from all over the world selling event equipment from lighting to gobos.

The Vestax DJ Competition was wild, with a whole collection of friends and supporters of the performing DJs turning up.

The competition had a variety of different talents joining in but only three took the top titles.

1st Place: Lazy Ming
2nd Place: Bon
3rd Place: Loydd

The winners got some mixers and decks, of different shapes, quantities and sizes between them all.

There was also a breakdancing show, started off a bit rusty then picked up with an aray of wild stunts on the stage of a team of about 10.

Hope the event takes place again next year, as this was the best part of the whole expo.

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