The basics of the whole "1 Giant Leap" thing is this...

Two men, Jamie Catto who is a film maker and founding member of Faithless and artist/producer Duncan Bridgeman joined together and traveled across the globe to 25 diffrent countries to find the ultimate collection of tracks covering 12 issues. They took with them a small recording setup and 12 pre recorded tracks. Then they got people to sing/play with the prerecorded tracks.

At Area in central they were showing a segment of the dvd and the two creators were there to see the croud's response. It was packed. Mostly full of 30 year old gwylo's, but also had a few local celebrity appearences such as dj Kulu. Chivas regal was free flowing all night which was keeping everyone's spirits high...
I can't really say much more seing as how it was a video and everyone was just standing watching it. However a small asian women did manage to squeeze her way to the front and do a little dance during the video. She had a few many glasses of the chivas if u ask me...
But it was a good night and the music seemed to be promising.
If was a cross between electronica, ambience and chill-out.
I am not even sure how to discribe it becuase it is really quite diffrent to anything else i have heard. So i will leave you with what the two creators described it as.

Pure Beauty

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