"Fancy a BLIM?" "Yes, wait, what do you mean?" "DJ BLIM is playing at Les Visages tonight"  I first saw him at HITEC in mid-2003, and I like his style. Gervase Cooke, aka BLIM (Boy Lost In Music), is on his 3rd tour of duty in HK. He comes out of drum-n-bass, played classical piano as a child and loves classic psychedelia, according to the SCMP. Local DJ, Janno, and DJ Hidekick from Japan are the support.

I arrive at LV about 2345. Nick W. has organised entry. As I get upstairs, about 10 people (almost everyone) are glued to the tv. West Ham are 3-2 up against Liverpool in the 2006 F.A. Cup Final. It's the 90th minute and a desparate clearance lands at the feet of Steven Gerrard. He wallops the ball from 30 metres. It's 3-3 and extra time Janno is behind the decks, delivering a Slinky-style prog/trance set There are lots of tinkly melodies at the high range. Some symphonic overlays merge with hints of Goa trance, deep driving bass and rampant drums It's a tussle between the beat and the score as extra time remains goalless (though West Ham hit the post and muff a simple chance). A subliminal voice seems to be murmuring "Use your passion" as Liverpool win the penalty shoot-out 3-1. On the floor, smoke is spewing out like scented soup. It obliterates the floor entirely. No way to tell how few people have arrived. Is there a problem with the advertising? I know, posters have been up in LV for over a month, but how bout elsewhere?

Manek and Nick W. arrive from C Club. I learn that the police have decided that Eating Dog is illegal. They burst in for another "License check" and basically put the "c" into the rap experience. C Club clears quickly. (Does it cost a lot in overtime pay for the police to come save our morals, hearing and education? Surely, a "license check" can be carried out with 2 people in the afternoon? Or, is that too logical?)

Not too many more people coming in here though. BLIM starts quite funkily, slipping in some nu-break beats and lots of synth squiggles and squeals. There's WAY TOO MUCH smoke on the floor.as he layers on some nu-jazzFX and beeps. He's starting to sound like a deranged Spike Jones, doing the Looney Tunes noises for Chuck Jones. An early song I recognise is "Crystal" by New Order. Possibly the Lee Coombes remix with added angry drums. He's starting to stretch out now. The next few tunes recall Nic Fanciullo"s Porn House mixes, underlaid with some Weimar Republic decadence. There's some hefty twiddle knobbage going on as the tunes speed up and slow down. They warp, distort and fade into the air, which is cut into ruby red smoky ribbons by several lasers. As his set progresss, BLIM is mixing electroclash with the old Trevor Horn style pomp production he used with Frankie Goest To Hollywood. I can hear echoes of Seb Fontaine mixed with elements of Groove Armada and Bentley Rhythm Ace. Alpine horns blare out over a chorus of "Hit it now". Timo Maas pops up, Krafty Kuts gets a look in and the whole set is one fun, funky digi-electedelic rave-up. After he finishes, he says, he couldn't get all of his CD"s to work, so that made mixing more interesting. He's leaving for a week's holiday in China, followed by a gig in Guangdong on the 20th.

Blake, one of the co-promoters of tonight's show, seems more happy about having DJ Hidekick playing. Blake thinks, he's gonna be a next big thing in the Japanese breaks scene. Hidekick has a partner, Di. The two have performed as Blue Water since 2003. They piggyback each other quite well, and although not as freeform as BLIM, they have their moments. Operatic chants, bongo breakouts, lots of heavy scratching , even a sample of Sting singing... The smoke machines continue to puff overtime as I rest in a secluded corner and write some notes. Overall, the music was fine, but the turnout out didnt justify the talent on display. Better luck next time.  

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