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Not a massive turnout for Mr Rampling on NYE but what a cracking set he played and what a fantastic atmosphere on the dancefloor. Definitely the gig of the year for me icon_biggrin.gif

To all promoters...let's have more of the same...."proper house" I mean! It would be great to see the likes of Lottie, Yousef, DJ Dan etc. here in 2003.
oh my god, what a night........ the whole place was jam packed for most of the night....... yeah the place got a bit uncomfortable because of the heat and smoke but the vibe was definitely buzzzing..... wooo it's 9am and i'm still up on my pc listening to some andy c....
If you were a fan of Vanilla Ice like I was 12 years ago, then this night wa the chance to finally get to see him. I was one of those so was a great opportunity to see him on stage for the first time. You see a group of 50 dedicated fans there at the front an all the tourists at the party standing more towards the back. He came one with some of hist new tunes whilst his dj and drummer kept in the background.

After a few songs we got a solo performance from his dj then a solo session by his crazy wild drummer who occasionally lost his drum sticks to the audience.

Mid performance we got some beat boxing action with "Havin' a Roni" followed by the tune we were all were waiting for 'Ice Ice baby'. The crowd erupted with Vanilla throwing water bottles all over the crowd.

The performance lasted just over an hour and the corwd seemed to be happy with the show. Pity there was not as many people as there could have been, they missed out.
The one-night concert Cliff Richard gave in the Hong Kong Coliseum started shortly after 8 o’clock on Wednesday night with perfection and style : The band, stage settings and superb pyrotechnics flawless just as the man himself. He bounced onto the stage, clad in a black evening suit and silvery white shirt and sang with a voice as strong as that of a 30-year old - and not that of a man who has just turned 62 – to an enthusiastic( if somewhat elderly) audience packing the venue.

Having returned to Hong Kong after 20 years, he managed to fascinate the fans with a brilliant show of songs, dance and chat worthy of a true world star .
His songs included :
We don’t talk anymore
Over the rainbow
The Evergreen Tree
Living doll (He changed the lyrics to Hong Kong doll….)
Girl in your Arms
She’s just a devil woman
What’s love got to do with it?
Come little darling
Crystal Ball
Do you want to dance?
Bachelor Boy
It’s so easy
Summer holiday
An Elvis Potpourri
Wired for sound
She’s my baby
No particular place to go
Come little darling
Shake, Baby ,shake
And finally the Millenium song “PRAYER FOR PEACE” .

For the second half of the show, he changed into leather trousers, a white lace-up shirt and a leather vest – eyes hidden behind shades which he threw to the audience. Towards the end, he changed again, this time into a glittery top and red and black shoes.

He was showered with flowers and garlands by adoring fans during the performance. They were all received with charm, grace and his trademark politeness.

We are sure Cliff Richard’s tour will be as successful as his night in the coliseum.
Suprisingly not a bad sevens this year. With the Pneumonia taking its toll on the wild spirits of the hksevsn fans, it was set to be the worst yet.
But the white light shone through. With England as defending champions from the last Hksevens the crouds were out to cheer, and cheer they did. The south stand was going mental most of the time. The beer's were flowing, and suprisingly nobody was too worried about the evil bacteria...
Not really a gas mask in site.

With the United States winning the bowl from japan 24-19 the fans were off the seats and partying harder than ever. Followed by Canada beating scotland for the Plate . All eyes were on the final game between England and New Zealand...

Now there is no need to tell you what happened... because it is the kiwi's we are talking about and obviously England Won 22-17.

There were no streakers this year however there were many people running onto the pitch. Many also got kicked out of the south stand for a wide range of reasons.... one especially good one was an english supporter launching a beer soaked rag at the cheif security guards face.

Overall it was a highly rated weekend.... Now i have the horrible and unkind path ahead of getting all that watered down beer out of my system.


The venue was nicely decorated again for the last party in Hong Kong from Glide and Swerve.

Because of the SARS flu in Hong Kong, there were not may people out that night in any club or bar, so this effected the turn out of the G & S party too.

Chris Sorensen started off the pimped out house night and getting the ones who came out moving from their seats to the dance floor.

The one their got to enjoy the Glide and Swerve crew dance away on stage throughout the night, check the photo section to see what I mean.

