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Anybody go see the Chemical Brothers last nite??!!
Well I was one in the little amount that went there... I thought it was a good experience but the ending... a bit dodgey (and disappointing).... icon_sad.gif what does everyone else think??!!!
If you wern't their last night you really missed out on a great performance from both bands. Photos will be published 8am 17th August (Hong Kong Time), and reviews will follow after that.

Hope you all have a great weekend and stay tuned for even more developments to the site over the next few weeks !
Was an amazing performance with Morten finishing the night with some singing, thought that was one of the best tracks of the night. Photos and movie clips coming later on this week. DMC competition tomorrow, will be their in full effect!
After all the money Heineken had spent on magazine advertising, you were bound to expect a full crowd turn out for this event. Sure enough the venue was packed with a host of new and old faces as such an event drew in all kinds of people you would not normally expect to see.

Hitec was decorated all over with the Heineken green in the chill out room, with the other two halls being open as one with one large stage. Stacks of boom boxes and screens covered the stage where all the artists for the night performed.

The DJ Competition final came first with from what we heard, Yin was the winner, then JP and after that by Anthony. The up came the International djs with breaks and tracks such as paul oakenfolds ' ready steady go' being played as the last track before the big named man came on stage.

Pauls's set was a great crowd pleaser with old and new, commercial and non commercial uplifting tunes, which kept everyone dancing (like the Heineken marketing plan planned to do). Tracks even from U2 turned up in the 2 hour set.

Overall a great night with more effort and expense than usual at such Hitec events, hope that sets more of a better standard for future such parties at Hitec.
The Edge Grand Opening 10.10.2002

My girlfriend and I were greeted at the door by the suited, burly bouncer as we tried to walk in…”I’m sorry sir but tonight is invitation only”, as he blocked our path with a wave of his hand. “Oh, good thing I have this…” I said as I pulled the orange invitation out of my pocket. “Thank you sir”, the bouncer offered as he opened the door with the lettered handles.

Jam-packed to the brim, we were confronted with a sea of Hong Kong’s elite, dressed to kill and drinks taboot. We squashed and wiggled our way inside as the band played everyone’s favorite cover tunes. Straight to the bar…we found it easily enough. The booze was overflowing, bartenders pouring drinks like madmen scientists. “Sorry were out of champagne”, one bartender yelled over the music. We scored a couple of beers, grabbed a few cherry jello shots from a passing waiter and squeeze our way through to the last open spot available in the club. The band jammed away with furious energy on tunes like “Break on Through” by the Doors, “By the Way” by RHCP, and “Every Breath You Take” by The Police. We danced and crowd watched, checking out a few of Canto-pop stars and some peculiarly dressed patrons like the afro-sporting 70’s guy dancing with all the hotties. All in all, a very hip experience with loads of club potential and a great addition to the Hong Kong party scene. I know we’ll be back to see more bands and enjoy the plush party atmosphere that only The Edge can offer.

Check out the clubs web site at http://www.edgehk.com
The basics of the whole "1 Giant Leap" thing is this...

Two men, Jamie Catto who is a film maker and founding member of Faithless and artist/producer Duncan Bridgeman joined together and traveled across the globe to 25 diffrent countries to find the ultimate collection of tracks covering 12 issues. They took with them a small recording setup and 12 pre recorded tracks. Then they got people to sing/play with the prerecorded tracks.

At Area in central they were showing a segment of the dvd and the two creators were there to see the croud's response. It was packed. Mostly full of 30 year old gwylo's, but also had a few local celebrity appearences such as dj Kulu. Chivas regal was free flowing all night which was keeping everyone's spirits high...
I can't really say much more seing as how it was a video and everyone was just standing watching it. However a small asian women did manage to squeeze her way to the front and do a little dance during the video. She had a few many glasses of the chivas if u ask me...
But it was a good night and the music seemed to be promising.
If was a cross between electronica, ambience and chill-out.
I am not even sure how to discribe it becuase it is really quite diffrent to anything else i have heard. So i will leave you with what the two creators described it as.

Pure Beauty
Cream was excellent....
Packed venue... last i heard was around 700 and the venue can take a maximum capacity of 800 as far as i know...
This rave seemed to bring out the true music lovers of Hong Kong as well as the common Clubbers who only go for the atmosphere . I spoke to quite a few people who were sittin around and they seemed to be loving it.... Security was a bit tight but still a very good night.

Seb Fontaine was obviously doin his job well mixing some mad beats that kept the main room pumpin. And i also heard alot of very commercialised songs bein played by Dj-Yin which the Hong Kong people seemed to hit off too... He is one of those dj's who loves what he does and plays around while mixing the main room into a frenzy.

Anthony seemed to be enjoying himself parading the decks in the main room. For the time that i was there i was getting a very good vibe from the crouds. Excluding the ING security chasing after people through the club.....

Considering that Chaos had ages to promote and plan the event and cream has little of 2 weeks to kick it off, the event was handled quite well, with the assistance of our very own Dj NikNak, and was not worth missin for the world. Can't say i have heard anything about the Chaos rave as of yet... but i think i made the right choice.
Seven at JJs

The new band called Seven started their performance at JJs at the beginning of November and on their opening night at the Well known club at the Grand Hyatt Hotel made a lasting impression on all.

The band of Seven started with more modern cover songs to well known classics getting the invitation only crowds dancing away in front of the only space available in front of the stage and on the sides.

They were warmly welcomed and continued through the night with their upbeat rhythms of Motown, Soul, Funk and R&B, with trumpet, guitar, keyboard, saxophone, drummer and singer in action.
Stolen Faces, a rock band, made an appearence at 5th Avenue this friday.
Playing mostly all of their own songs they were on fire and out to impress.
Bringing quite a gathering of western people to the fairly remote club, they entertained the croud with what i would describe as heavy punk rock music, but then again i dont know much about this genre. With 5th Avenue spewing out the alcohol due to their Alcohol Buffet, around $120 for 6 hours or so, Most are out near the 4th, spirits were high.
If you are into the heavy music then check out their website at http://www.stolenfacesonline.com . It contains a list of future venues and contests they will be entering. I believe the next one will be next weekend at the warehouse. I remember someone asking about rock music so u might want to have a look at that.
I thought his track selection was great and his mixing was almost perfect. This was the first time I've been to a 'rave' in HK and it was quite diffent from my home city. It was cool that there was a beer garden which is something that is not allowed where I'm from and also that the event was 18+. The stereo was awesome,,, but where were the visuals!??! That was probably the only disapointment of the night. The lighting was okay,,, but no lazers or anything else? Strange but I expected some crazy light shows in HK. Oh well,,, I guess the DJ's were so expensive that they had to cut costs some place. I was totally suprised when he played Silence for his first encore! Woha I didn't even know he still carried that record around in his case,,, guess he braught it specially for HK =)

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