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I was there about 20 minutes before DJ Ulysses started spinning. The regular DJ wasn't too shabby at all, at least better than almost anything else LKF has to offer.  Once Ulysses came on stage he started with a couple of big tunes to get the crowd going, which seemed to work very well. 

Inaya Day got the party people in CClub on a Friday wild, with a run down of not so known vocal house tunes, plus the ones that made her a well know International singer songs such as Horny 98 as well as Kep Pushin'.

This is not just a fun night out, this is history in the making! These 14 men are not pretending to be women, or humiliating ballet dancing, or insulting anyone. They are only having a good time and having fun, and hoping that the audience would enjoy themselves too. Well, they did just that. Every person who came to the show was laughing so badly, like he/she has never seen anything more sensational!


Just when you thought it’s nothing more than a bunch of guys/drag queens fooling around from the streets of New York, they are solid, talented, and glorious male ballet dancers, with professional technical skills, the respectful spirit, and everything else. The only thing that makes them different from other successful male ballet dancers is just that they do have a sense of humor!


You don’t see a single female on the stage of the Trocks, but what you get are the most delightful swan, the most captivating sylph, the most gorgeous princess, and the most grateful Victorian ladies. With the unmistakable stage movement designs, dancers of the Trocks make every second of the show interesting. This is not a show that can be stolen by just one cast, this is a true demonstration of teamwork. Each performer shines while not stealing any others’ light.


If you have been a critical ballet admirer who does not like any kind of jokes, I cannot guarantee you to give the Trocks two thumbs up; but one thing is for sure – After experiencing the Trocks, you can never watch another ballet performance the way you did before!



Stay tuned to HKClubbing Radio to catch the interview with Carlos Garcia, cast of the Trocks, the Asian dancer who used to study here in Hong Kong at the Academy of Performing Arts!!


From within the concrete jungle maze of central Wanchai on Hong Kong island, Heineken Thirst main event returned to ‘Asia’s World City’ after 2 years. The headliner this year was International trance star Ferry Corsten, joined by Miss Motif, Daniele Devoli & Luke Chable. An Indian restaurant by day and nightclub by night, the Viceroy was the perfect setting for the Global Heineken tour night with glass walls and a balcony overlooking the famous harbour.

MTV Asia Awards Review 24th January 2003
This was HKClubbing.com's first visit to Singapore, so as you can expect was a really special trip.
We arrived at the awards around 4pm and checked out the red carpet registration table, where people could hang out go crazy at the red carpet when all the stars arrived. After checking out the venue and the wild crowds gathering fast we went inside and dealt with all the press formalities before getting a good position at the red carpet. There were two of us so we split up to cover the best angles.
Shaggy was one of the first to arrive on the scene and made a quick entrance to prepare for the start of the awards, as this year he was presenting with Coco Lee. After him the rest of the stars started to arrive including the Atomic Kittens, Matchbox 20, Blue, Avril Lavigne (who won the most awards: Favourite Female Artist, Favourite Breakthrough Artist and The Style Award), and Linkin Park to name just a few. Linkin Park told us at the red carpet that they will be releasing a new album in March 2003. Later on that evening we got to ask them if they plan to do an Asia Tour after the release. From the answer they gave us it does not sound likely, would be great though!
After the red carpet we went into the venue to a packed indoor stadium. We stood on the ground floor with the screaming fans. Missy Elliott made the most striking performance that started of the ceremony, with her song ‘Work It’. Other artists that performed on the night were Robbie Williams with ‘Feel’, Matchbox 20, Avil Lavigne, Atomic Kittens and Blue, plus some of the finest artists Asia has to offer, including a Kung Fu dance performance by Jay Chou.
The best aspect of such an event was that you can experience a variety of local and international acts all in one night. After watching last years show on television, I can honestly say that this show was by far better. Looking forward to next years and a whole host of new talent.
Checkout the full MTV Asia Awards review here.
Thanks to HMV864 AM Radio, Cathay Pacific & MTV Asia.

Armand is a bit too much hyped about. A mix of well known tracks and of coarse some of his own. Channel V set up some great visuals and lighting but the tunes did not get the crowd wild. Sander, picked things up a bit with his tech-trance style, nice nite, but not much fun going on in the VIP room

The first of the HKrave parties with no limit on expenses. Loads of investment into this badboy, but un unfortunate turn out to Bills fast mixing pumpin house set and great visuals. Tshirts were also flying around, send us one if anyone has a spare!
man were there loads of photographers at this party! But surprisingly I was the only one who was taking all of the photos of Sasha ! All the other 50 or so photographers were taking photos of all the hong kong socialities who were going into the VIP room, to VIP card for me so I had to charge through the masses and trust me this place was the fullest ever (if that is even a word). Sasha is known for his progressive style that does seem to stay at the same level for hours. Nice crowd of people, but not really any place to have a break from the rest.
Digweed, like PVD, is very popular too in HK. Digweed played track after track of progressive beats, to the large crowd who came out that night. Not too much effort on the decor this time but the punters did not seem to mind if Digweed was there.

What did you think of the night?
Paul is always a Hong Kong fave, playing his well known tunes blending in some dark and hard trance as well as some more well known trance. Pity that this venue often gets stopped by the police for ID checks. Does not really help the matter but when the lights came on, Paul was brought out and just started playing prompting the police to leave and the ticket payers to party.

What did you think of the night?

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