Hope to see these guys back soon, they really started something special in Hong Kong.
The 27th Hong Kong International Film Festival

At the end of every Hong Kong Film Festival I always ask, ‘Why couldn’t it last for another week….or two?”! Surely everyone else does as well…and there’s never an answer. Definitely one of the best events that takes place in Hong Kong, this year was no exception.

According to festival organizers off the record, SARS was certainly a factor this year(no surprise there). But by the end, even a life threatening virus couldn’t keep people away from seeing some cool films(close to 300 of them). Three screenings didn’t seem to be enough for “City Of God”, which will hopefully get distributed here soon(please, please, please!). Other audience favorites included “Clown In Kabul”(which was as ironic, comedic and heartbreaking as the name suggests), “War Photographer”(a documentary about photographer James Nachtwey, who hasn’t missed a war in the past twenty years but feels appalled by it all the same), and “Morning Sun”(Carma Hinton’s look at the Cultural Revolution in China).

Films like “Far From Heaven”(director Todd Haynes was due to come this year but pulled out citing SARS concerns) and “Adaptation” are guaranteed local release dates. But what makes the festival so consistently intriguing are the films that you’d probably never get the chance to see unless you attended the festival(For example, this year the Israeli-Palestinian conflict was exposed through films like “A Wedding In Ramallah”). And, as ever, the perverts were out in full force, as you can always count on the Category III films being complete sell-outs(“Ken Park” was a hot ticket).

With newcomers like the Bangkok Film Festival aiming to become THE premiere Asian Film Festival, the organizers certainly pulled out all the stops to make this year one of its finest ever(most notably seen by the sponsors attached). All they need is some more star power and the Hong Kong International Film Festival could be a player.

Here’s a closer look at a cross-section of films at this year’s festival:


Sex addiction. Is it truly an addiction or just another convenient title Americans have dreamed up? Well, in this more or less true dramatized story about Hogan’s Hero star Bob Crane, it was definitely an addiction. And it definitely took it’s toll.

Greg Kinnear stars as Crane. Willem Dafoe plays his “best friend” who introduces him to the early joys of videotaping his nighttime, daytime, all the time, anytime exploits. We get to see a no-holds barred look at how a promising actor can destroy two marriages and ruin his career due to an endless series of what he feels are harmless escapades. What begins as an often comic look at the hows and wheres of female companionship eventually becomes a much darker, tragic affair. That tragedy concludes with a surprisingly anti-climactic scene in which Dafoe’s character murders Crane(That’s not a spoiler here as the journey is the point, not the destination).
This one is well worth checking out as Kinnear and Dafoe have a playful yet sinister energy together. Dafoe also provides one of the cinema’s all-time classic one liners(hint, it involves his watch). In retrospect, one can see why it was too dark to be nominated at this year’s Academy Awards(which some critics were predicting) but even those who are completely unfamiliar with Crane’s acting will get a full understanding of it in this film.

Divine Intervention

This Palestinian black comedy by Israeli director Elia Suleiman is by no means a great film, but some of its scenes are still with me a week after the screening. I suspect they’ll be there a lot longer as well.

This loose story is about a mostly silent Palestinian man who observes all that goes on around him in the occupied territories. Those observations include his ailing father, and the passion he has for his startingly attractive girlfriend. But if you’re watching the film for some kind of pat resolve, you’re wasting your time with this one.

In “Divine Intervention”, one really got the sense that Suleiman wanted to show all the absurdities around him in every day life. So we get to see his girlfriend as a Palestinian ninja soldier getting shot at during target practice(a funny and absurd scene…but you had to be there…), the harmlessly tossed peach pit which blows up a tank, the bored Israelis at checkpoints making drivers switch cars for fun, and the smiling Yassar Arafat balloon drifting across a Jerusalem sky. At times hilarious, at times shocking, this was a great chance to see close-up what we often only get exposed to during emotionless newsbites. But overall, this was a film of moments…and there weren’t enough of them.

The Trials Of Henry Kissenger

In the US, the name Henry Kissenger has always had a kind of sexy political allure. As Secretary Of State and right hand man to President Richard Nixon, Kissenger was always portrayed as a diplomatic master. This documentary takes a completely different view.

Based on released files and interviews, director Eugene Jarecki makes the case that Kissenger’s accolades(including a Nobel Peace Prize) are in fact a complete farce(journalist and Vanity Fair writer Christopher Hitchens is among the notable detractors). Kissenger, they claim, was a complete warmonger. In fact, they contend that he was responsible for secret bombing raids in Cambodia, massacres in East Timor, and political coups in Chile(the case is made that he helped put Pinochet in power). Plus, Kissenger could have ended the Vietnam War years earlier, which would have saved tens of thousands of lives on both sides).

While this documentary is completely anti-Kissenger, it’s hard to dispute the overwhelming amount of evidence that is presented(especially when Kissenger himself won’t allow government papers pertaining to him released until five years after his death). So much so, in fact, that this chilling documentary leaves one thinking about what governments are really doing…when they tell us what they are doing. This is a must see and a definite conversation starter for anyone with a remote interest in what’s happening politically behind the scenes(especially in these uncertain times).

The Kid Stays In The Picture

There are documentaries which are snooze inducing. Then there are documentaries which are in a class of their own. This one is definitely in the latter category. And Robert Evans, the kid staying in the picture for over seventy years now, wouldn’t have it any other way.

Taken directly from the pages of his cult best selling memoirs, producer Evans also narrates the film, with a unforgettable gravelly voice that even made his audio tape a big hit. .This is a frank look at a man who produced dozens of films during his storied years at Paramount Pictures. Those storied years included anecdotes about his seventies films like The Godfather, Love Story and Chinatown. They were the mostly good years.

Yet we also get to see the downside. This included a divorce from dream woman Ali McGraw and a damaging * link with fellow producers. Through it all, Evan’s zest for Hollywood and the good life make us want to root for him. Short on actual footage but brilliantly edited, “The Kid” is required viewing for anyone who wants frank talk about Hollywood in all its excess as spoken by a master.
“Incredible”, “Fantastic”, “Mind-Blowing”, these are just some of the
words that would be appropriate to use for Koncrete Jungle’s most
recent party. The celebration was held at the luxuriously decorated
Skitz nightclub on Good Friday. Unfortunately, even though the date
was a holiday the turnout was quite poor for the beginning of the
night. This may have to due with the fact that the headlining
performer “Moving Fusion”, under Ram Records recording label, was
unable to attend because of the potential mandatory quarantine, due to
the recent problems Hong Kong has been facing with SARS. Another
initial disappointment was the announcement the MC Renegade had backed
out of the event. But all of these potential disruptions to what could
have been a fantastic party where completely over run by the out of
this world performance by DJ Specialist from the UK. He came to the
decks shortly after 1:30am and threw down the ever popular track “Hide
U” by Kosheen, this track seemed to appear and reappear throughout the
sets over the course of the night. His set was hard and driving,
unlike the majority of the Hong Kong drum and bass. The dance floor
filled and both the energy, and unfortunately the temperature, in the
room increased until it finally peaked around 3am. With the support of
a local MC and laying down some jungle tracks later in his set this was
by far the best drum and bass party Hong Kong has seen to date. Let’s
hope that Koncrete Jungle can continue along, what seems to be, the
path of perfection.
Was a nice night with people from all areas of the music industry arriving around 8pm. Lycee and watermelon martinis was passed around as Kulu and sax warmed up the venue until it was like a late night friday or saturday.

Joel and Derald were around to talk to people about the cd they have now released that was handed out to everyone when they left the club.

There are only a coupleof thousand around so grab your copy, heard the mix is excellent, will let you know when i hear it myself.
Surprisingly when I arrived DJ Christian was spinning. Normally he is hammering out the breaks in the early hours, was a nice change to see him warm the decks up for Dave Lea of Slinky. At about 5 past 2 Dave came on the stage and started up.

The first 3 tunes were quite chilled for what I know for Slinky and the 3rd was quite an old track. I got a bit scared that this set at Club Ing (which was packed) would continue along these lines. But then on the 4th track Dave layed a big trance bomb shell on the crowd which gave me a chill and sucked me towards the front of the crowd.

He kept it going and had most of the people in the venue stay in the main room with only a few in the other 2 rooms.

Was a nice change with the venue and I think Dave enjoyed being close to the crowd and really interacting with Slinky tribe.

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